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Part 25: I Will Protect That Smile

1) Let’s live in Akiba together!
2) Your willfulness, I will fulfill all of it!
3) … Oh no, I can’t think of a good line…

Your willfulness, I will fulfill all of it!
… R-really?
Is that really fine… ?

… Kanta.

Waifu get!

For once, I agree with you.
There’s no hope for them.

Team five’s Kanta has betrayed us! Capture the successor and get rid of the trashes! How long are you going to sleep, Midoh!? Wake up! You have a job to do!
Four units to eliminate Kanta and bring back Rui! Everyone else engage NIRO’s forces! Sera, Mana, and Yuu covers me!

Mission: Escape with Rui

An all out war has begun, get the hell out!

Agents surrounded us.

I make sure they know I am their mark because…

It’s the time to protect my Waifu.

They are vampirizing…! I won’t lose. Absolutely not.

Hey, you two see this dart board? I am the target! Come at me!

Hey, the third agent there, see this dart board? Yeah, I am your target.

Okay, now that I got all of your attention. I just want to say all your hair style is so 90s and ugly.

But don’t worry; I can fix them with this dart board!

It just needs a little flattening.

Sorry, I was wrong. They are ugly no matter how you fix it.

Guh! You don’t have to kick through my stomach for disagreeing with me!

Please accept the fact that your unisex hairstyle is shit.

Meanwhile, Rui is trying hard to strips these super stretchy uniforms! That's what you call Military Grade.

Ugh! They punched so hard that my uniform exploded!

I must persevere!


Finally got them all…
(One of them died with a smile though.)
How did you change back so fast? Wasn’t that clothing torn to pieces?
A maid’s secret~♥

Be careful, Kanta. These guys are strong. They are well-trained battle specialist from the bottom rank.

I agree. They have an extra layer of defense with their helmet and I can’t insult their hairstyle.

I need to find other ways to insult them and become their main target.

I knock them into those boob board thing and call them names.

They got stuck for a while because their helmet is too big.

I will be strong for Rui, no matter how outnumbered I am!

She got my back and will catch me when I fall.

It’s fine that she don’t always succeed.

I will protect her no matter how many time I regenerates my spine.

Juuuust give me three more seconds to regenerate that spine.


More vampire shows up. This place is starting to smell like ash.

At this rate…


Leave this to us!

Ya-Yatabe ? Why!?
Hurry up!

US! Run, Rui, Kanta!

1) It’s alright, leave it to me!
2) We need to escape for now!
3) Everyone~

It’s alright, leave it to me!
Relax. You should know that Akiba is a complex labyrinth, right? This place is just like our own home, right, Kanta?

1) It’s easy to shake off outsiders.
2) Uhh… Probably…

It’s easy to shake off outsiders.

Hm, I trust you, Kanta.

Uhh… Probably…
We passed through this street almost everyday, it should be fine. Believe in yourself. Remember the path we use in our patrol, and calmly imagine the mental map in your head.
… I-is that really fine? Kanta?

… Huh?
Calm down, Kanta! Do not panic! You aren’t serious… Right?

Compare to that, I have a much better place in mind.

We need to escape for now!
B-but! They will catch up to us if we run in random directions.
I would rather stay…
Kanta is right; even you two can’t handle all these foes. It’s better for them to shave off each other’s strength while we escape.
Let them fight each other… If mother and NIRO fought…


1) … I just want to say it.
2) Let’s go, to everyone at Vigilante Corp!

… I just want to say it.
Hold it, Kanta!
Kanta is calm no matter what happened. It’s time like that you need to stay calm… But it’s harder than it seem.
… Oh.
I-I see…

Let’s go, to everyone at Vigilante Corp!
Eh!? But, that’s…
Yes. We agreed to support the Moderate Faction after all.
Kanta, Yatabe…

Kanta, go to this place on the note.
This is…
Our new secret base. Everyone is there already.
I will escape from another direction, hopefully to draw some of them away. We will meet up later. Now, go!
Y-yes, sir!

We managed to escape.