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Part 17: Another World

Mail posted:

I don’t know how to talk or interact with you. Vampire and Human are enemies, and we had fought as opponent… But I would like to thank you from before.

Thank you for sparing me.

I heard a lot about you from Yatabe.

You’ve investigated for your missing friend, become a vampire, were forced to work for the agency, and joined forced with Akihabara Vigilante Corps. Although I know about this neighborhood watch group before, but it’s shocking to know that Yatabe is the host. This is a small world, indeed.

Sorry, I am getting off-topic.

As I said, I learned about you from Yatabe… And I decided to take a gamble.

I want you to meet a certain someone. That person, we will refer as Mr. X for now. That person is an important figure for some Vampires. It’s too dangerous to say more in the mail. The rumored hacker group that can steal any information would be a great risk to my brethren and Mr. X’s safety. So, I want you meet her in person. I believe it will be beneficial to both side.

The method of contact is to wear the popular anime protagonist IT Witch Maria’s transformation clothing and talk to the maid at the Backstreet. Answer all her question regarding to IT Witch Maria, which should only be known to the fan. Please understand the show’s content before going.

It’s an anti-agent precaution. Surely the agency would never comprehend this security method. Maybe you don’t understand the material either, but it shouldn’t be difficult for you who treat this city like a playground. Best regard.

… What? What did I just read…? I need to write this down…

Todo posted:

Meet Mr.X while wearing IT Witch Maria Cosplay costume, and answer anime related questions from the maid at Backstreet…

To comprehend the art of Cosplay, I should meet with my master.

To understand how to behave in Cosplay… I should ask the informant about it.

As for IT Witch Maria’s anime information… Someone in the vigilante corp. should be familiar with this kind of anime…

I suppose I should start with master…

A thoughtful look you have.

1) Stay away from me, Hentai.
2) I want to learn the art of Cosplay.

I want to learn the art of Cosplay.
I see, your next goal is role playing. Very well, I shall call for our master. The education shall begin anew, be prepared.

Hmmm, Cosplay you say? Yes, these are the same as the regular clothes you strip. Thinner design with lots uncommon material and the sewing method are different. It would be easy to rip it apart, but it’s quite difficult to strip it… Personally, I am not fervent enough to wear Cosplay on the street… Won’t it be exciting to strip such a pure hearted person?
*Shake head*
You disagree? A shame. Be as you may, it must be exciting to strip the person you want to strip and I won’t push my fetish to you… Alright, I will teach you. My techniques are something that can be teach to anyone.
It might be a bit coarse, but try to defeat my adorable pets. We will speak more when you are done with them. *Leave*
As master said, we prepared three opponents for you. Are you ready?

1) Ok.
2) Hold on.

Hold on.
Don’t take too long.

For the sake of the world, I have to crossdress. This required greater preparation for my mind and body.

This is as transgender as I can comfortably get. The rainbow/unicorn music from my radio prepares my mind for the worst.

Open your eyes, I see~
Your eyes are open~
Wear no disguise for me~
Come into the open~

My body is ready. I can do this!


As my weeping mother knows, I am born ready.

Good… Today’s opponent is… Pitiful long legged brother Kanta VS… TEAM ROLE PLAYER!

I really, really hope that is a female.

I slam the girl into the wall with my boom box and knocked her out completely. I am getting way too strong.

When it's cold outside~
Am I here in vain?
Hold on to the night~
There will be no shame

Then another one with fighting glove comes out.

An office lady shakes her heads at the depraved youths of this generation while the masked servant looks at the setting sun with a sad smile.

Apparently, this one is a vampire, so I sliced it in half while the third opponent comes out.

That’s a trap.

He does more mental damage than physical.

I proceed to swing my boombox like a nunchaku.

Melting the ice for me~
Jump into the ocean~
Hold back the tide, I see~
Your love in motion~

Yes. He wears a thong.

Always, I wanna be with you~
And make believe with you~
And live in harmony, harmony, oh love~

… Not bad. Your growth is swift indeed. Very well, that’s what makes you worth teaching. Now, I will teach you the stripping skill to strip Cosplayer.

… Good. Practice some more and let your urges to guide your growth. Now, go. Cosplayer are just prey to you now.

Mastered the art of Cosplay

Next, I look up the informant for possible lean to learning Cosplay behavior. He recommended this job to me.

The client is this pretty lady at the café.

There’s going to be a secret party soon, but we are lacking clothing and Cosplayer. So troublesome~

1) What secret party?
2) You are pretty.
3) You are a guy?

What secret party?
The Trap Girl VS Trap Boy Cosplay Competition!
You are pretty.
Oh shucks… You sure know how to make people happy.
You are a guy ?
So straightforward! Don’t you have any consideration!?
… Anyway, about the content of the job. Help me take down your strange folks and take their clothes. I used to have a bunch of Cosplayer with me, but ever since those pale looking folks get in touch with them, they lost your motivation and become shut-in. So if you can defeat them and steal their clothes, that would solve two of my problems! Now, go send them flying without their Gothic Lolita clothing! They should at around Central Avenue North West.

They aren’t hard to find.

In fact, they are vampires as I suspected.

Too bad they aren’t a challenge to me.

This job is getting pretty disappointing.

Well done! The clothing are all here… Now we can continue the Trap boy Vs Trap girl Cosplay competition… But not really… Those shut-in friends never came back~ Troublesome~… Ah… I got it… Hm hm. Yes, this will do! I have decided! Now, dress up with Gothic Lolita and come back immediately. Surely it will fit you well~? Don’t worry, I will teach you a few tricks.

You can now wear female dresses!

The secret is to be shameless. It was easier than I thought.

No, it’s a real Trap! Let me have a good look at you… Show me your charm…





… A-absolutely perfect… I have nothing more to teach you. The competition will be happening soon… Please do your best to prepare for it. Here’s the reward.

Mission Completed: Another World
Obtained: 30000 Yen

Discarded: All senses of shame