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Part 21: Idols

You can’t leave halfway, please return to the show.
… Sir?
What the heck with this guy…? What a pain, let’s ‘take care’ of him. One person should be fine, right?
… Yea. Better than getting the info leaked.
Sir, we would like to provide you with a special service. Please let us escort you to the place for the Fan Meeting.
… Let’s go.

What kind of fighting stance would reveal your side to the enemy?

I will focus on the more competent one for now.

Wow, these guys are really good! Their barehanded attack makes them fight really fast.

My fan on the other hand, is hard to swing with its high wind resistance.

Truly a close call for the ill-equipped.

(… The stage have calmed down. Rui have led everyone to leave through the other exit... Where do I go now…? I will look around.)

Why would they choose an outdoor area to ‘secretly’ drain the blood of hundreds of fan!?

And how did it have worked so many times before!?

… It’s strange. Both UD+ and the Fan Meeting site are empty. Nor of them can be contacted either…
Those idiots must have went to the wrong place. Let’s go look for them. If they got away, all our hard work would be wasted.
… Mana. Let me remind you of two things. One, this situation is strange. Even if they got the wrong place, we shouldn’t have lost contact with them.
… Ah, that’s right.
In time like this, we should consider the possibility of the agency’s inference. It’s best we be cautious.
It can’t be. They don’t know about us… In fact… They have worst camaraderie than us. All they’ve been doing so far is focusing on destroying us rather than saving their own kind.
There’re exception to everything. Just like the Rui being the odd one of us.
… More like she’s just being stubborn with mom. Even if she is the successo-
Hold your tongue! It would be troublesome if people overheard it.
… Sorry.
Forget about Rui. I already reported her deeds to mother, and I am sure she will punish her harshly.
That’s my sis. Super efficient.
Let me continue with my second point.
Oh, yea.
Second thing I would want to say. Even though they are human, don’t call people who love our music as idiots.

This might be our mission, but it is thanks to their support that we achieved such popularity.
In fact, I am happy when I sing in front of them. Their cheers always get me all hyped. Isn’t it the same for you?
That umm, I don’t mean it in a rude way. It’s more like a calling them idiot is an expression of love.
… Hm, that’s good.
Speaking of that, they should all reborn as vampire instead of human. It would make things easier.
Yea, we could make them all our underlings if there are vampire. But we mustn’t forget the fact that they are human.
Right. Mission over personal feeling.
Anyway, it’s pointless to loiter here, how about we-
… Hm? I think I saw that person before…

So~Cute~ He’s shocked by our presence.
Maybe we can ask him about it.
Hey, you there. You were there at the concert, right? What happened after the securities took you to the Fan Meeting area? It seems there’s some sort of trouble.

Hey! My sis is talking to you! You better answer her honestly!
… it’s an expression of love.
Hey, you. Would you tell us where everyone when?

1) … Huh? You want to express what?
2) Someone please save me!
3) You should worry for yourself instead.

… Huh? You want to express what?
… Huh? Didn’t I say it clearly?

Come on, tell us already. Where did you all go after the concert? Is this guy is messing with us?
Hey, Mana, are you sure he is at the concert?
Hm. He left right at the last song, so an impression of him.
… I see. But if that’s the case, he shouldn’t be here when we moved the audience.
I ordered those securities to not let anyone leave early, so he probably didn’t get to leave?
… That make sense. Then…

Don’t waste our time. We don’t have time to deal with quitter.
… Y-yeah.
If you don’t want to suffer more, then tell us what you know…
…!? It can’t be, that wound… That recovering, could it be…

Someone please save me!
What kind of shock did he experienced? Calm down, dude.
*Jump back*
You don’t have to be so nervous. Geez.
… Mana, something is strange. Why is he so afraid of us?
Eh? Maybe we are too amazing?
… This reaction is still too strange, could it be…
… He knows the truth?
… !? … N-no way. That’s stretching it too far…
Hey, you are here for the handshaking event, right?
*Shake head*
Really now…
Hold it, Mana!

This skin tone!? It can’t be human!

You should worry for yourself instead.
… !?
Huh? What did you say? Don’t get cocky just because you get to talk to us...
Step back, Mana! This person… Might be an agent…
… Really!? They found us out?
*Ready Fan*
Eh? N-no way!
… That stance, it looks like stripping technique. Then there’s no doubt about it.

