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Part 24: For Power, or Love?

Ah, Kanta.
Welcome back.

Agency? They aren’t here now.
More like they stopped contacting us after the failed ambush.
The last message they sent was to inform us that the mission is over.
They must be busily preparing for the arrival of the queen.
It have nothing to do it us if something happen, right?
…? What’s wrong, Kanta?
You seem to be troubled. Don’t worry, you can discuss anything with me. We are partner after all.
So… Which adult game are you stuck in?

1) It’s not about adult game.
2) An issue with woman.
3) Will you be fine with that life of yours?

It’s not about adult game.

Hm, alright, Yatabe, he’s all yours. This is not something I can handle.
Is there nothing else in your life?
It’s call specialization.

An issue with woman.
Relax, it is just a matter of applying adult game experience into reality. Do not be troubled, just listen to me.

Will you be fine with that life of yours?
No problem.




That’s the vampire who let Kanta drink her blood… Right?
… Eh, could this be a dreadful situation… ?
I see… This is indeed a big trouble, Kanta.
We have been invaded. Completely… In fact that’s… A relative of the queen?
Uhh, what should I do?
Kanta, what is the meaning of this! Bringing her here at this moment… !
This place is…
… I lost control of myself. My apology. But, Kanta. This is…?
A-are we going to be turned into vampires?
Nooo, I don’t want to become a shut in!
I won’t do that kind of things. Please calm down. What should I do, Kanta?

(Explained everything till this point to everyone including the Sara, Yatabe, and Gon’s actions.)
… So many things happened, even Sara has…
My apology. This isn’t something that should be revealed easily, so I have to take actions in the dark. Also, I don’t want to drag everyone into this.
Hm, I understand Sara’s feeling very well. I also believe that it would only cause troubles if I reveal the incident with the shopkeeper.
Hm. I-I don’t want to interfere with Kanta’s work.
Since everyone has gone that far, it might be best to discuss about it.
Hm, we can share our concerns.
It must be tough doing this alone, Sara?
I managed.
Talk with us about it, and we will do our best to help out.
That... What’s it call? Uh, Modere…
Ah, Yatabe. It’s… The Moderate faction.
Ah, yes. The goal of Moderate faction is to live peacefully in Akiba. As Sara said, there’s not that much of a difference between human and vampire.

… I can’t accept this.
… Nobu.
Hm. Indeed, we are in alliance with NIRO. However, we are definitely not subordinate of the agency. Our main goal is to maintain the peace and productive environment of Akiba, which is the reason this group is formed. The Moderate faction might be vampires, but if there’s a way to resolves our differences, then I find no reason to antagonize them.
That’s not it! I am not talking about this…! Me and… Vampire…

… Nobu.
…He’s right. I should apologize for intruding without permission. My heart must have become dependant of others during the time I spent with Sara, Yatabe, and Kanta. I am an inhuman monster. It’s extremely rude to try and make contact with everyone. Everyone would be in danger of NIRO as well.
… Rui.

Sorry, Kanta. My willfulness have caused you trouble. I will take my leave. Please forget everything that happened today.
*Stand up and shakes head*
I am truly thankful for your kind words, Mr. Yatabe… I am satisfied with just that…
Damn it, that’s not what I meant!
Uh... Nobu, what?
I am saying why am I the only one here that have no relation with vampires!?

… Eh?
Don’t you think so!? Kanta was fed with blood, Sara have ties to Moderate faction, Yatabe is a regular and friend to the coffee shop owner who is a relative of the queen (Also Rui in extension), and Gon saved the super popular idols of Akiba? Why is there no special event for me!?

Did I forgot to plant a flag somewhere…? I have 100% collection rate for all CG in my games… So… Why… ?
Ah! Could it be? Adult reason? Because it ran out of space so my content was cut? Or was my content is bad enough to affect sales so it got erased? Damn it, all sound very plusible!

