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Part 19: Viewpoint Difference

This will be the third fight against Yuu. I should dress nicely for the occasion.

Yuu have been operating at the edge of the town, cautious as always.

Heh, and I thought it was someone important…Why should I run away? Your blood looks very appetizing.
I have no intention of letting monster have my blood!
The dog of NIRO is still loyal as ever. Do you do it for the dog treat…? Or maybe for money?
Not money. But it might be something similar, and that’s Peace. To realize our dream of living in a world without fear of monster, we will defeat you all.
Haha, what a noble dream. You will do horrible things to us just so you can protect your own peace?
That makes you no different than us. I have a lot of pals that was murdered by you guys too. So to protect our peace, we will kill you all.
Ridiculous, you are a monster in human’s world, it doesn’t belongs to your kind.
Human world, you say? If you going by the population to decide ownership, then insects would be the true owner.
The world belongs... To the elite group of race…
Then you agree the world should belongs to the vampire? We also have ambition and motivation…

Ah? You again! You sure had taken good care of my comrades.
Get ready, Kanta.
Tsk. Not a favorable situation…
Sorry, gotta bail. You get to live this time, Ms. NIRO. I awaits for the fresh warm blood on neck the next time we meet.

Then he back dash away.

Hold it!

Midoh would never be able to catch him.

He got away again… No, I am not strong enough to be his opponent in the first place… (Truly, that power…)

Sorry, it’s kinda hard to run in this dress.

Ah, Kanta, I am fine. I thought can catch him this time.
But I must thank you for coming. I will contact you again if something’s up. Let’s do our best.
See you later, I will take care of her injury.

OH NO! Master is bored! Anything could happen if we don’t keep her entertained!

I heard there would be a representative, and it’s you. I really want to thoroughly educate her today… Kanta would be too different… *Sigh* … Can’t be helped, forget it. Since you are here, you could at least help me get a few consumables.
Get me…
1. Highest quality lotion
2. Hand made domestic produced Hemp Rope
3. Electric high power massager

These three items.

Listen well, I will not tolerate cheap and fake products. All professional use the real thing, understood?

1) Understood.
2) I don’t understand.

Ara. You are a smart boy. But, I will repeat it to you one more time. First, it’s the lotion. Do you know what that is?

1) Dunno
2) I know

… ara, really? Such a pure boy… What should I do, maybe forget the items and let me show you what is it?
Nah, this joy can be done in the future. Although there’s many kind of lotion, but I must have the kind with transparent liquid. It has many uses… One person, two persons… You should give it a try. The cheap one should be affordable with your pocket money. The one I love, however, is the ultra rare lotion that’s not only feels good to use, but provide excellence moisturizing effect for the skin. Its best feature is that you can drink it after applying on the skin with no health concern. It’s made using the food and safety guideline, and it even has an expiration date…. In fact, the taste is pretty good. It makes people want to stick out their tongue to taste it… You could say that’s the most important aspect for a massage lotion.
Next is the Hemp Rope. There shouldn’t be much need to explain for this. There’s been so imported artificial cheap nylon rope that’s advertised as soft rope, but I prefer natural ingredient that’s crafted by the professional. The kind of hemp rope that will easily leave a mark on the skin from the lightest tap, so wonderful. The feeling of pity, hurt, and damaged… That unspeakable surge of high…
Lastly, the high powered electric massager. Surely you know what this is. As in the name, it’s a device that shakes very hard to massage the body… Hm, where it massages is up to the individual. According to rumor, this massager use the top technology advancement of Japan to create its powerful motor, its electronic control system send out signal that randomize the shaking to make each massage a unique experience… Of course, it is waterproof. To keep it economic and have a stable current, make sure to get the one with AC Automatic Voltage Regulator. Understand? Don’t get it wrong. Now, go.

I can’t be bothered by this shopping crap, so I brought a copy of everything and bring it back.

Her servant can sort it out for me.

… Not bad, you got ‘em all. Hm, you can go now… What’s wrong?

1) My money…
2) Give me a reward…
3) Teach me new skill…

Give me a reward…
… Know you place, foolish boy. However, I am indeed pretty bored. For your reward, I shall teach you the next step in striping cosplay uniform. That is… To strip idols’ uniform.
Isn’t the DBP group the hottest idols in Akiba? Although I only watched them once, their popularity is undeniable. Indeed, they are very attractive. Even my heart pounds for the sweat nectar hidden in their clothing… I am getting off topic. Anyway, similar to Cosplay uniform, it’s a tight uniform that held everything together, so it won’t be easy to strip it. To do that, you would need a much higher level technique. Come, train with my servant to master this skill.

I took great care to prepare this for you, don’t you think he’s a great opponent? …No matter, let’s begin.




Damn you and your well-shaved soft leg

So jealous…

… Ara.

You finally come.
… AH, I am just worry for Kanta, so I come to take a look…
Is that true…?
Y-yes, it’s true!
The stuff Kanta has brought is still here... Come to me. I will find out the truth from your body.
I-I have jobs to do…
Come. Hurry.

… Hurry. *Whisper*
… Yes.
Now you can go, Kanta. I will take good care of Midoh here.
Guh, it’s training!
… Hoho. Yes, training. Kanta, I will be very busy training here, so you can leave.
… Wahhhh! How did it turn out like this… ! Ouch! It hurt!