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Akiba's Trip

by Nyaa

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Original Thread: I am the pervert Akihabara needs, but not the one it deserves. Akiba's Trip



Akiba’s Trip is a Dressup + Beat ‘em up PSP game by Acquire. It is the prequel to the localized Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed, but the stories of both series are stand alone, so you don’t need to play it in order.

Unfortunately, the prequel was never localized and remains in Japanese. Fortunately, there’s a faithful Chinese translation of the game (not the Plus version), so I will do my best to share this ‘gem’ to the western world.

I know, I know. Despite the creepy premise of this Cero C (equivalent of between T and M ESRB rating) game, the light novel length story treats the cloth-stripping mechanic pretty seriously and the plot is honestly great. The game focus on parody of the Otaku culture of Japan rather than fan service and managed to delivery an emotionally powerful story through its quirky and well-characterized cast. This LP will only focus on the comedy aspect of the game .

Let's enjoy all the wonderful and humorous moments we will find in this game.

Note: Bolded text are actual game text.

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