Kanta, am I an idiot? I can’t seem to understand what he is saying…
Don’t worry about it. He has a bad habit of confusing reality with games.
… Is this normal… For human?
Just treat it as his personality.
… I see. I will do that.
Human are so interesting and diverse, Kanta.
T-then you don’t oppose to this situation, Nobu?
Hm? Oh, of course I don’t. No matter if you are vampire or 3D; I will accept all who loves Akiba.
As Yatabe said, I am a member of Akihabara Vigilante Corps, not NIRO.
… You are, Nobu… Right?
Thank you, Nobu.
…Oh, uh. (What’s this… My heart wavered a little for 3D…)
(Hmph… Me? Impossible.)
(… But, wait…)
I have a question… May I?
Vampire won’t age, right?
No. They are aging at a much slower rate than human. My mother was born before the war, but she still look like 30-40 years old.
… Pre-war… It’s amazing to stay that young after so long.
Then how old are Gon’s idols… Your sisters?
… Nobu, that’s very rude.
Hm, it is…
Age have nothing to do with idol! NOTHING!
Idols grant us dream and hope, it’s a transcended being beyong human existence-
Well, they are vampires.
Either way, age doesn’t exist for idol!
… *Huff huff*
My sisters are after the war…
Af-after the war!? N-n-n-now is also after the war! It’s been after the war since 1945!
Thank you, Rui. It’s fine now. Hm, yes, it’s fine.
It… Is?
… *Huff hurr huff hurr huff*
Yes, it’s fine. Asking about women’s age is rude anyway.
Ah, sorry.
… It is rude. Hey, Kanta… I was being rude.
*Half-shake head*
(After the war… At most they are 60 years old, but managed to maintain a dozen plus years old appearance… This is a big problem to happen in 3D… Alsa, that’s not enough to rival my 2D.)
(Hm. My faith in 2D did not waver.)
Now then… Let’s get into more serious topic.
It’s not a topic that would be difficult to comprehend. Based on the outcome, everyone beside Nobu have some relation with the Moderate faction. In fact, going behind the back of NIRO, Sara and Kanta have direct contact with them.
However, Akihabara Vigilante Corps is currently supporting NIRO. So we as a whole should think well of our position in this.
It’s best to get this straightened out right away.
That’s true.
To start it off, we are comrade who adore the people of Akiba. Which is…
Hm~, I am a bit lost…
What should we do if NIRO demand us to take down Rui now?
… Oh, I get it…
This is a difficult choice. We can’t work both way if we side with the Moderate faction.
NIRO proclaim themselves as vampire hunters who do it for the sake of the nation and humankind… Comparing their belief, the Moderate faction is about the same.
I would prefer diplomatic approach if possible…
I would pretend to agree with them and then surprise them at the last moment to take them down.
… That works too.
In addition, what kind of crime would they place on us for siding with the vampires?
… Waaah.
That’s too simple. They can easily take us out along with the Moderate faction. They seem to be some kind of national organization; it would be bad if they cut my pension…
There’s a lot of possibilities. They might even do other kind of things to pressure us.
Even knowing that, you…
… I will shoulder all responsibility alone if this is reveled. I won’t drag down anything…
Compare to me, Sara’s determination is…
Don’t mind it. I am doing what I think is right.
... Le-let’s not think about this for now...
Yea, I brought a DVD of IT Witch Maria...
Please do not escape reality.
… Yes, ma’am.
This whole incident is very complex, so it’s normal that we can’t make a proper decision.
... Sorry.
It’s fine. You don’t have to apologize. It’s our own problem. Akihabara Vigilante Corps is not formed for profit. Our position at hand, our personal stance on things, and what we want to do… Now is the time to ask yourself that question one more time.

Even though you said that… It’s not an easy thing to do.
You are correct. It sounds cool, but it’s quite hard. Ahaha.
... You three.
… Sorry.
(… Ms. Sara may be maid, but I have more impression of her as the educational type.)
(I get what you mean!)
… Let’s talk about something more concrete.
... Eh?
It’s not much. I have been thinking ever since I realize the coffee shopkeeper is a vampire. I want to save him, but I am helping NIRO. How I should handle it. After a long time of pondering, I got an idea.

… What’s that?

… I see.
H-hold it. What are you saying, Yatabe!
Y-yea. This is the place we always hang out…
Hm, yes. It’s such a waste. But when you think about it, we only proclaim ourselves as the peacekeeper of Akiba, but we are merely a few people who love Akiba. We gathered without plan or reason, meeting together in this warm organization. No one would mind if we are gone… NIRO probably will force us to sign some confidential agreement, but that shouldn’t be a problem. After we are dissolved… We are free to help Moderate faction or NIRO. It’s all up to you.
T-that may be so, but... But…
It’s just a matter of time before the agency suspects us. Since they already know of our background and headquarter, they could use any of us to lure Rui out. However, if I pretend to dissolved naturally, they will lose interest in us.
… Is that the only way?
Everyone… Please continue Akihabara Vigilante Corps...
I finally understood how much troubles I have caused… For once in my life, I truly understood.

I don’t want to ruin everyone’s relation just so you can help me.

