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Part 79: Chapter 79

Oski posted:

unjumble rocks?
organise rocks?
tidy rocks?

These rocks will do something damnit!



In West Side Chamber


Hall of the Mountain King


Low N/S Passage


At "Y2"


Jumble of Rock

>unjumble rocks
That's not a verb I recognise.

>organize rocks
That's not a verb I recognise.

>tidy rocks
That's not a verb I recognise.

This time you have it, you think. It's all so clear! It's in the configuration of the rocks! If you can just find the right arrangement you'll have it. You'll have it all! You pick up a smallish nearby stone and deftly slot it into a crack between two others. Then you roll a large boulder an inch to the right. But that unbalances a pile of limestone fragments which have to be reshuffled, and then you need to flip over half (but only half) of the granite chips one meter to the west and then and then and then...

You come to, hours later. You are lying in a pile of randomly strewn rocks in the bottom of a cave. Your hands are scraped and bruised. You take a moment to reflect on how you have chosen to spend your life.


Nope, nothing.

An announcement! Tomaquin has been kind enough to put together some maps of our moves, which are now linked in the second post. They are mostly for interest and for archival purposes rather than ongoing gameplay, but I think they look quite neat. And I believe more shall be forthcoming!