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Part 18: Plot Dump

4000 words...

Next stop, find Nobu for IT Witch Maria’s anime information.

Sara is awestruck by my beauty.

1) No
2) It’s about “IT Witch Maria’
3) About female dress

About female dress
Nope, sorry, not my interest… Speaking of that, there’s a well dressed woman whom beauty stands out among its peer. Mr. Yatabe is not around, so go ask the informant about it.

I already met ‘him’.

It’s about “IT Witch Maria’.
Ah! That topic!? Heh, I didn’t know you have that kind of interest too.
EH? You say you know nothing about it and want to know about it from the beginning…?
Truly troubling. That show has a very long history and many different editions. The current TV series is at the second season with OAV and movie. Each edition have the same concept, but each with its own appeal. Speaking from the begging would be long indeed… Is that fine?

1) Maybe next time
2) Summarize it.

Summarize it.
… Summarizing it… Alright. I will do my best to compile its charm into the shortest possible narration. Now then…

Nobu proceed to plot dump the whole series and its history for five straight minutes of Star War plot scroll. He’s a true friend.

… *Tired* Well, that’s the super condensed version. Did you get it all?

1) Got it, no problem.
2) Sorry, can you repeat again?

We aren’t heartless enough to make him go through that again.

Got it, no problem.
Good. And I am happy that you are interested. You should start with the first season of the TV series. Then we can talk about it!

Oh, I will do more than that.

The last step is to dress up like IT Witch Maria and meet the maid.

This skirt is way too short, my underwear keep showing.

Back for the cafe, master?

1) Yes.
2) I am back.
3) I want to meet Mr. X

I want to meet Mr. X
… Then, I will have to ask you some questions.

1) Sure
2) Nah
3) I want to visit the café instead~


Who have the largest chest size in IT Witch Maria?

1) Normal Maria
2) Aihara Nami
3) Yadawara

Correct. Next question… Who is the author of Tamane version of IT Witch Maria?

1) Tamane Takashi
2) Tamane Takashi
3) Tamane Takashi

Note : All name here pronounce the same with one character difference.

Correct. Next question… What did Maria sell on the street in the past?

1) Her body
2) Prune
3) Self made PC and software.

… You got all three correct! Beautifully done, my master! I shall call for Mr. X, please wait for a moment.

My legs are cool in this outfit.

Shopkeeper mentions an agent who wants to meet me; I figure it would be you… Vampires are quite meticulous, especially him who wanted to protect me. He ascertained everything before letting me meet you.

1) Why are you…?
2) Could you be…?
3) What kind of help did you provide them?

Could you be… ?
No, I am just a regular human. It must be tempting to have eternal youth and experience life for a long, long time… However, to become a middle aged maid with wisdom and kindness is one of my dreams.

What kind of help did you provide them?
I mainly provide them a place to stay, teaches them how to behave like a maid, and how to brew wonderful coffee… Do you want to learn the secret of making a magnificent coffee?
If you tell me your favorite flavor, and I will save some coffee beans for you.

Why are you…?
… Coincident is just the start. You might know that beside the maid in our café, I offer free tutoring to people with talent. One of my students who gained knowledge and attainment, she wants to serve a good master from the bottom of her heart. But due to family issue, she can’t come often. For the world and myself, I decided to help her.
… Please be assured, I don’t have any interior motives.
She told me some of her secrets as she gradually opened up to me. At least I thought it’s just a maiden’s fantasy, some kind of ‘daydreaming moe’ thing… But the true is much different. So I decided to support her no matter who she is… Unfortunately, her true identity is revealed to the agency. Maybe she feels her life is in danger, so she when into hiding after leaving a message. She asks me to save people who are important to her. Not a single plead to save her, nor fear for her own life, only wanted to serve a master…Touched by her selflessness, I begin to make contact with ‘them’, gradually building our relationship to this stage. You can say I inherited her will. Did you get all that?
Please don’t be mistaken, I am not helping all the vampires. I will explain what I mean.
Vampire have a bee-like organization structure, at the top is the queen bee who rule over the will of its children. Are you clear so far?
The will of the queen supposed to have full control of all its children, however, a child was born with its own independent mind. That person is the one I am supporting and the goal of her is, coexistence with human.
Ever since she arrived at Akiba, the city’s local culture might have influenced her… This city, it’s a place that can accept everything. So it must also be able to accept them… However, that’s going against the wishes of the queen, which is why this person is taking actions discreetly to find ways to survive in this city. This meeting we have here is to ask for your support in our cause.
Not to the point of betraying the agency. I hope you can spare others’ life just like you did to the shopkeeper. ‘They’ might receive the orders of the queen, but won’t attack human as ordered… It’s impossible to prevent all tragedy, but I want you to provide help to reduce such tragedies from occurring. Hopefully, we can prevent something like the riot last time. In fact, I asked their help to pacify the situation. I am sorry for keeping all this from you, and for all the help you did so far. I’m sure we can prevent the fight that both sides do not wish to participate in. Her faction might be petty now, but it will become great someday… Kanta, will you help them?