After all, this is our own problem....
A problem between vampire and the agency. It’s not something you all should concern over. It’s wrong of me to rely on Ms. Sara and everyone. I finally comprehended that fact. So… Please… Stay with each other like always…

I will… Do something with my own strength…Ms. Sara and Kanta, thank you for all the care you two have given me, I… It’s enough…
Wait, Rui.
I believe that I could coexist with Kanta’s friend. That’s why I came here with such a childish whim, but I don’t want to trouble everyone…
You shouldn’t concern yourself with our dissolvent.
No… This isn’t right. A bond that’s not form from blood is a precious and beautiful thing.
It shouldn’t be severed because of my reason. I would never be able to live through it…
Speaking of it, that’s the very reason you saved Kanta. All because he charged into danger for his friend…
… Yes. Vampire have absolute obedience to their bloodline, but human is not. Kanta’s action is his own…
I think that kind of character is kinda likable, and I think it’s great to have such quality; in fact I would like to have it too… Ah, uh, right! What is the word…
… Ah.
… Admiration… Yes, that’s it.
I am a vampire… The successor to the queen. I was born with comrades of unearned loyalty, and being hated by my sister… That’s the only relationship I have. After that… How to say it… I envy human’s uniqueness… Always…
Sorry, Kanta… I am a bit confounded. I don’t know what to say. But, I will absolutely not allow everyone’s relationship to be ruined because of me. So…!

…Hm. After hearing all that, what is your thought, Nobu and Gon?
Hm, let’s dissolve it.
Really now.
How can I not help a girl who said all that?
… Hm.
Ms. Sara, Kanta, do you both agree?
I do.
Now that we have full consensus. It’s time to let Akihabara Vigilante Corps dissolve.
H-hold it! Th-this…
Relax Rui. The bond between people is not tie to place or name. Even if we can’t be together anymore, that bond will not be cut off.

It’s just a bit troublesome to not have a gathering place. It’s so much easier to leave my gears here before going to an activity.
We did ended up stacking a lot of stuff here.
… Stuff that consciously brought over is a lot too.
… What’s that?
… N-nothing.
Pl-please wait! I…
It’s alright. It’s just going to those rare few external meeting at the beginning.
We can still meet Ms. Sara and Yatabe at their own store.
It’s more accurate to say that Akihabara itself is our place of gathering. When people come here, something joyful can occur, or meeting someone you know...
Yes, yes.
To us, Akihabara is that kind of place. Kanta should feel the same too.

… Yatabe, you have been smile for awhile.
Hm? Am I?
… Are you hiding something?
… Hm, you can tell?
I am a maid. Reading people’s face is my specialty.
Can’t be helped. I will tell you all now. The truth is… I have found a second secret base as our backup.
I am not the manager for nothing. It’s a good location.
Heh~, Yatabe, I didn’t know you had it in you.
I even thought about how bad your shop might be operating… I see.
Someone else take cares of my shop when I am here.
B-but wasn’t the Akihabara Vigilante Corps going to be dissolved…?
That is true.
… I see. That’s a cruel trick you are playing on us, Yatabe.
It’s not~ I wanted to say this, but Rui got so nervous that I don’t have the chance to say it.
That’s… What’s going on… ?
As I said, the Corp will dissolves, but we will reform it elsewhere.
Ohhh~, just like a shady corporate maneuver. It’s not bad when we do it though.
In other word, we are simply moving house while cutting our ties with NIRO. We will think about what to do after the move.
Such a shame after all the decorations.
… You really intend to turn this place in a café?
It’s my dream to fill the street with Maid Café.
… That’s not a dream. It’s ambition.
A maid invasion of Akiba… What kind of adult game it could be.
Anyway, is it fine for Gon to support the Moderate faction?
Pretty sure those twins aren’t in the Moderate faction.
… AH.
Rui, can’t you let them in… ?
I don’t think that’s plausible… They are absolutely loyal to mother. You would have to sway my mother for that to happen.
…It would be bad to help them, yeah?
Hm, not just say. It would be tough for us to operate together. Their Reclusivelization place took away the energy of the street and severing the ties of people with society. It must be horrible for the victim…
…Hmm, I will think about it later.
…Really now.

We have decided on our current goal. That’s how it is, Rui. We hope to work you with more in the future.
Y-yes. I am honored...
I will be in your care! Suzu and uncle will be trilled.
… It’s great that Kanta have brought me here.
I didn’t expect to turn out like this… I just wanted to have a nice chat with everyone… All because of my silly bullheadedness…
No, it’s wishful thinking of me to want to live in peace in Akiba…
That’s fine. Akiba accept all kinds of willfulness, which is why that it can grow as it is.
… You could call it The Urges.
... Ahahaha.
Is that an email, Kanta, Rui?

It couldn’t be… Mother has already arrived?
(… A mail from Midoh.)
Even Kanta got called by the agency?
I was called by my sisters.
What!? WHAAAAT!?
Calm down, Gon.
In that case, we will begin on the moving. You two be careful.
Take care.
Yes! We will chat again later.
Please tell me about DBP later…
Sure. Let’s go, Kanta.

Kanta. Thanks a lot for today.

1) What’s wrong?
2) What’s with you all of the sudden?

What’s with you all of the sudden?
I asked you to come and you do. I asked you to bring me to your friends and you do. Thanks for going along with my willfulness. I never expected it to turn out like this…
It’s like a dream.
When everyone laughed, my heart feel the tingle, my whole body feel it too. It’s an unbelievable feeling, so happy… So joyful.
It would be great if time can stop at these moment.
If… Only if. We can live in Akiba as Moderate faction, would we be able to feel like this everyday?

1) Of course
2) Maybe not everyday
3) Who knows

… You think so?
Then I will work extra hard for it.
Hey, Kanta. Can I… Become friend with everyone… ?
If I am in danger, would you… Come to my rescue?

1) Of course
2) I will try hard
3) Unfortunately

Thanks, Kanta.
I will save you too if you are in danger.
I will take that path… goodbye.

”Midoh” posted:

It has surpassed my expectation. The queen walks on bright daylight into the city. All agents are deployed to search for her and I fear her destination is Akihabara.

I need to meet up with you to hand you your next assignment. We will be there at the front of Akiba Train Station.

Please contact us if you discover the queen.

Maybe it’s due to the appearance of the queen, all vampires in Akiba are becoming very active, so you should be prepared. Take care.

Maid costume are pretty tough, so I should be fine with this getup.

I don’t think I will be taking off this bunny muffler for a long time.

We don’t have much time, so I will keep it simple. The queen really is coming to Akiba and Mr. Sejuma and his elite agents is goin-AH!

It’s exactly at a time like this that this would happen.
Kanta, cover me! This man might be a relative of the queen… Mobilize everyone! It would be bad if the queen is here now…
It’s alright, me and you can win this! Don’t be afraid!

Mr. Sejima…?
… Follow me, Midoh, Kanta. We don’t have time to deal with the goons.
… Eh? But, we can’t… Ah, could it be… You mean…
… This person…
… He’s vampirizing.
Come, Midoh.

Kanta. My mother is here. In Akiba.
Thanks to that, we are just unworthy enemy to his eyes.
It would be different if Rui’s secret is revealed though.
Ah... S-sorry.
... Oh? It seem there’s more agents than those two here. They tried to hide their presence, but I can tell there’s many here.
… Eh!?
Relax, they all have their eyes on the train station entrance. None of them care about us… Both sides don’t want to start a large fight on broad daylight after all… Suzu.
Just in case, we will establish an escape route for us… Will you be fine, Rui?
I will be careful.
*Nod secretly to you* You too. Beware of the situation… Let’s go Suzu.

1) (Nod secretly)
2) … But I am an agent.

*Nod and left*

… Dog!? Are you looking down on us, you monster!

Yes… And we didn’t change much.
Nothing compare to you.
You’re still taking my underling’s blood to stop your aging.
How could I stop it. Taking it too much could vampirize me permanently.
Is that so. I thought you would had converted by now.

How many years ago did I first met you… I can’t even recall it. You were still working in the Information Bureau, or the second section of the United Control Group?
Doesn’t matter. They are all the same. It’s just different title on the document. We certainly go a long way.

You are right, and I am getting a bit tired of it. Is that why you brought this big cerebration party with you?
… Eh?
They hid their presence, but we are surrounded by a lot of people. Probably everyone who’s tailing mom is already here…
I-I knew that!
Don’t point me out in front of mother, it’s embarrassing….
Just be more careful next time, understood?
… Hm.
… Who are they? Your new daughters?
Those two are… Idols in Akiba…!? How could that be! We saw their poster everyday, but we never realized it… ?
… Eh? We weren’t… Exposed?
… Strange. NIRO should have known about it…
Could it be… ? That person wasn’t an agent of NIRO…?
… ?
… Now then, what do you plan to do? Start a riot here? I will have you know that I also have a lot of experienced fighters positioned here. You want to unveil the secret of our kind to the world?
None of us want that. In the meantime, how about a few questions?
… Sure, keep it short.
Mom, let us handl-
No need. Step down for now.
You knew we were chasing after you day and night. Knowing that, why risk yourself to get here in broad daylight at Akiba? You can’t be here just for sightseeing, right?
I am here for my daughters. Do you human have similar feelings too? The love of a parent?
You’re just a monster, why bother faking emotion.
… She is pissing me off.
Hm, we will get rid of her next.
… Question two. What’s the point of letting your daughters enacting whatever ridiculous plan in Akiba? You should have stayed in the dark like you used to and fear our hunters till your death. In fact, you are making yourself a bait… Why? I can’t comprehend it.
Ridiculous… !? Don’t you dare mock my mother’s plan! Mother created it for the future of all vampires!

