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Part 13: Gold Farming

On second thought, why do I need redemption? This is awesome! People fear me!

I will earn my income from side jobs.

You… Some strangers have their eyes on you. I could introduce you to the Forster Mother of Akibahara. She will show you the way to apologize and repent.

There are more jobs, but this one is looks interesting.

Mission: Insufficient MP!

That’s all. Check your To-do list for instruction.

This guy looks worn out and malnourished.

So you come. You know about that maid café? I may be those maids’ master… BUT I HAVE INSUFFICIENT MP!

1) Understood, I shall refill it for you.
2) Aaand, what do you want me to do?
3) What is MP?

Aaand, what do you want me to do?
My bad, I will explain this clearly. Through numeral visits of the maid café, the maids’ loyalty to the master increases. This loyalty is quantified into numbers known as MP (Maid Point). To not lose to other master, I must save up MP. Due to my involvement as master of other maid cafes, I don’t have enough time to visit this one. So I would like you to get me the MP here. 10 MP will do.

1) No thanks.
2) I have returned.
3) Can I have your cloth?

Imagine Dark Vader voice from here on.

I have returned.
Welcome back, master! *deep bow*

Welcome back, my master! *deep bow*

1) Meal.
2) Game.
3) Go home.

You want the menu, thank you very much! *deep bow*

1) Omelet
2) Pancake

1000 Yen, is that alright?

1) Yes.
2) Nah.

Then, please wait for a moment! *Happily go to the kitchen*

Paid 1000 Yen
Gain 1 MP


Thanks for waiting! Here’s your omelet.

Obtain Omelet.

Both meals are the same price and use for minor boost in battle. I ordered the pancake to get another MP.


Oh! What should we play? Each game cost a 1000 yen. *happy jump*

1) Number stealing game
2) Rock paper scissor
3) Trivia

Number stealing game.
Then I shall be the one to play with master. Does master know the rule of the game?

1) I know
2) I don’t know
3) Watch and learn!

Paid 1000 yen
Gain 1 MP

I don’t know.
Then I shall explain. We both share the same incremental number starting from 1, and the last person to say the designated number loses. For example, whoever say the number ‘30’ will lose, and they can’t increase the current number by more than 3. If I say 1,2, then the next person can only say 3, 4, or 5. Now, let’s play! Master go first! *Challanger pose*

1, 2, 3
4, 5, 6
8, 9, 10
13, 14, 15
16, 17, 18
20, 21, 22
27, 28, 29
30. The end... Amazing... I learned a lot. Please let me challenge you again in the future. For winning the game, please accept these maid points. *Presentation pose*

Gain 2 MP

Let us begin! The game use a multiple choices format. Please select the correct question. The following are questions about “Akihabara”.

Paid 1000 yen
Gain 1 MP

Which gaming company create the game [Akiba’s Trip]?

Correct. Which manufacture create the Tengu Canned food?

Correct. What kind of museum was closed down in Akiba during 2006?

Correct. Amazing! You got everything right! *Happy Jump*

Gain 2 MP

Shall we continue? *Sparkle eyes*
Is that so… Too bad. *Sad face*


Rock Paper Scissor.

Paid 1000 yen
Gain 1 MP

Rock Paper Scissor it is! Do you know the rule?
I don’t know.
Then I shall explain. We both throw out two hands for Rock Paper Scissor. When we say “Hey!”, we change one hand to form a shape and we repeat it for the other hand on the second”Hey!”. After that, we say “Pick which one?” and “Pick this one!” to extend a chosen hand sign. That hand sign will decides who win.
When a winner is declared, we move onto the main content of the game. We both must strike one of the three poses together, and if we both strike the same pose, then the winner will win for real. Otherwise, we go back to rock paper scissor stage again. It might be a bit difficult, but practice makes perfect! Begin!

I am so dumb. Maid is-

1) [Beautiful pose]
2) [Kitty pose]
3) [Hadoken pose]

[Beautiful pose]

Maid is-
[Hadoken pose]

Maid is-
[Kitty pose]

I lost. *sad face* Please accept these maid points, master.

Gain 5 MP

I got 14 MP from going through the whole course of maid services.

Have enough MP?
Already!? Gimme! … It’s 10 MP! Now I can continue enjoying as a master… Here’s your payment.

Lost 10 MP
Gain 15000 Yen

I need a little more cash, so I took another quick and easy job.

You have good taste. Go to G3 Studio from the map. Come back to me for the payment when you are done. Now go.

Eh? You are the part-time game tester? Your task is pretty easy. Play the soon to debut game, Samurai Kitchen. Due to it being a fighting game, you need to achieve victory to complete your job. If you can’t, then we won’t pay you. That is all, please begin.

Don’t have time for this, Easy Mode.

I choose Musashi over Kojiro.

I can only pick the Tatami stage.

GG no re.

Looks like you won! Congradulation. Again?

1) Again
2) Go home

I collected my 5k, and finally saved enough to buy those ‘lowest’ priced suit.