1) Understood.
2) Let me think about it.

Let me think about it.
I see. At least don’t slaughter all the vampires… Maybe it’s better you meet them yourself, what do you think? I believe you can understand them better face-to-face… It’s what I suggested in the first place, but the shopkeeper is too worried. If you do choose to antagonize them, I will certainly step in and protect them to minimize the damage. I will contact you again after you meet them… Ah! Please keep all this from NIRO, please. I don’t really want to hide this from everyone forever, but…How should I say it, Yatabe and the others are honest and straightforward people. It would endanger them if the agency realizes this. I do wish to tell everyone about it someday. *Bow*

Why is master’s palace such a popular meeting spot?

Ah, but , I-I am waiting for someone…
That person surely won’t come here after such a long time~
Ummhmm, so you should come play with us. Yea~?
… N-no. It’s a very important meeting…
Coooome ooon!!

… Hell, who said Akiba have easy girl? This girl is not complying at all.
Hm, we could try a rougher method?
What to do… Maybe it’s faster to find a willing one instead?
Hey, look at this pure babe, it’s totally my type. I don’t really understand it, but I guess it’s what they call moe?
Can’t be helped, we will force you to come with us.

IT Witch Kanta to the rescue!

…Ah! Wahh…

1) Stop it. Don’t you see she isn’t willing to go with you?
2) I have a date with her.
3) Disappear, before I send you flying.

Stop it. Don’t you see she isn’t willing to go with you?
Ah? What are you saying, she’s totally willing, right?
Eh, ah, that…
See? Now get out of my sight!
We could rough him up too.
Good idea.
Don’t worry, we won’t take your life… Beside stripping you butt naked!

I have a date with her.
Ah? What did you say?
You are who you is waiting?
Took you long enough...
Can’t you see this atmosphere!? We would be able to invite her if you are here. SO, you are a hindrance, get out! Bah, you are pissing me off. I gonna strip you up and toss you down a river.
There should be one nearby.
That one is pretty rough!
Prepare yourself!

Disappear, before I send you flying.
What did you say!?
This guy is looking down on us.
This trash need to be taught a lesson. Then the girl should listen to us.
That might do.

Behold! My magical wand that shaped like a golf club!


Gyaaaa! My magical uniform!

All of you shall pay!

They all ran away in sync.

Uh, you are call… Kanta, right?
This is the second time we meet, I am… Ah! We need to exchange cipher.
Uh, that’s… Ah, I remember!
Which’s your recommended maid café?

1) Café Mansion: Edinburgh
2) Maid Café Recording
3) Curry specialist shop: Bengal

Curry specialist shop: Bengal
That... Huh? What’s the correct answer… Ah, uh, that… ! M-maybe it’s the correct one… Yeah? Hm, probably.

1) You are the one Sara mentioned…?
2) You are so weak.
3) Get to the topic.

You are the one Sara mentioned…?
Ah, no, I am just the representative. Rui allows me to do follower kind of thing.

You are so weak.
I can easily run away from them, but it would cause trouble to you if I change location.

Get to the topic.
…Hm, yeah. I am happy that we can meet directly. Rui should had introduced me previously, I am Moriizumi Suzu, Rui’s assistance… But I’m more like her attendant. At least I have high enough rank to have command of some vampires.
Ah, it sounds complicated, sorry.
Simply said, we have three level of hierarchy. The top is the queen, next level is her blood relations, and everyone else below are unrelated vampires… Something like that. I supposed to belong at the bottom, but Rui promoted me and let me do assistance work… Sorry, I’ve been talking about myself. What I want to tell you today is not of these… Uh, where should I begin?

1) Who’s the leader?
2) Your goal?
3) What you want me to do?

Who’s the leader?
Our leader is Rui… We don’t have a lot of members, and many are watched by the agency…So the core members are just me, Rui, and Uncle. Three of us plus a few unregister member. That’s the scale.

Your goal?
… Huh? Sara didn’t tell you?
Our goal is… Coexistence with human. Unlike the past, we don’t need to drink blood and can survive through normal food. So… There’s no reason to fight each other anymore… But the queen and NIRO aren’t seeing it. We just want to live a normal life like a human in the human world.

What you want me to do?
Mainly, we hope you at least won’t go against us…
I-I know it would be tough for you, but anything you can do within your capability is greatly appreciated!
… Maybe it’s too much?

1) Yea.
2) Nah…

Ah, I-I understand. You are an agent after all… B-but please give it some consideration! What’s your reason for joining the agency? It can’t just purely out of hatred for vampire, right? Something like trying to protect human from vampire…?
Then if our faction can gain enough influence from vampire faction…! Then there won’t be anymore vampire that will assault human! All the bottom ranked vampires are just following orders from above. If Rui become the queen, then there won’t be anymore attacks!
After all, Rui is the next queen!

