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Part 7: Duel

Part 6: Duel

After taking care of those bands, I was awarded 10000 Yen for my effort. I could sell the extra band clothing to earn a little extra too.

Mission: Lure out Abeno Yuu

We could go beat up more vampires at random places, but I have a personal grudge with this asshole.

Akihabara Urban Development X (UDX), a place like Akiba, but with more office tower blocks.

I found Niro agents mostly loafing around and chatting.

Now Abeno might finally show up. We will leave this place immediately. Take care.

What? Just me alone? I know you are a bit too old for band clothing and not a vampire… Nevermind.

1) Yes
2) No

I heard. Sorrowful news.

You don’t have to comfort me. So many childer were taken out. I knew I should have gotten rid of that kid. Dammit… The human who got Rui’s blood, yet joined the enemy. Ridiculous…

1) Are you talking about me?
2) (Attack him)
3) Yeaaah.

Are you talking about me?
Huh? What are yo- !? You!? An ambush!


(Attack him)

W-what ar- You!? An ambush!?


Ah? What are y- What!? How did you!? Cursed, I was tricked!

Ah ha! I see you have a guitar as well, my good sir. This is a duel to the (un)dead.

Gah! ‘Tis is a fast opponent. His guitar might be lighter!

Crushing head on with him won’t do, I need recall the lesson I learned in Beginner Swordsmanship.

A duelist must always maintain his composure. He should fight with grace and elegance.



Approach your opponent with great caution and then surprise him with an unexpected deadly assault.

With great caution.

Deadly assault!

Surprise striping!

It’s not just the blood that made you strong. Truly, my underlings were no match for you.
However, this level of exposure is not enough to turn me to ash. I have better resistance to the sunlight than others. Now! Round two!

This is the end, surrender now!
Dammit, this guy is just a throwaway piece… !? For the leader who employs Human Wave Tactic to personally show up, he must be confident.
Hey, we might have some scuffles in the past, but now that we are the same race… Are you satisfied being used as a sacrificial piece… ? Think about it, kid. Let me go.

1) Alright.
2) Refuse

… I knew you would refuse. I get it, I get it. I will surrender.

The following happened too fast to show in gif.

This scum dived under me.

Low blow me and escaped.

Oh no!
Dammit! Such a good chance…!

This is awkward like two disappointed parents looking at their son in disapproving silence.

1) This might not be the right time to ask, but am I really just bait?
2) Sorry.

This might not be the right time to ask, but am I really just bait?
Yes. You might know a few tricks, but you are still a layman. Your battle record has far surpassed our expectations… But it’s still not enough. Was it not proper to use this tactic in that sense? *Leave*
Sorry for misleading you, but I hope you understand that we aren’t playing games. He wouldn’t have shown up if there were more people with you. Considering it logically, that’s the best strategy... Because your battle capability has far surpassed our expectations, so we decided to hold back a little to watch your performance. In a normal situation, gaining vampire blood shouldn’t increase your physical ability to such a high level, so that person would be an interesting subject… I am sure Mr. Sejima has a reason, however complicated… Sorry, don’t worry about it. Thanks for the hard work. Please take a good break until the next mission. I will contact you when I have something for you… How should I say it, please don’t hate him. He’s just working his hardest. *leave*

… Just as I thought, not very useful… Although you have a few tricks, it’s not mature enough… How strange. The enhancement is too ridiculous even for High Blood… Hm. Maybe there’s issues with blood compatibility. Forget it, stay in contact. *Leave*
… Well done. He might not hold back with his words, but he is praising your capability in his own way. Even with vampire blood, it won't make you strong enough to be victorious against Abeno. In other word, he recognized your strength. Please continue your hard work and make up for your gaffe this time. *leave*

Yes, mom.

Obtain 15000 Yen

Thanks, mom! :sparkles: