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Part 20: Stealth Mission

”Shopkeeper Email posted:

Kanta, the situation is bad! You must stop Rui!

… Sorry, I am too anxious. Let me explain.

As the pillar for us, the Moderate Faction… It worries me when that child decides to take action herself.

… Ah, my bad. I am getting off topic.

We the Moderate Faction do not have a lot of manpower, and never did anything on a large scale before. However, Rui have been very actively opposing the queen’s Reclusivelization Project’s manager, the twin that’s my nieces and Rui’s sisters, Sena and Mana.

She’s always been sneaking out of her work to oppose them, especially these last days where she outright told them she oppose the project and have a heated argument with them. They don’t have a good relationship, and maybe there’s some other reason too.

Let me clarify.

Rui should had told you that the queen is the heart of the vampire hierarchy structure, under her are her children, then someone that’s promoted like Suzu from the bottom rank, and finally, the bottom rank of unrelated vampires.

The queen works on drawing agents away at an international level while Sena and Mana are in charge of Akiba. [Dirty Bloody Princesses]… Short for DBP, have you heard of it?

It is an idol group formed by the sisters to blend into Akiba. I heard they have gathered quite a large group of supporters. Contrary to our usual furtiveness, the agency can’t possibly think of the idols in the public poster as one of us.

They are loyal minions of the queen, so is it predictable for them to detest Rui especially when she was chosen as the successor at the moment of her birth. The project manager or the successor, it’s unclear who have the final say in the project.

This is the first time Rui spoke her objection to the project right in front of them.

… She changed a lot after meeting you.

Let’s not talk about that now.

The problem at hand is that the child is now in hiding.

She have been cautious when she talks to us these few days, probably suspecting Sera’s underling to be eavesdropping. Realizing the shadowing, Rui went into hiding. She even left her phone with me.

But I know where she plans to go next… The twins. She opposed their new plan to drain the blood of the fans at the secret concert. Unlike the low-profile attacks in the past, these mass attacks on the prey have happened a few times and were very successful.

Rui probably went to the concert to prevent it from happening. I think it’s located at UD+

Although she can’t really take action while under surveillance, please stop her, Kanta. If she were to confront them, then they might get rid of her as an accident. It’s that bad.

I feel bad for pushing this to you, but please help us, Kanta.

Incoherent mail from a worrying uncle. Calm down, man.


(This is getting troublesome… Is there anyone who knows about getting ticket…?)



I am pretty sure this is the right place with the right person.

… Eh? Eh? DBP’s secret concert?

… H-how did you know about that? Even among the platinum members, only the few chosen one would know about this.

1) Platinum members?
2) Not many people?
3) You have the ticket?

Platinum members.
Hm, there’s silver, gold, and platinum membership in the fan club. Platinum is the highest level. You need to pay ten thousand yen per month though, but the monthly merchandises t-shirt, phone accessory… And other stuffs you get are super rare.
O-other special privilege like priority ticket sales, after event activities, reserved seat… A man with passion for taking picture is clearly a platinum.
Although I heard other membership type is about the same, so there’s not much difference.

Not many people?
… Hm. Something like randomly select a few dozen people from the platinum. That’s what it said on the brochure. Actually, I used my family’s name to register multiple time to get those rare goods, but only one got the ticket.

You have the ticket?
… That, I do.
(Told him you want the ticket.)
NO,NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is my first secret concert ticket!
No matter what… I can’t give it to you.
(Inform him about DBP is actually a vampire plot)
… I see. I can understand your desire. You can like DBP to such degree makes me happy. But lying to make me give you a ticket isn’t a moral thing to do. I understand how you feel, but I can’t give you the ticket.
D-don’t look at me like that… I really want to go to the concert.
It even said it in the brochure. It must be kept a secret both online and offline. The concert will be cancelled if the new is leaked. So I didn’t told anyone about it and patiently anticipate for the day of the concert to come…. That’s why I can’t give it to you…. But, I heard there’s another way to get a ticket.
I know an amazing ticket launder who sold me a ticket once. He should be in Central Avenue Northeast. He knows a lot about Akiba’s idol industry, but only for the money… Although he isn’t someone reputable, but you could give him a try. He might actually have it considering the amount of fan clubs he’s a member of… It’s just, the price is a bit expensive…
… Ah.
Speaking of that, I heard some rumors… Something about girls getting some discount in exchange for his request…It’s not a good thing, but there are some female fan that does what he asked. It’s up to you on how to deal with this. The concert is starting soon, you better act fast.

Pretty gal, you say?



…Do you want some tickets? They are very rare.

1) No
2) I want ticket
3) Who are you?

Who are you?
I am known as a scalper. Buying all sorts of popular tickets and sold them for high price is my business. Good kids shouldn’t imitate me…

I want ticket.
Which one…? Oh, DBP secret concert ticket. You must be devoted fan to know about it, ma’am. However, this is quite an expensive item… But it’s not something I can advertise… Yeah, so… How about 50000 yen?
However, taking that much from a pretty girl like you would be quite tragic… So let me do a few things to you… For half, no, straight 20000 yen instead. How about it?

1) Buy it for normal price
2) Don’t buy
3) Very well.

