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Part 23: True Date


… Just like Rui said… He’s…
Ah, no, it’s nothing! Bye!

I wonder where I can buy that skirt. It matches the color of my cloth.

*Shake head*
… Tsk. She must have gone into some building. Reestablish surveillance for the surrounding. We will search it a few more times.
Yes, sir!

(In the end, we fail to capture Moriizumi Suzu. The mission failed.)

I didn’t expect them to escape our grasp with so many preparations… Don’t fret about it, Kanta. It’s out fault for failing to capture her in the ambush. In fact, we at least captured her underling vampires. With that, we can last a bit longer. Go take a rest. I will contact you again later, good bye.

Mission Completed
Obtained 24000 Yen

(… a mail.)

”Rui posted:

I seem to have the same feeling whenever I send you a mail.

Suzu just told me everything. Although it was a dangerous situation, you helped her out.

My sister’s watchers seem to be taken care of while my friend is safe, I am so happy.

So I want to thank you again, Kanta.

It’s getting frantic on our side here. Have you heard from the Agency? Mother is coming to town.

We are planning to welcome mother and provide counter agent preparation, so me and my uncle’s surveillance is off the table!

Now I can be free… Even though I probably can’t act as I have been now that mother is here. Hmm, yeah.

The Reclusivlization Plan are temporary on hold after the defeat of my sisters, and they seem to be restructuring it… Hopefully they will leave Akiba someday.

But I want to stay with my Moderate friends, even if mother forbids it.

… This is a wonderful city, I don’t want to leave.

Back when we weren’t being watched, I went to play with Suze on the street like normal people. After that… Ahh~wah, this is topic is getting stretched, let’s skip it.

In summary, I want to stay in this city… Will you support me, Kanta?

Hey, let’s meet again. I have a lot of things I want to talk to you, and thank you for all the help you provided. I don’t know when I will be able to meet you again when mother is back in charge… I want to meet you.

Well… How about it?

If you can, please come to the Rooftop.

I would be very happy if you could come.

I will be waiting.

A date!? A real date with Rui!? PRAISE CAINE, father of all vampire!

I decided to go with a gentleman look for the date. A butler suit would be nice, but I don’t have that, so I go with a maid clothing with cute bunny muffler. The dartboard on my back is a constant hint to her that I am the mark.


Seriously, why is everyone picking the front of master’s pink castle as meeting spot?

… Ah.

I figure you might not come due to the current situation, but I still waited… Um. I should have lots to say…
Strange. I can’t recall anything after seeing your face.
Until I remember it, what do you have to say, Kanta?
Ah, it’s hard isn’t it? Then do you have anything you want to ask?

1) Where’s Suzu?
2) Where’s your uncle?
3) Where’s DBP?

Where’s Suzu?
She’s in hiding and recovering from her injury received from the ambush, but we vampires heal pretty fast. Even though she doesn’t have the recovery speed like me and my sister, but it won’t be a problem outsides of sudden death.
I bet she would beg to come if I told her about this meeting. It’s best for her to heal up and we can talk about many things.

Where’s your uncle?
He’s busy. Although his brotherly relation with mother isn’t that bad… But, he is siding with the Moderate faction after all. He is always full of concerns and worries about things. I had a chat with him in the past, and he said he wants to stay in Akiba. The shop might be not popular, but there are a lot of visits from friends and regulars. I don’t think he would give up his current lifestyle… In the end, I am his biggest concern. My mother traveled all over nations to distract the agent and asked my uncle to take care of me.
He said it was because she trusts him, yet I am disobeying my mother with my uncle.
Uncle is a serious person. He’s been somewhat avoiding my mother since he’s betraying her trust. But, he also won’t compromise on his belief… It’s quite troubling for him. I believe that betrayal and going against one’s own belief is two different things.

Where’s DBP?
Why did you suddenly ask me about them?
Well, it’s fine I guess… According to their mails, they are restructuring their plan and reorganizing personnel to achieve a better management system. They both obey mother with absolute loyalty and works very hard for her. They are frantically trying to salvage their plan to maintain a semblance of control over the situation.

1) They are such mothercon.
2) What happen next?

They are such mothercon.
… Monther, con? What’s that?
(Explain the concept of mama’s boy/girl)
Ahhh, I see.Yea, they are definitely, mothercon. It’s their imprinted in personality to seek praise from mother, they will do anything to achieve that.
If I or my brother gets praised, they will stare daggers at us, and cause some troubles for us later…
But I’m already used to it.

Hey, Kanta. Anything you want to ask about me?

1) Nothing really.
2) What’s your relation with the queen?

Nothing really.
… Ehhh.
Hm~ Pay more attention to me…Oh forget it… It’s nothing…

What’s your relation with the queen?
…How should I say it… Mother and daughter, somewhat?
Hmmm~ It’s a bit different from the mother and child relation of human, but I guess it more humane than what my brother have received. You know about our hierarchy, right? Mother on the top formed the central pillar of our society. My sisters are raise by others relatives like uncle the moment they are born. That is our natural instinct, tradition and such …
… It’s scary isn’t it?
They say it would hinder the next child or something…

1) …
2) I see.

