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Part 11: Trial

I finally meet Rui. I think she likes me. She asked for my name. I think I will *secretly* call her my Waifu…

Whatever happened after that is all blurry to me…Oh, I got mail, is it from my Waifu?

More vampire hunting, maybe I will meet my Waifu again?

Looking up the chatroom app on my phone, the culprit seems to hang out around the Akiba train station entrance. I rarely read the chatroom because it’s 90% of its content is irreverent and pointless chatting, but their information is certainly a bit faster than NIRO.

Mission: Discuss with Master

Not that it matters. It’s time to nerd up and learns new techniques from master. The extra thick dictionary should help me figure out her strange vocabularies.

Hopefully master won’t hit on me with this nerdy look because I have to be faithful to my new Waifu.

I’m jus too hansom

I mean, even a nice fortune teller walks up to me…

1) Disappear from my sight
2) Just a little while
3) Palm reading?

Palm reading?
Yes, all I need is to see your palm… And I will know your fortune with love and luck. Now, let’s begin… Pardon me.
This is amazing… This is a first of a kind I ever seen…
Normal… Not too bad with people in Akiba.
Oh, it is at a safe line… NIRO? They somewhat trust you.
Friends luck is normal… Normal relation with Vampire.
Lastly, your luck today… The worst… Please be well prepared.

That was ominous.

Now back to the mission, I can never get used to how out of place this DANGER ARENA is sitting right in front of a pink castle.

Especially this creepy servant that keep asking me to do his tournament ranking thing. Maybe some other day.

I heard from that child. You want to learn the way to strip a female highschooler? You might not have grasped the difficulty of such feat. Their clothing might look easy to pull, but it’s actually very difficult. The mysterious veil that covers the smooth skin of a maiden… It can’t just be made with thin and simple fabric, yes? It’s actually special high performance clothing forged from the best technology of mankind. Its design forgoes the concept of budget. Simple technique will not do… Hm. By the way, Kanta… You like high schooler? You want to strip them with all your heart?

1) …
2) … *Glup*

… *Glup*
It seems you have fallen into the wrong idea that beginner would make. Do you understand? Striping people to satisfy your sexual desire is a perverted action. No, it is a crime… Why are you looking at me like that? Fine, I will restate. The action of stripping is criminal, but I love the person, respect the person, to understand the ‘hidden something’ that I will risk my life to unveil… Well, sometime it ended more ‘happily’ than other, or there could be no continuation but mere satisfaction of curiosity... Forget about it. There’s no way you can strip a high schooler’s uniform with any techniques.
… Geez. What would you do without me? I will tell you a good way to comprehend the charm of female high schooler. A certain place in Akiba sells high school uniforms. Not bogus imitation, but the real thing… Of course, the channel is not publically open for anyone. By and large, the quality of the product are great; a thing of beauty. Surely, even a layman like you will understands the charm when you witness this clothing. Find a way to obtain this, and find someone to wear it, admire it, and understand its charm. It’s meaningless to try it yourself; you must find someone to wear it, preferably someone more than a dozen years old. The keyword for the deal is ‘Newground’. Don’t forget it. Come back here after your urges to expose their skin under the sun is awakened.

Mission: Find ‘Newground’

Welp, the dictionary was useless.

If anyone knows about black market item, it would be these hobbyists in the neighborhood watch.

1) No
2) It’s about Newground
3) Are you well?

It’s about Newground.
Sorry, foreign girl is not part of my converge. I only know about two dimensional subjects.

Sorry, I don’t quite understand… Uniform? I see, the real manufactured goods. I know of people that sells this kind of merchandise. Most of those have closed their business due to rise of electronic stores and other changes. Ah! I seen someone did some peddling at the park before, why don’t you go check it out? Come back again if you can’t find it.

Gon's still worshiping those new idols and Sara's being a good maid. I shouldn’t bother them.

Back to the park. Now where is the paddler?

The local hobo might know about it.

So bored…

1) Do you know about Neoground?
2) Do you know about Newground?
3) Enough sleeping, get to work.

Do you know about Newground?
… !? What is that? I don’t know.
Do you know about Newground?
I said I don’t know.
Do you know about Newground?
… You are annoying, I don’t know.
Do you know about Newground?
… What the hell is this attitude? I gonna call the cop.
Do you know about Newground?
… Phew.

Operation code: Newground! I obtain uniform through certain intermediary (Trade Secret) from certain popular school. A rare item of the hobbist! You ask if something so rare is in circulation? My answer is YES! Are you satisfy, stupid! For keepsake, for viewing, for usage, and for guest use, I got one of each! I can tell you have a bright future with your unusual persistency of Newground. Very well, I will let you have one for 30000 yen.
Have you brought the payment?

1) Here’s 30000 yen.
2) If it’s 20000 yen.
3) Make it 10000 yen.

Make it 10000 yen.
Cheap man… I will let you have my used one. This is the Newground Set.

Obtained Newground.
You got mail

Lots of people is searching for Newground… Make sure you only open it at home.

Extortion from my own sister. I have no choice but to oblige for the sake of the world.

Sister’s Room unlocked

1) 3000 Yen
2) 5000 Yen
3) 10000 Yen

I actually have less than 3000 yen after purchasing ‘Newground’.

Wah, skipping cram school, playing everyday, and now this petty amount of cash… Hey, is there a meaning to your life at all? I can’t believe you are my brother. I wish I have a handsome bro that gives a lot of pocket money to his sister… Get out. If you don’t give me some funding, I will really tell mom and dad.

This world is too cruel.