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Part 26: The Monster Who knows Love

I got so much exp from last fight that my Bunny Earmuff and Maid uniform are upgraded into Rabbit Maid!

Someone is here.

Who is the voice actress of Maria in IT Witch Maria?

1) Kawamori Sachiko
2) Shintani Mitsuko
3) Ito Kouriko

We get a figurine from Nobu if we get all three questions right, but I already got one three. Admire, usage, and original package.

Kawamori Sachiko.

Kanta would know this by heart! He’s a fellow enthusiast of the author’s work who can talk all night long about it with me! There’s no way he can’t answer such a simple question!
Nobu. Can we not do this now?
What are you saying! This is the best way to identify the enemy while improving our bond…
*Walks to open the door*
… Ah.

Well, let’s assume that is an educational experience…

AH, we forgot to lock the door!
… Eh? Ah, i-is something wrong?
No, there’s no issue at all… How it does?
The Binocular in backpack isn’t there for show.
… What’s going on… ?
We were contacted by the shopkeeper after you two left. He said the current situation could get disastrous, and I have to take care of you two if something happen.
After that, Yatabe double up our efforts to moving the base. I and Sara brought all the essential items to this secret base and clean it up nicely to welcome you two while Yatabe rushes to inform you two of the new location.
Meanwhile, I went to investigate the situation at Akiba… I think that’s what you call Scouting? I did that. Anyway, I took pictures of all the related people, hopefully it would be useful?
Great job.

Ah, uh, excuse us… ?
Uncle! Suzu!
I am glad you two are fine!
Yes, everyone is safe.
Oh dear, I am surprised this body can still handle endurance run. Oh, everyone, please turn off your phone just in case.
S-so professional. This is exciting. Hehe.
It sure have gotten rowdier.
Welcome back, everyone.

… Starting from Kanta and Rui.
(Explained everything happened before the showdown in front of the train station.)
… I see, NIRO isn’t the kind of organization I have in mind.
… Next up, Gon. How’s your investigation at the roof top of the skyscapper?
For now, it seem both NIRO and Vampires are backing off to avoid getting more attention. It could be due to the successful escape of Kanta and Ms. Fumidzuki …?
You can call me Rui…. Umm… Gon.
Ah, hm. I understand, R-rui.
According to additional information from Nobu, both sides have deployed large amount of forces into Akiba.
Hm? Wasn’t you support to keep watch of the base… ?
My students provided me the informations, so I have some level of understanding of the situation.
… Wah, my contribution lessened…
Relax, Gon. I basically did nothing at all.
In a sense, it’s just like our old Corp. Ahaha.
It does have the same feeling of companionship with Yatabe.
… Is it really fine with side with them?
That’s rude, Suzu.
… Shall we continue? Both factions might have held back their daggers, but their goons are patrolling every corner of street, which resulted with multiple minor skirmishes when both side crashes. None of them have any intention of leaving Akiba, so the atmosphere is quite volatile.
Additionally, the internet is on fire. Since there’s no action taken by the local police, it has attracted a large amount of gossiper.
NIRO does seem to have control of the local authority.
But for how long? Even if they have control of the police, it is just a matter of time before the media catches up. Both side are surely wanting to end this conflict as soon as possible. They might do something big tonight or tomorrow morning.
Overall, we got ourselves a little time.
But we don’t have a solution yet. Last man standing?
There’s too many unknown factors. Let’s figure out the motivation of both factions.

1) The goal of Vampire?
2) NIRO’s goal?
3) (Too much effort, pretend to listen)