… Ah. AHHHHHHH! The queen told me the agency will have their eyes on Rui if they know and I must never tell anyone about it!

1) Rui is the next queen?
2) … I don’t think I head what you just said.
3) … Agency will have their eyes on her?

Rui is the next queen?
Yes! It us! Yea… Ah! No, that’s totally false! Ahhh wahh! No, no! It’s all a lie, all a lie! Please forget it all, I beg you! I will do anything you say!

… Agency will have their eyes on her?
The queen and her successor aren’t the same as others, they are special just by being chosen by the queen. Ugh, so! Gyaaa! This won’t end in just lecture! What to do!? What to do!?


… I don’t think I head what you just said.
… Ah…. Yea, it’s fine, don’t fuss over it.

… Thank you very much.


…Ah, Rui… ! Wh-why are you here… Didn’t we agree to let me do this in case there’s danger…
I got a little worried, so I come to take a look.
Uh, then, you... Just got here?
Hm, yeah.
… Ah, thank goodness…
Around the time when you spilled my secret.
S-sorry! Really sorry! It was an accident…!

Truly sorry~~ I don’t mean it, but, it just came out of my big mouth… Wahhh~~!

It’s a joke.
… Eh?
It’s fine. I wasn’t angry.
… But…
You only didn’t follow mother’s order, so I won’t blame you… Don’t worry.
... Really ?
... Nope.
Ahaha. Fool you again.
… Eh?
Sorry, sorry, I just want to tease you a little. It’s fine, I really aren’t angry.
... Really ?
Hm. It would be rude to ask for others’ help while hiding something from them. So, Kanta, how about we meet elsewhere with less people.
Then, let’s go to the park. I will see you there.

I should dress nicely for my date. The hammer shall symbolize that I am a strong and dependable wo-man.

Just be our tour guide!
… But I am busy…
It’s fine, it’s fine!
(I can’t believe we are using the same pickup line)
(She’s so stubborn)

*Said something similar as before*
… Hm? Ah…! Is it just my imagination? This person looks so familiar…
It’s your doom to meet us again! This time we will strip you for real! Get him!
(… It’s just my imagination? Déjà Vu?)
I feel a strong contempt from your words!

Rui is wise to run to the side when I bring out The Hammer.

You see his legs? I don’t see his legs.

Dance of the maiden Swan

And that takes care of them.

They all ran away in sync.

… Ah. Could they be really be lost, and worrying…?
*Shake head*
… It’s too late for that now.
… Hm, ah, um. It’s surprising that we are chatting so casual when we were fighting to the death previously.

1) Yeah, unbelievable.
2) I am special.
3) Maybe the red string ties us together.

Yeah, unbelievable.
If everyone have such a chance to meet and chat, maybe it would be easier for everyone to become friends?
If that can become true, I would be very happy…
Ah, sorry. We should get to the point.

I am special.
You are special?
Might be better to say that you have great affinity with people. It does feel like that’s the case. How to explain it, it’s easy to talk to you and not depressing at all. Maybe you are that kind of person that makes people wants to save you. Alright, back to the point.


Maybe the red string ties us together.
Red string?
Aren’t any red strings?
*Explain the concept of Red String*
Eh, there’s that kind of superstition? You are quite knowledgeable, Kanta. Moreover, it wasn’t red string that ties us together, but red blood.
(... Is that, a joke?)
1) Laugh
2) Don’t laugh

Ahahaha. I think we are very compatible, Kanta.
Alright, back to the point. You heard it from Ms. Sara. We wish you to cease your assault on my supporters… and possibly help them if they are in trouble. Just like what you did to us before would be greatly appreciated. I know it might seem like fantasy and we might accidently kill someone in our struggle, but this is my belief.

1) You are the queen’s successor?
2) About my friend…
3) I want to know more about you.

You are the queen’s successor?
… Hm, yes. Not even the agency knows about it… Except you. I guess they think it would be my sister, but that’s my mother’s distraction all along. How did Suzu explains it to you… ?
*Tell her about previous conversations*
Queen, relative, bottom member, that’s about right. I’m quite worried for Suzu, she’s can be quite senseless sometime. But she cares for me a lot and adamantly wants to speak to you in my place. Even uncle and Sara can’t convince her. Anyway, the current relative vampires here are my uncle, my brother, my two sisters, and me. My sisters are the aforementioned agency-distraction and organizer for the plan. The agency should think they are the successors, and might not even realize those two are leading the movement of all vampires in the city. Hey, Kanta, are you listening?
*Shake head*
Ah… Forget it. In summary, they are tasked with organizing the vampires and serve as distractions for the agency. The actual successor is me… And one day I will lead all vampires. That would mean my faction would be the Moderate faction… Moderate …
Ah. It sounds nice and warm, kinda cool.
Hm, we will call it the Moderate Faction.
Ah, let me think… In that case, mother would be the Militant faction, which is also cool…
Oh, sorry. That umm… It means that if I become the queen, then all vampires will be the Moderate faction… But it would be troublesome if the human still antagonize us. I don’t know the true motive behind the agency, and why they hide our existence from the public…
But it would all be exposed when my mother’s plan come to fruitation. It’s quite distressing.
We must take action soon, and all we can do now is to interrupt my sisters’ plan… We are just waiting for the right opportunity.

