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Part 3: Interrogation

Don’t be afraid. We aren’t them and won’t drink your blood. Now let us introduce ourselves. My name is Sejima Ryuuji. I am a member of the National Information Research Organization. What’s the abbreviation?
Ah, right… Should be that name. Not something important anyway.
Mr. Sejima.
… It’s fine. By the way, this is Midoh Satoko, she works under me. This is a secret organization as you can see is a special Japan defense organization. Now then… Firstly, I hope you understand that you are in quite a unique position. Well, I think you can tell from looking around… But these are just minor matters. The most interesting thing is that, right now, your body is experiencing changes.
… ?
I can explain it from the beginning. Or, perhaps you want to get straight to the point? I would prefer you fully understand everything… What do you think?

1) Please explain.
2) Just get to the point.

Please explain.
Hoho, very well. Last night, my underling was chasing a man. You appeared at the same alley and was assaulted by that man, resulting in heavy injuries, remember? According to the report, you were almost dead… At first.
After the fatality, a certain girl let you drink her blood. Although it is just temporary, this special blood allows a human to transform into another creature. A creature with superior physical ability and extreme durability, which is quite a problem for us. The blood you obtained not only attains all these capabilities, and even healed all your injuries.
What a clueless face… Have you heard of that rumor in Akiba?

I will pick all the choices for this one.

Where’s the super hacker… !?
… No, not that.

That crazy woman who kidnaps children…!
… No, not that.

The evil being who suck people's blood...
Correct. This rumor is real. It is the very same creature you met. You can even consider them to be monsters. Although it’s more accurate to say they are a long-lived race of beings in Japan that’s similar to human, they are known as vampire. They probably are enjoying their draining of human blood while we are having this conversion now... It wouldn’t have been such a big problem if it’s just that.
Like a mosquito that injects a special chemical before extracting blood, it’s pretty similar for them too. The mosquito will only leave the skin itching, but the people sucked by them will feel a strong impulse of tiredness and become lethargic. The victim might even become sensitive to sunlight... Do you understand?

1) Not really.
2) Yea.

In layman term, it causes a strong compulsion for them to become recluse. They become NEET who do nothing for a very long period. At the current standard of society in Japan, it would be difficult for them to reintegrate. More so for youngsters without actual working experience. The vampire faction is using this advantage to assault the youth in Akiba. Reclusivecation Plan is what they calls it.

By turning the future generation into recluse while sending in their brethren to fill the resulting gaps in the workforce, sooner or later, human society will fall into the hands of the vampires… Only the twisted logic of a person in the 80s would come up with such a ridiculously elaborated plan. The damage to society, however, is undeniable... Which is why we are here.
We are to stabilize the unrest in society, and hide the existence of vampires from the public. Every single day battling them in the dark for Japan, for humanity.
… ?
We might look like an information gathering agecy, but we actually have the rights to employ military arsenal. Obviously, visible weaponry like guns cannot be used in public. So we employed certain procedural techniques to even get rid of the corpse. Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, they have strong durability and superior physical capability… So it’s quite difficult to battle with them.
That’s why, we need you. Although we can’t find the reason, you somehow manage to obtain the blood of that vampire girl… It’s only temporary, but the power you obtained is immense. This power is very attractive to us who are at a disadvantage. Do you understand? Will you work with us NIRO and protect Akiba from the vampire? Of course, we will pay you a fair wage… What do you say?

1) You tie me up and you expect me to do what you say!?
2) … I get it, I will help you.

Let’s drag this out a bit longer.

I told you, right? You obtained the blood of a vampire, and have become a dangerous existence. Even we would have a hard time handling you, especially at this hour.
The vampire has a weakness. The very same trait shared by ghost and monster throughout history… The sun. Ultraviolet lights won’t do. Only real sunlight can disintegrate a vampire. Midoh is a battle-hardened fighter, but even she only has a chance under the sunlight.
That’s why we avoid fighting them at night… Which is why we couldn’t help you while you were assaulted… Sorry.

