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Part 63: Chapter 63

Gay Abortions posted:

Well, if we could stick our right hand on the wall and keep it there as we travel, we'd at least not get completely and utterly lost, but I don't see a way to pass that concept to the parser, and we'll never sort it out if we need to go into the middle. Alternately, dropping something breadcrumbs style would work, but I don't think we have anything appropriate, unless we can write in the dust ourselves.

I don't think the right-hand rule would actually work in this maze, since directions aren't even reversible. Of course, that's an attempt to represent the "twisty" nature of the passages and possibly shouldn't be taken too literally.

We could drop items, and in a totally featureless maze that might be the way to do it. We'd just have to collect them on the way out. There's another way in this maze, though.

Gay Abortions posted:

Let's have a look at the note on the floor and the vending machine, then silently curse the pirate for stealing our coins and preventing us from buying a refreshing soft drink.


>x machine
The instructions on the vending machine read, "Insert coins to receive fresh batteries."

>x message
The message reads, "This is not the maze where the pirate leaves his treasure chest."


There's some interesting intelligence.