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Part 82: Chapter 82

AutistTree posted:

Sweep up the dust. Maybe there's a map hidden under all that?

(first putting on the maid outfit)


>sweep dust
You can't see any such thing.

>clean rocks
You achieve nothing by this.

>sweep rocks
You achieve nothing by this.

>search rocks
You find nothing of interest.

>move rocks
You'd have to blast your way through.

Huh. Well, can't find anything in there.

Hello Sailor posted:

We should jump down the hole without investigating it first. Impulsive behavior is always best.

I agree! Acting on impulse has done us nothing but good!



At Complex Junction
You are at a complex junction. A low hands and knees passage from the north joins a higher crawl from the east to make a walking passage going west. There is also a large room above. The air is damp here.


Glazius posted:

Wind must not blow through here, or the dust would be scattered. So I don't think that hole goes anywhere.

It goes to another blind choice, that's what!