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Akiba's Trip

by Nyaa

Part 2: Assaulted

Kanta it is. The world shall taste my ill-equipped wrath!

Akibahara. It has been rapidly developing since the war. Now, it is the frontier of the modern world, a special region that strives to satisfy existing human desires while creating new ones.

Certain rumors spread about this particular place…

[A plan to hunt down recluse with handsome men and beautiful women]

[That maid café with a hidden menu where you can order… Amazing services]

[At a certain corner, there’s a male recruiter for illegal work]

[There’s a hackers underground that can help you obtain any information you want, but they want a certain special item along with money as payment]

[Unknown creature assault people at night and suck their blood]

All these rumors may sound like regular grapevine and it’s hard to take them seriously. Everyone just treats it as the joke of the conversation and ignores it.

Since I failed the entrance college exam, me and my friend from private school gets to hang out daily at the local Akiba district…

One night, my friend called me on my phone.

“Can you hear me!?”

“I am at Akiba… That rumor- Nooooo!”

“More importantly, format the D drive on my PC!”

He hung up after that and disappeared.

After the incident, I went to my friend’s house to wipe his hard drive.

I found a photo in the data. I know that location. No doubt about it, it’s Akiba. In the photo is a beautifully inhuman looking pale-skinned girl…

Sorry bud, I don’t hold back against human, it's impossible for me. Now, who are you again? Coming into this alley to find your friend? Hmm… Let me think. I only sucked one person’s blood in this alley… Recently. Ah yes, I recall tossing his shell over there…

Hahaha... Ah, he’s still there. That’s the guy you are looking for? Hahaha, no one even noticed him. All alone without food and water, but he still looks better than you. Gyahahaha!

Huh? Wh- What are you doing here, Rui?
Please let him go.
Huuuuh? What are you babbling about?
We met the quota for blood. There’s no need to drain more…
Tis, you are naive, brat. I have already gone this far, why should I let him go?
… Even so, this person…

Look, he climbed back up while we were wasting time chatting. He gonna run away if we keep loafing… Look at this pitiful thing. Accept your fate, human!

Oh dear, too much? He could have gotten away if he would just ditch his friend. No point sucking his blood now. The difference between human and us is that they will die from a light injury like this.
… how could it…
… Bah, that’s why they are insects. I am leaving. Stack those two together to let others think they were fighting each other… After all, Akiba hasn’t been very safe lately. Thanks to us. Hehehe! Good bye.

… Sorry. It’s because of us… You tried so har-He’s still alive! But he will die soon… If only he’s like us… I will do it. No sharp object here… ? I will have to bit my lip…


Probably… That person went missing around this area, which we tracked down to this alley…

He should be fine. No matter how unsafe Akiba becomes, Akiba is Akiba. It’s like our own garden.

A mummy hunter who becomes a mummy himself… Could such a thing be possible?
It’s to avoid this kind of thing that we the Akihabara Vigilante Corps are searching for him.
… Ah.

I have to go… This isn’t something that can be resolved with a simple apology…

Ah, someone is down!
That woman is…
Before that, we need to give him first aid! Look at all these bloo- Hm? Eh? That, external wound…
The wound, it’s closing… Unbelievable!
Ah, th-there another one here. Wahh… He doesn’t look good.
Call the ambulance!
There’s no need for that.
Who’s there?

(Looks like someone is on the other side of the door.)

How is it, did he recovery consciousness?
Yes, just now.
What’s the result?
Due to time constraints, we can only perform basic analyzation, but we are pretty sure. He's vampirizing… In fact, all his injuries have healed.
The blood of the noble is truly something.
… It might be worth testing. Which one is it? I will have a look at him.