The goal of Vampire?
That… I haven’t heard of the reason for my mother’s visit to Akiba.
Let me elucidate… My sister- the queen’s goal is you, Rui. Have you told them about yourself?
… Not yet. Only about the Moderate Faction.
Then we will start from there.
Eh? Can we really say it? We tried so hard to keep it a secret…
With Yatabe as the leader, everyone here is our comrade.
… Yes.
(Rui explained herself hidden identity as the successor, her inexperience, her relation with DBP, and her sabotaging involvement as the leader.)
That mean she is a princess… What kind of adult game is this for Kanta to meet someone so special…
In other word, Rui’s mother do not intent to give up Rui as successor… ?
That seem to be the case. Our blood relative doesn’t have the similar closeness like human do except for the successor. We treat the other children like the next ranked underling of the organization…
Does that mean the queen is here to get back her disobedient daughter who got corrupted by Akiba?
I feel like I was made fun of.
However, that isn’t an incorrect thought.
Rei (The queen) have an antagonistic view on human. She would never accept Rui walking alongside human on the same street.
Mother always said human isn’t like us, and they will betray us… So stay away from them. Do not become interested in them. That’s what we were told… Always this kind of warning… I hated it.
…Lot of things happened… For them, and for us.

NIRO’s goal?
Base on the conversation at the train station, they want both the queen and Rui. Certainly not for the nation or humanity.
Speaking of that, who exactly are they? I only know they aren’t really friend of justice.
I heard they change their name and identity after the war to relentlessly chases after us.
Their goal is the queen, but we don’t know what they intend to do to the queen after that…
Moreover, after the aggressive enactment of the Reclusivelization plan, they changed their name to NIRO, but the leader of the organization has always been that man.
My guess is they changes their operation model to adopt to our action. Since the beginning, they will pursue, capture, and sometime even use real weapon on us. That is the kind of operation that doesn’t care about victimizing regular bystander. I can conclude their speech about doing for the nation and humanity as a deceitful lie. It might even have nothing to do with the Reclusivelzation plan.
… What do you mean?
No, see, isn’t the person who teaches Kanta the stripping techniques in Akiba? Wasn’t because of her that NIRO have a practical chance to fight the vampires?
… An interesting thought. Indeed, we focus on mobility, and it’s rare for the queen to stay at one place for long. If they were to find a practical way to fight us…
I see… Another question is where they get their funding from? It has to cost a lot to maintain such long term campaign…
It might be rude of me to say this, but is there any possible benefits for capturing Rui and her mother?
… Ta-that…
W-what are you saying! Rui is super attractive! The ladies would prostrate towards her beauty and men would start acting like wild child! That is something money can’t buy-
Enough, Suzu. That’s very… Embarrassing.
Oh, s-sorry!
… Geez.

So both side wants Rui.
Aside from the Vampire side, why does NIRO wants to capture Rui too?
For now, we should think about our next action. We can’t hide here forever.
… I am sorry for causing all these troubles…

1) It’s nothing.
2) Don’t worry about it
3) Pay us back later… You understand?

Pay us back later… You understand?
… Pay back? Money?

1) No
2) Yes

…? Anything is fine. As long as it’s something I can do. Kanta, Yatabe, Gon, Nubu, and even Sara…
(T-th-that mean I can be with DBP Twin… M-m-m-m-m-m-maybe… !?)
(Gah, be still, my heart, don’t think naughty thoughts! I am a man of 2D world… I have given up the world of 3D long ago…!)
… Rui, that… Um. Please calm down and don’t make any inappropriate promises.

A three-way battle with us having the weakest forces.
We can’t call it a force even with my students…
If there’s a machine that let my imagination become reality…
… Nobu.
… Sorry.
Things might settle down if we wait…
Unlikely. Looking at NIRO’s viewpoint, the queen and successor is in the same street… And the Vampire sees the full forces of their eternal enemy gathered in one place. This is surely a battle that could end it all from both perspective.
… S-sorry.
However, waiting for them to weaken each other might be ideal…
Wait for the right chance to strike…
But, what would Akiba be like after their rampage?
… !
Even if they don’t use guns, this place isn’t a village or a grassland. There are building and people everywhere that will be caught in the collision of their battles…
Hmm, it is troublesome… This isn’t something we can ignore…
Would it get degrades into a worst place than an infamous place for being ridiculed by society…?
… This is a bleak prospect. Maybe we should give up Akiba and escape elsewhere.
That’s a possibility. But let’s keep it as the last resort.