Once again, you are a dangerous entity. Tying you up is for a good reason, please understand. Now, let me extend my offer to you again, please help us… If you refuse, please understand what is to come. Now, what’s your decision?
Please. You saw the treatment of your friend with your very own eyes. Victims like him will keep appearing everyday. We are limiting the information of the media, and the actual numbers of victims is very high… Please. Lend us your power.

1) … I understand.
2) I don’t care about others.
3) Please tell me her measurement.

Please tell me her measurement.

Measurement…? M-mine?

… T-this is not the time to say something like that… Uh? A joke? In fact, why are we even discussing this… ?
He looks serious. Hmph… How did Japan have this aging population problem when we have youngsters with such strong sexual desires?
Have you considered this seriously!?
*Nod* *nod* *nod*
Well, what to do?
… B-but, why do I have to say it in front of Mr. Sejima…
It’s not a bad deal. He didn’t ask you to strip.
… !

1) Hurry and tell me.
2) Forget about the measurement, strip for me.

Let’s go with the #2. :agesilaus:

…! … No…
… ?
D-don’t make fun of me!

Forget it! I don’t think he will risk his life to fight for us! I can’t trust him even if he becomes our partner!
… Is that so.
… Sorry. I am in a bad mood, I will take my leave.
Too bad. I thought I would gain another chess piece… Forget it. As you can tell, we will have to dispose of you. Such a waste.
… !
…Ah, yes. Kanta, I forgot to inform you that enough sunlight can get through that window. It won’t be long before the sun rise… Pray to god while you still have the chance.

*Push button to struggles a few time*

(Something is written on the ceiling.)
1) Read it
2) Continue to struggle.

[They… No, only Sejima isn’t fighting for the safety of humanity.]

[He only wants our blood…]

[... He has his eyes on the vampire lord…]

[NIRO doesn’t exist… But does have organizational power… That man is running a private army]

Let’s go back to the prior choice…

Hurry and tell me!
Uh, uhhhh… If I tell you… Will you be willing to help us?

1) … This and that are two different thing.

#1 will piss off Sejima this time and he will want to wipe out the Akihabara Vigilante Corps.

… Un-understood.
… S-since this is… For job reason… I will tell you… So… Beginning from the top… 86, 59, 89! IS THAT GOOD ENOUGH! ARE YOU SASTIFIED!?
… Alright. Midoh, untie him.

You just saved yourself. The sunlight behind that window would have gone through you. If you had refused, I would have let you sit here and become ash.

No matter what, you know too much… Now then, you can go home for the time being. Midoh will fill you in at Akiba tomorrow. Those Akihabara Vigilante Corps members will also be assisting us. Things will get busy tomorrow, so take a good rest tonight… One more thing, starting tomorrow, you must not wear revealing clothes. Small areas like hand and face will instantly regenerate under the sun, but you will turn to ash if you become fully nude.

Please be wary of that fact.

1) That girl who kissed me… ?
2) Where’s my friend?
3) … Your measurement is?

Your measurement is?
… !?
H-have you gone insane!?
*Move closer*
S-stop! He’s… Just a normal person! Please don’t look to him as your 'special' interest!
*Move closer*

Mr. Sejima, please run while you can!
Ah, good, I am saved.

(Even though he is vampirize, I still can’t use a normal civilian like him...)

They left and the sun rise. Worth the toasting.

Where’s my friend?
Your friend’s body is very weak, but he is fine beside the minor bite wound on the neck. We handed him to the local police as a fainted patient. He should be at the hospital or returned to his home by now… It would be good to visit him. You can see the result of what happen to a person who got their blood drained. It will make your hatred for the vampire stronger… Ah, my apologize. You are also…

That girl who kissed me… ?
… What are you saying?
Ah, that, my apologies, I didn’t inform you of the details. The vampire Rui gave her blood through biting her lip and kiss…
Haha, how romantic. She’s the youngest sister of the noble family. You will meet her sooner or later… By then… You know what to do, right?


Next day

(… My skin hurts.)
1) Check Chatroom on phone
2) Walk around

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