About my friend…
… People who are drained by my brother… Sorry, I don’t know anyway to cure them… And it’s unlikely for them to return to society after they become shut in especially for youngster. It’s a fact that’s concluded by my mother after a long time of experiment… This Recluselization Plan was the final product.

1) I see
2) Why just Akiba?

My mother said the youngster in Akiba has the highest rate of successful next generation or something… It’s a city that generated so much passion, productivity, highly motivated youngster… What else? In fact, this place has a lot of complex roadway and all sorts of people that would make it easy for us to blend in. It’s very suitable for enacting this plan and evading the agency… But, we didn’t expect the shop to close at eight, and the street becomes almost empty, so we have to risk performing our activities at day time…
Hm? What’s wrong? You have that face of disbelieve.
Was it that strange?

I want to know more about you.

1) What do you usually do?
2) How old are you? What’s your hobby?
3) Who’s your first kiss?

What do you usually do?
Usually? Sleep, bath, and eat.
*shake head*
Oh, you aren’t asking those?
Then speak more clearly, or I won’t understand… When I am in the mood, I go work as a waiter of some sort.

How old are you? What’s your hobby?
… Hm, let me think…
Hey, did you just asked some rude question? Wasn’t it rude to ask girl about their age?
… Is not? I guess it wasn’t a big deal.
We vampire don’t care much about year, so we don’t really keep track of it. I should be about the same as my appearance suggest. About more than a dozen years old… As for hobby… Hobby…?
… Hobby means those kind of passionate things that you won’t get rewarded…? No idea. Mother only fills us with hatred for human… Can we talk about something else?

Who’s your first kiss?
It’s donating blood to you…
… Seriously.

… Phew. This is the first time I have such a long chat with someone beside Ms. Sara. Maybe more than her. She’s a human without much word, and mostly converse with uncle. Mother told me many times to not make contact with human, so I didn’t chat much with human until now. She said despite their appearance, human are terrible being and will be harmed if we get close to them. Since I have witness of the relentless pursue of the agency who slaughter my comrades numerous time, so I always believed that to be true… After leaving mother and come to this street, I realize it’s not all true. Everyone have their own personality, and many different kinds of people here are interesting.
My sister said that’s because they don’t know we are different and they will treat us crudely when it’s revealed to them. It’s what they told me. On the other hand, if we pretend to be human, would we be able to live a normal life?
Thinking it that way, there’s no reason to fight each other…
This is the question, what do you think, human Kanta? Was your opinion different?

1) It’s different
2) Same as yours.

… Hm. Yeah, we are talking casually after all.
I am all fired up!
Oh, sorry, it feel like I was the only talking.
Is there something else you want to ask?

1) About the queen
2) About the sisters
3) No more question.

About the queen
To realize her Reclusivelization Plan, mother is working at international level to distract the agency… But I am curious as to why that leader of the agency is staying in Akiba…

About the sisters.
They may be my sister, but it would be different from what a human call their sister. It’s what my uncle said. We have different fathers, and our age are off by few dozen years… In fact…
They really hate me as the successor. So I too… Hate them… This is what it means to requite. They fully suppose mother’s view of human and purely treat them as enemies… Acting like a bunch of higher life form, I hate them for that… Hate it a lot… So pitiful… So embarrassing… If Moderate Faction is to continues, we will face them someday, but I am fine with that. Even if it mean taking down my sister, I… Hm.

No more question.
Oh, then Kan- hold on, I have mail. Eh? All of them are from Suzu and uncle… When did they…
I didn’t even notice it when I was talking to you.
These mails… Ahaha, they are super worried.
I wanted to talk with you more… But let’s save it for next time.
… Hm? Ah, I think we were too casual and never really spoken seriously.
Hm, please don’t mention this to Suzu.
So, Kanta, will you meet me again… ?

1) Yes
2) I will think about it.

Then, we are partners... Ah, no, we are friend.
So, if we got in trouble, please come help us!
I always admire those who will risk any danger to save their friend… I really like that kind of bond; it’s very human, and wonderful. I want to help you too, Kanta, I must… Hm.
I look forward to next time, Kanta! See you next time!