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Part 5: Bear

When a man is given the opportunity to fight a bear, he does not refuse.

This costume might be a bit much for you to strip without tearing it. Are you fine with it even after knowing this?

1) Yes
2) Let me rethink this

Ohoho. If you say so. Don’t worry about tearing the clothes; you will still learn the skill regardless.

The essence of stripping is to understand your opponent. See through the weakness of the clothing that cloth your opponent’s skin. Repeatedly attack that clothing to reduce its durability.

If you want to dodge your opponent’s attack, hold R to dodge.

Great! So I am practically invincible while dodg-


… Except power attack that hits like a truck.

Dammit, my pants are falling off.

You can also press L to cancel your battle stance, which gives you the chance to adjust your loosened clothes.

However, you are very vulnerable while adjusting your clothes. Press L again and you can go back into combat mode. Do what you think is best.

I need to get some distance from the bear.

Imagine ten seconds of this.

This should be far enough for me to fix my pant.

It bearly missed me with its short leg. Must be hard to move on two legs.

If you try to strip a piece of clothing that’s not loosened enough, you will have a contest of strength with your opponent by tapping the Triangle/Circle/X button to weaken the rest of its durability in a limited time. Inversely, if you were being prematurely stripped, you can repeatedly tap the same button to resist.

Naturally, I won the bear wrestle.

Now we fight…

As equal!

The urge to strip the target is not enough! You need a higher intensity of desire! Awaken your instinct!

You aren’t the only one that can do power attack!

My technique is so convoluted; you can’t tell where I am going to hit ya!

I call it the Tornado Spin!

That’s it. Understand your opponent, and let the urges of stripping to take over! When their clothes are flashing red, that means your chance has come. hold Circle (leg), Square (body), Triangle (head) to strip the respective area!

Learned Stripping skills
Learned Basic of Stripping

A whole new world (of criminal activities) has unlocked!

For the sake of humanity! I shall have your head!

Huh? The bear is still moving... Oh my god!

The bear ate a girl!

Don't worry! I will save you!

I will free you from digestion!


Your opponent makes wonderful faces when you strip them.

Now do you understand? No matter how swiftly, you must always strip with grace. Remember this and the most important urges in your heart. The art of stripping is complete when all of these comes together… Good, you may leave. *Strip effect noise*

… N-now, let’s go.

1) What happened in there?
2) Your clothes are loose.
3) Are you alright?

What happened in there?
Sk-skill… Master teaches me new skills. You should pay a visit to master once in a while. She will certainly teach you something new.

Your clothes are loose.
Eh? Eh, yea. W-we trained too intensely… Don’t worry about it…

Are you alright?
Eh? Eh… I just slipped…

… Can you promise not to tell anyone about this? Not even to anyone from the Akihabara Vigilante Corps…? You must, not a word, alright?
W-we should get some rest. I will call you when something’s up…