Very well.
Uuuhehe... This is why I keep doing this business. Here’s your ticket.

Obtained Secret Concert Ticket

Now, for the other half of your payment…This… Familiar feeling is… !?

Y-you are... ! A trap!?
… I see. Ho, so that’s how it is. *rub hands* Fufufu… I actually developed a taste for trap lately… For the price of tricking me, let me touch you more! *Draw weapon* I shall enjoy your body!

I beat this criminal into bloody pulps.

And make sure the nearby police officer will arrest him.

Obviously, I loot back my 20000 yen.

Just doing my job as an upright citizen, officer.

Lastly, I wear my disguise as a BDP fanboy and prepare to sneak into the concert.

This is a good. The concert has started, you should hurry.

What’s wrong, people! The noise is too low!
Hey, hey, what about that side? Can’t yell anymore?
That camera guy at the front, don’t just take picture, dance with everyone… Hurry!
You can take all the pictures you like at the fan meeting later! Now is the time to go Wild! Understand!?
N-no… Uhh… YES, MY IDOL!
That’s a good fan!
… They seem more passionate than usual. There’ve been performing only intense music since the beginning.
Even the usual hype controller like Sena is going wild.
I don’t think I can stand stight anymore. Ahh, my voice is getting weak…
I am near my limit… But, I want to keep going. SO HAPPY!
Hm, indeed.
Although I heard some rumor about the unofficial concert, but I never thought it would be this extreme…
There’s also rumor that people who went to an unofficial concept wouldn’t be seen in the public anymore, how strange.
Speaking of that, some said the fan club membership took a sharp drop in members whenever there’s an unofficial concert.
Over there! Less talking and more on us!
Y-yes !
Enjoy the revelry, everyone!
Next song is…
(… Quite an enthusiastic atmosphere.)

Why are you here!?
(Told her about shopkeeper’s mail and its content.)
… I see. You’re worried and came to help me.

1) Let’s get out of here.
2) I will help.

Let’s get out of here.
No. If we can’t deters them, then everyone here would become shut-in.
We must find a way to save them…

1) Why?
2) I will help.

Why…? Because I object my mother’s plan…

1) (Let Rui continue)
2) I will help.

(Let Rui continue)
… Hm, no good. Even though we were tasked with the plan, I didn’t really do much for it.
All I can do is failing the mission on purpose to reduce the Reclusivelization of victims. I dreamed of a town where we could coexist, always wishes for it, but this is all I can do… It feels like, it’s all thoughts and no action.
That’s how I feel after my long chat with you… Because… You are an agent, but you are willing to help us. It’s such a rare opportunity… But I can’t think of anything useful that I can ask your help to oppose the plan.
In the end, if we can’t do anything, then what could we even ask you to do. That’s when I realized that I am just like those useless people that’s getting in people’s way…
Call ourselves Moderate Faction… Feel so stupid.
Ideas are worthless without actions. That’s why…

1) I understand.
2) I will help.

I understand.
… Hm…
… So, so, we could do this together?
I am here… Because of you.
B-because… We harmed you, although I saved you, but you become vampirized. Then you fought us as agent… We have a few scuffles,
I am here… Because of you.
But you listen to us, and talk to us a lot… We were the same.
S-so, since we can become friend, maybe others can too…
I can’t turn a blind eye to my sisters after realizing this.
… Is that, strange?
… It must be strange. As if I am just day dreaming. We are monster, you are human… But…
… But, the chance can’t be zero. There might be someone here that’s like you, even if it’s just one. If that person becomes a shut in, we would never get to meet and chat. It might be tough job, can you handle it?
You will help me right?
You see, it’s part of your responsibility that I disobeyed my sisters’ order.
(… That’s quite a twisted logic)
I recall you are with the watchgroup too? I saw one of the members here as well; you won’t leave him here, right?

1) Of course not, we will work together.
2) Let me think about it.

Hmmm, Gon would actually be very happy to get his blood sucked by his idols though.

Let me think about it.
No. We don’t have time to mull over this. The concert should be ending soon.
I just verified, they will change location after the concert. That’s our chance. Those securities at the door are my sister’s underlings, and they will bring everyone to that place. So if we take care of them, then no one can deter us. Then we find a good reason to bring everyone out to cancel the concert…

Let me think about it.
1) How about triggering the fire alarm?
2) Cause some mayhem here to make everyone flee?
3) I see, that’s a good idea.

How about triggering the fire alarm?
… I have researched the people of this for awhile, and I can confidently say that they won’t leave the concert for a fire alarm, right, Kanta?

Cause some mayhem here to make everyone flee?
… No, that’s too reckless. My sisters and their guards are here…
I will say it now, my sisters are very strong. We might not be their equal in battle even if we teamed up… Only by luring them to some place with sunshine… And stripping them would you have a chance.

I see, that’s a good idea.

… The song ends.
Thank you, everyone!
I want to thank everyone who are trilled with us till the end!
… Mana.
… Hm. Listen up, everyone! We will be moving to a different stage for the Fan Meeting, please follow the guidance of the security in an orderly and quiet fashion!
Now… An extra special song for everyone!
Quick, Kanta. I will take care of the one inside; you go take out the one outside. When we are done, pretend to be the staff and guide them away, got it? See you later!