I know all the face of our own. He isn’t one of them…. So he’s an agent? Coincident? Or maybe… No matter, the fact he is here mean he know about us.
… No way…
Guess that’s the end of our idol lifestyle.
Th-that can’t be! I can’t have concert anymore!?
… Calm down, Mana.
B-but, we can’t sing anymore!? We can’t party hard with everyone ever again!
… It’s just a matter of time, don’t you get it?
We don’t know yet! This might really be a coincident.
… That’s possible. Either way, we have to get rid of him.
… Moreover, he deserves death just for leaving our concert early.
Judging by the skin tone, he’s probably the simple vampirization enhanced agent. So stripping him will save us a lot of time… And here I thought those enhanced agent are tailing mother… So troublesome.
Pay back the blood of our brethren… You vile human! I can’t believe he’s the same as those idiots!
Mana, that two things we talked about.
Expression of love!
Try and take us on, agent!

That was a fun analytical session of ‘What is that creature known as Kanta thinking?’, brought to you by animal planet.

Behold! The guitar rocking of the eternal idol!
… That’s a microphone stand…
Twin Air Guitar combo!

Ouch, that’s a good double air word play. Oh and the ‘double’ twin part. Wow, double combo word play.
It’s a great name!
His cloth won’t last long with another air combo!

Ugh, why do I always getting ganged up lately?
There’s no fair fight for an agent!
I have to resort to the secret Kanta technique: Running away!
Stop running away! We won’t go easy on you even if you dressup like a devoted fan!
Speaking of fan, I am holding a f-

Wow, you two don’t have to cringe so hard for a fan pun.
Yes, we do! Ever since that stupid merchandise went on sale, people just won’t stop making that pun!
Ahh, it must have become a meme or something.
Now you will be the first to die for it!
Twin Air Guitar combo!

Guh, what a powerful boss attack.
Just fade away like away like a good little vampire!
Yare Yare Daze... Looks like I need to get some help to even the fight.
No one will be able to help you in time!

S-sis, what is that thing behind him!?
I-I have no idea? Some kind of spirit manifestation!?

I am thou... Thou art I... From the sea of thy soul, I come...
What should we do, sis!? That thing is huge!
Stay alert, sis.

Behold, the power of my stand!

Otaku Skill: The Person Who Stand Behind Me

OUCH! OUCH! Damn it! Give me two more minutes to finish my speech!

*Cough* *Cough* Fufufu, very well, I shall demonstrate the power of these ripple-like energy that is coursing through my body!

U-uh yah… *STAB*
GAHHH! Curse you! Let me finish my villain speech and power-up!

Bahaha, that’s actually all the time I need! Behold!




… So strong! He isn’t the regular powered agent; it feels like he is on a whole other level.
… Could it be… The agent that Yuu mentioned… ? The one who obtained Rui’s blood…
I thought he was just a regualr agent, so careless of us... Dammit.
Don’t give up, we can’t be defeated here! We would cause trouble to mother’s plan if we die here!
We mustn’t let that happen! Absolutely mustn’t become a burden to mother!
Yes, not for us, but for our beloved mother... Even with our last breath! We must-
Fight till the end!
It’s time for round two!


I thought it was canceled, but it was actually proceeding in secret!
Truly not something that can be host publicly, what a killer move!
Hey, what, ugh!? S-stop, don’t take picture!
I can’t stop my trigger finger!
No, stop! Don’t take it anymore! What the heck!?

1) Run, gon!
2) Send me a copy.
3) They are vampire!

Run, gon!
… Eh? What do you mean? Ah, so you got a ticket to-

Send me a copy.
O-of course, but I need to adjust the resolution before give it to you… F-full size portrait is all mine… Ah, Kanta.
You got a ticket after al-

They are vampire!
… Eh!?
Come on, Kanta. You already got a ticket, so you don’t need to keep lying-

Someone you know, agent?
… Huh? What’s going on? N-no way, DBP really are vampires!?
… I see. You know the situation even though you don’t look like an agent…
I don’t want to do something terrible to him, Agent.
… So, that’s how it is. Vampire.
… Sorry, you seem to be his friend. Please become our hostage.
Ah, hm, hmm. Sure, sure, sure. Speaking of that, it’s more like…
I am so happy!
... Huh?
Ah, no, I mean… Since I really like you two, so, how to say this… As your fan, let me follow you… And, that…
Although I feel bad for Kanta, but I am glad to be of use to you two…
… Mana, let him…
… Hm.

… Eh? Why…?
We aren’t afraid of death and would never do inelegant things like having an idiot for hostage.
Ex-pre-sion of Love!
… Lo-love… ?
You have waited long enough, agent. Let’s finish this.
We won’t lose!

S-sorry, b-b-but… BUT!
… S-sorry, really sorry, Kanta.
… Idiot.
… You want to pity us? Human, no, agent!


… I understand.

… We will confiscate the camera. You can have it back tomorrow after we delete everything inside and put it back here at the park.
EHHHH!? No way!
Yes way! You don’t have permission to take picture! IDOIT!

That one is not an expression of love!
… Let’s go. *Escape*

But I feel that I must do it, even if they are vampires… Sorry.

Mission Completed: Prevent the ploy of DBP