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Part 9: Standpoint

Part 8: Standpoint

Finally, it’s over. The vampire who’s supposed to drain blood in the chaos should have retreated.
... Phew~ Thank goodness.
I was so worried that it might have become an uncontrollable situation. What to do if it really turned into a riot… Many people will have painful memories and many of them… Will be arrested… I am such a hindrance...
… Thankfully, it ended well.
Yes. All has gone as planned.
But, is this really fine?
Although there were no victims this time, your situation…… Ms. Sena and Ms. Mana will scold them… ?
It’s fine. We did what we were tasked to do. The one who should take responsibility are the ones who crafted such terrible plans.
… That may be so…
It’s alright. Relax. You won’t be scolded.

Because those sisters are supposed to watch over me. My gaffe is their gaffe, which means we will be fine.
Let’s go. *Walks*
Yeah! *Walks*
The enthusiasm of those people is amazing. I didn’t expect them to be rioting so hard. Draining blood during a riot is a good plan, but starting one just from a rumor… I didn’t believe it would be a workable plan at first.
… Yeah. I didn’t think it would be so easy. The people who live here are very motivated…
It surpassed my imagination to see so many people easily gathered on a regular workday. It might become unmanageable if this had occurred on a weekend.
My sisters want to know more about this place than us…

You are… !?

They ran away as soon as they saw me. I am so unpopular.

No update on email, so I have to check the To-do list.

(Hm? … A mail)

Dammit people, how many of you are from that other store? How many copies had you ordered?

Go home and hug your other pillows!

I know your real identity.
Our real identity!? Then you are an agent…? You shall not have the limited merchandise!

I don’t care about your merchandise! I have a first kiss to chase!

(Over there… Toward the park.)

Obtain 15000 Yen

Mission: Chase after dark haired girl

They ran really, really far.

On the way there, I ‘borrowed’ one of the agent’s clothes and purchased an umbrella. This is a reasonable getup for chasing down the vampire and it protects myself from sunlight in the worst case scenario.I am pretty certain that I am getting better at this prepare-before-battle thing.

Our deterrent barely stalled the agent at all… No matter how low ranking our deterrent was, his defeat was just way too fast.
…That’s the power of my blood?

Leave this to me, Rui. Run!
But, Suzu you-
… I get it. Don’t push yourself.
Here I come!


Without the leader’s blood… I am no match for an agent… *panting*

(What should I do now?)

1) Give her a deathblow
2) Don’t give her a deathblow

I can’t hit a crying girl.

Rui would have jumped in to save her anyway.

Rui! Why... !?
I can escape by myself. If I were to leave you too, then I am no different than them.
Forget about me… Run!
Put your clothes back on!

We meet again, KSer (Kiss Stealer).

This is a battle between Open and Closed Umbrella style.

Shields are for fools. Offense is the way to go.

She stepped back after realizing my umbrella style is superior.

Why… After I went through the trouble of saving you…
My blood should clear from your system after awhile, and you will revert back to human.
Yet, you joined as an agent, to hunt us?

1) To save my friend.
2) … No real reason.
3) I can’t forget about you.