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Part 10: My Waifu

Part 9: My Waifu

I can’t forget about you.
… Have you lost your mind? I saved you that time. Although it was my relative who caused you great harm, this I won’t deny.
… No, you have the right to hate me. I forced my blood into you. The vampirization shouldn’t have lasted so long, and you seem to be much stronger than other childer. Your period might be much longer too…
… Sorry.

2) Hm, as punishment, please strip.
3) … It’s my first kiss.

… It’s my first kiss.
… !? W-what… Suddenly…! H-hey, what… Does that mean? You didn’t mean you can’t forget the hatred of my act, but about me… ?

H-hold it.
I just let you drink my blood, kissing is not something I…Really, you joined as an agent to find me?

Nah, I joined for Midoh’s measurement, but that’s a national secret.

… I-I see.

B-but, to join the agent for this reason… Is dumb.
You should cut your ties with them. They must be using you for their own gain.

1) No.
2) Exchange phone number with me.

… It’s hard to communicate with you.

Exchange phone number with me.
Although this… Is fine… But you are an agent, right?
This really i-


What are you planning to do?
To stay with me ? Although you are vampirized now, you will revert back to a human eventually… Truly, it can’t be done. You are… Human…
… an-and, think about it, I just said it’s for you to drink my blood…It’s not to kiss…
If you must call it a kiss… I-it’s my first kiss too! So, we are even…
That is... To say…
I-I, what am I saying…


Ah! Rui, someone is coming! It’s… Agents!
… Let’s leave.

… What’s your name?

1) Kanta
2) Sir Kanta

Sir Kanta.
… Adding [Sir] to your name feel strange…
Let’s go with ‘Kanta’… I will remember it. *leave*

… Thank goodness.
Looking from afar, those two seem to be Fumidzuki Rui and Moriizumi Suzu. They aren’t as difficult to deal with as Abeno, but they are tough vampires.
… Kanta, it’s wonderful that you are fine.
… But now is not the time for sentiment! I need to pursue them! But one more thing, no matter how vampirized you are, your base is a human, and these monsters will always be a bit stronger than you. Your stripping skills are still immature, so you are not permitted to charge in alone. Please immediate alert me when something like this happen again. Farewell! *Run*

Kanta, you are alright. I was surprised when you suddenly bolted.
Ya, that fervor is like charging into the opening of the summer comic cons.
Maybe it’s just my imagination, but are you chatting with those two…?
Right, right. Those two may be vampires, but they sure are pretty gals.
Hm, hm, it is. Not as good as the idol in Akiba, but-
They will have a great fanbase if they will Cosplay. Alas, Akiba is now in the palm of DBP, it would be hard to compete against them~
Kanta is a man, he just wants to know his opponent. And maybe, having positive feeling for her?
Speaking of that, you two did kissed. I understand, I fully understand. That’s the feeling of first time. Even I can’t forget the first erotic game I played, the first character route I cleared. It’s the best memories in my middle school life.
…Middle school? Weren’t you underage?
Ah, hm, that…! How should I say this, she’s a three hundred years old loli character. As for me, I feel very matured during the middle school years… So it’s kind of legal… So, that’s how it is.
… Then how old are you now? Geez…
… Forget it…
… It’s good that you are alright.
Alright, Kanta is tired, let’s go back to the secret base for now. Please prepare the tea, Sara.
Leave it to me.