I see.
I don’t even know how to react when they explain it to me… Although I heard that they have to keep birthing children to preserve the bloodline, but it’s mostly tradition nowadays… Oh, there’s a few differences… What did uncle told me…Ah, yes. To avoid conflict of siblings? I am the only one that’s raised by my mother personally. This is the requirement to become the successor. Although I am not too clear about the detail, breastmilk have similar component as blood, so I have to be breastfeeded as I grown in order to inherit the queen’s ability… I don’t really get it. At least this part is similar to human. Maybe’s there more? My memory is too hazy, but I think I have a human father… He’s kind and, I am… Not clear… Speaking that him…
Kanta… You look kinda like him.


I am not being friendzoned, am I?

Just kidding. I barely remember anything, so there’s no way I can tell… But, I do have similar feelings when I am with you, maybe I am depending on you…? Hmmm, kinda like that… I guess.
Just a little, a tiny little bit.

1) Where is he now?
2) …

Where is he now?
No idea. Probably living somewhere. He is a normal person, so he’s being normal… Somewhere…? I heard it was because of him that mother began to hate human… Let’s end this topic here.
It’s a rare meeting you with today, so… wanna hangout for a bit? I wrote in the mail that I hanged out with Suzu in Akiba before. Of course, we disguised as human. Even though we gone out to eat or buy supply a lot, we got the chance to have fun… Mother is always with me prior to my arrival of Akiba, so I can’t go out at all. She said it is dangerous to be in contact with human. Anyway, I got some cash from uncle so we can play for a whole day. I picked a discrete place where the agent won’t notice as much.

How about it, Kanta. Will you go with me?

2) Hmm, what to do…

Hmm, what to do…
Hey, come on! I want to go have fun with you!


Right here. Hm? What’s wrong?
I asked someone at the train station is there’s fun place in Akiba and he told me about this place. Although it cost a lot of money, but there’s a lot of fun games here.
Have you been here before, Kanta?

1) Hm.
2) It’s my first time.

This place is fun. If only I know of it sooner… Let’s go in.

Now, let me introduce you to a fun game I played with Suzu before. Right this side… Ah, here it is. I recommend this fighting game call Samurai ★ Kitchen. It’s very fun~ Let’s play.

This looks familiar.

Oh, the game I beta-tested.



Sorry, Rui. I am the better cook.

… Eh?
Guh~, one more time!

We swapped character. I think she’s not used to Musashi.

Man, this game have a lot of hilarious ragdoll flailing that I never noticed.

… Eh?
Guh~, one more time!

Ohhhh, kitty!

Guhh! She’s getting better with each retry, but I still managed to win.

… Eh?
Guh~, one more time!

… I think she’s the never give up type.

So I let her pull off a special to win.

I like this game.

Hehe~ Kanta's so weak.

1) Play
2) Give up

Give up.

Spent 300 yen…

Phew~ Such an awesome battle. Oh, by the way. Are you good at that, Kanta?

1) That is?
2) Doll catcher?

Yes, that. I tried with Suzu before, but we can’t get anything… Hmm… Ah, I like that one. So, I will control and you will tell me the timing to do it. Let’s begin!

Go sideway like this…What next, Kanta!

1) Right here!
2) A little over there
3) Go further

A little over there
Alright, here I go!

… No good.
One more time!
Let’s goooo!
Wahhhh…A little bit to the side… What next, Kanta!
Right here!
… Go, go, keep going…! Good, good… YES!
SUCCESS! WE GOT IT! Was it due to my blood? Or maybe we are just too compatible?
Suzu won’t be much help when she is nervous.
But you and I can catch anything! Let’s play again!

1) O‘ course I will play with you.
2) Save it for next time.

That’s how it should be!
(We played many more time after that, my wallet…)

Spent 3400 Yen…

… How about you tell me something about yourself?

1) Talk about Akihabara Vigilante Corp
2) Talk about sister
3) Talk about the friend you tried to save at the beginning.

Talk about sister
Ehh~ You have that kind of sister. Not in good relations just like me with my sisters.
I feel much closer to you now.

Talk about the friend you tried to save at the beginning.

… Sorry. Your important friend… My brother did such… No, we did such…

Change topic! Change topic!

Talk about Akihabara Vigilante Corp.
Those folks who came for you. I heard about them from Sara, but I don’t really know them that well.
Sounds like an interesting bunch.

I pray to Caine that you never meet them.

… So, umm. Kanta… Can I meet them?


I kinda want to meet them after hearing so much about it. I only meet Sara and Yatabe a few times. Won’t it be better to tell them everything now? The bond of you and me. Maybe it can extend to everyone… This is what I hope.

M-maybe that’s impossible. There will be problems…
… But… You never know how it would turn out, Kanta.
*Troubled and worry*