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Part 12: I Must Stay Pure

I must get 3k fast or else my sis will tell on my parent. This playboy looks wealthy enough.

One way to start a fight is to shove someone hard, but more cowardly target would choose to run away instead.

Sometime my defeated foe will drop item or cash.

NIRO agent should have some cash.

Bumping into them could make them drop stuff, doing it repeatedly could even rile up coward to fight.

I let the agent go because it would be bad for my prospect with NIRO.

Selling my other junks should get me the 3k… Actually, I might be able to take advantage of this situation with 4k…

3000 Yen
... Bah, good enough. I will keep it a secret for now… Huh?

1) I have a favor to ask of you
2) I have an order for you

I have an order for you
HUH!? You should show more respect if you are asking people for help! Didn’t you learn this in school? How would ever get into a university… So, what is it…? Hah? I wear a uniform? From my school?
*Shake head*
The Newground from the uniform fanatic... ? I don’t get it… But, I can do it for the proper compensation.

1) 1000 Yen
2) 3000 Yen
3) 5000 Yen

1000 Yen.
… Cheapskate… Whatever… Ahh… So annoying… Don’t peek, ok?

I think I begin to understand.

The charm of a high schooler…

But I have a feeling it’s the criminal kind of understanding that is awakening.

Abort, abort, and abort! I must stay pure for my Waifu!

(Understood high schooler’s charm)
You have enough? Sastify.

1) Satisfied.
2) Good enough.

Good enough.
WHAT KIND OF FEEDBACK IS THAT!? I wear it just for you, and you can’t say something nicer? Bah, forget it… I need to study, get out. Ah yes, if you want me to wear more cloth, just ask and give me some pocket money for it… What? Of course you have to pay for your cute freshman sister wearing the cloth that you like to see. Bye.

Sister’s room also works like a clothing enchantment shop and can convert money to exp.

I escaped the clutch of my sister and ran all the way back to master’s place. Please no more temptation.

Have you grasp the charm of the high school uniform? Gained the urges to strip it?

1) Of course.
2) More than enough urges.

More than enough urges.
Was your model good? I would love to meet her if I have the chance… Alright, your urges earned the right to my tutorage. A high schooler uniform might look easy to strip, but it’s not. Female high school uniform… A magical equipment that make young men screams. The design educe fantasy, yet elegant. Girls of fifteen or sixteen who did not know the fruit of maturity, the period of egocentric, the time of wonder, the refreshing era… All brought forth from school uniform. The greatest charm came from their naivety. Just like a bottle of unaged wine. The taste is not strong, but refreshing, and make you excites for their possibility in the future… This wonderful feeling… Can you understand? Holding their immaturity and imagine how they will grow up… Such excitement… The look of your face tells me that I am wasting my breath.

Yes, the dictionary was useless.

That’s fine. This is why you are here after all. Very well. Enough chitchat… Begin your training. I shall teach you new techniques. Use it against my servant.

Oh god no, I can’t handle another-

What’s wrong, Kanta? What’s with the regretful look? Don’t you want to strip Him? Don’t He look attractive? Now, training begin.

For some reason, all my urges have converted into aggression.




I am so glad he wears a boxer... Happy Pride Month to you.

Obtained the Charm of a High Schooler

… Not bad. You have mastered this skill. You can now perfectly strip a high school uniform. Go, Kanta. May the urges be with you.