… Hmph. You plan to capture my kind and pry it from them anyway. I won’t bother answering you of that.
Although we crossed path many times, but it’s rare for us to have the chance to chat, so I don’t really understands you that much.
We aren’t the chatty type, that’s for sure.
Although … However, I do heard that you are a smart woman. A person like you who have a long lifespan would not risk herself without reason… There must be a good reason for it, correct?
… !
Hm? Who know. Are you done? I am grateful for the welcoming party, but I don’t have time to play with you.
… I agree. But one last question. Who will be your successor? Is it one of those two?
… !?

… That’s right. Any problem with that?
… Is that so. .. Is that so… No, it’s nothing. I’m just thinking that I have finally found it. So it was you two. I finally found it…
That’s not true!


Ah yes. There’s also one more.
Tsk! I failed!
Yuu, what are you doing! Don’t take independent action!
Mom would be happy if I kill him right!?
Mom, sis, we should join in too!
…Hold it. If we take action now, everyone here will do the same. I don’t want that to happen.
… But!
Mana, listen to mom.
… Yes.
You said that’s not true, so that mean those two aren’t the successor. Who is it? Who is the next queen? Tell me!
Yuu, shut your mouth and stand back.
No way! This guy gonna be death anyway, so let me reveal it to him!

Stupid child…
… It’s you. So it is you. The name is… Fumidzuki Rui, correct?

I get it now. To fool us all, you put her under the radar and even changed your command structure. You plan it all the way down to the capture of your underlings. I am appalled.
The change in command structure is not to hide the truth. Mother gave it to us because we are better at it.
Yeah! That girl is useless so we have to do everything!

… Is that so.
Where are you looking at!? Your opponent is m-

…D-dammit, so strong.
… Foolish child.
Kanta, what are you standing there for? Hurry and capture Fumidzuki Rui… Do not kill her. You won’t be alive for long if you do.
You plan to fight now!?
Doesn’t matter. As long as I can capture the queen and her successor… I won’t care for how big this get.
Kanta, focus on capturing her. I will handle this side… What’s wrong, kanta?
… Hmph. Kanta is it? I must thank you for all the time you helped Rui.
I knew you done a lot of things for Rui. Even though it is dangerous, you protected her numerous time, and even discussed lots of thing with her. I have to thank you as a mother.
… WHAT… !? Cursed, what is the meaning this!?
… How did you know…
You have a very caring brother, yes?
C-could it be… !?
It’s mother’s order. She told me to watch you two for any suspicious activities.
H-how did you manage to do it!?
It’s pretty easy to get surveillance equipment in Akiba. The job becomes quite easy using those.
… You creep.
I have no interest of eavesdropping. All records were send directly to mom.
I am just being caring mother.
My times with Kanta… Those times that belongs to us…
… What do you plan to do, Kanta? The price of betray is very steep… However, if you will capture that girl now, I will forget about it and treat it as a whim of foolishness. It’s not too late.
It’s better not to believe him. This man will do terrible things to achieve his goal. He treats his fellow human as trash, who knows what he will do to traitor. Join us, Kanta.
H-he’s the guy who beat us!?
I know. It’s unthinkable for you two to get caught in a difficult fight.
… Guh.
I am not blaming you two. Everyone is fine, so don’t worry about the trivial details.
… If mom say so.
Now, Kanta. Unlike human, we are generous and fair. Come, with Rui, to us. Become an official vampire, become one of us. Rui too, come over.
M-mother! I rather live peacefully in this street than do the things you do…!
Now is not the time to be a willful thinking. The Moderate faction of yours only have a few members, it will never achieve independence…
I-it’s not willful…
Now that your status as the successor has been revealed, NIRO will bite at you like a mad dog… You think you can survive that your forces?
...Kanta, what should... I do?
Come, Kanta.

A) For your sake, let’s go to the queen’s side.
B) … I will protect you. So…!

Final faction choice in this route. Join the Vampire or stay in Moderate faction. Can we go against both NIRO and the Vampire?