! …No way…
Local and tourist are caught into their fight. More people on the internet are demanding to know what is going on in Akiba and many have suggested escaping to Ikebukuro.
Anyone who comes here will become victim…
This is from small scale skirmish. A full scale riot would be unimaginable…
NIRO have control of the police, and maybe even the media, but they can’t control the whole internet. A full scale battle would be disastrous…
We must think of something to reduce the casualties.
The problem is how to deal with these folks on the internet. Maybe we should tell them the truth and tell them not to investigate.
That would be-

… Sorry. It’s because of us… Because of me…
…No, this isn’t a problem of yours alone anymore.
But, if I never thought of living in this street, it would never had turn out like this.
It’s just a matter of time before NIRO start a full scale fight with the Vampire somewhere…
If I never fallen in love with this street… No one would be caught in it!
Because I loved it, that’s why I should leave… I finally understand it.

I bring misfortune to this place. No one would be hurt if I wasn’t here… I always thought I am just not a human. The difference is just race…

However, there is a big difference… A very, very high wall stands between us…

What should I do… I caused such irreparable thing to the people of Akiba… sorry. I am an idiot who have such a childish and willful thought of coexistence…
Don’t blame yourself. Go have a rest, you must be tired.
It’s alright, the situation will surely improve when you woke up. Come, rest over here.

1) I have a plan.
2) How about we discuss this with ‘everyone’?

I have a plan.
… Hm. I see… Trying our luck… But, this sound interesting! That’s how it should go for this street. Alright, I will call Yatabe. Let’s hide it from Rui for now… This is something we should do.

How about we discuss this with ‘everyone’?

INTERESTING! Let’s do it!
Let’s hide it from Rui for now… This is something we should do.

Mine is still awaiting for reply.
Nobu, how’s your side?
Hmm~ It’s a bit hard. Most of it resulted in being denounced as rumor or lies and the conversation ceased… Oh, they asked for evidence.
Evidence… Oh! I have lots of pictures!
Oh, excellently done, Gon!
This might… Become possible.
The problem is, will you believe it?
It is… Quite unbelievable. We aren’t being trusted.
I would be great if we could let them hear Rui’s words.
They certainly would be more incline to believe us if we have that… But, that’s…
… But we do.
As a first class maid, recording master’s word is obvious.
Haha, Sara really will do anything, we are saved. Compare to text and pictures, what Rui just said would surely reaches them… !
Should I call it amazing... Or scary?
… Things that a first class maid must do… Or maybe not… I do think it could become useful … No, I have no excuse… Sorry. I overdid it.
Hahaha, that’s the first time I see the troubled face of Sara.
Ahaha. It’s good when we can use it.
S-so, no matter what… This should become interesting.
Yes. All we can do now is to believe.
It will be fine.
… Hm, yes.


… Suzu, uncle… Everyone from Akihabara Vigilante Corp, and… Kanta. Thank you all for everything… I must go.
Maybe it won’t change anything…
But it’s better than not doing anything.
… Good bye, everyone.

… Ah, you woke up…

1) … Where are you going?
2) It’s dangerous outside.
3) Hold on, my dearest.

… Where are you going?
… To my mother’s side.
If you must go… Then we will accompany you.

The people you meet might not be friendly
There will be a fight if you are discovered.
NIRO might go all out too.
We won’t stop you if you must go, but we will come with you. The chance of success would be higher too.
… Is that so. I would still cause trouble for Akiba… What a fool I am. I really can’t do anything.

1) (Hold her tightly)
2) (Slap her)

Hold on, my dearest.
… What does that mean?
… I am going back to my mother. If possible, to stop the war that is starting in Akiba. It might be hard, but I want to try it.

1) (Hold her tightly)
2) (Slap her)

Eh, ah, hold it, Kanta!
…Ah, that…

(… Woah, oh no…?)
(…There’s no way we can intrude them…)
(… W-we will pretend to be asleep…)
(Can’t be helped.)
What should I do? I love Akiba. It have so much colorful things and always crowded. Everyday is like holiday… The game center I played with Kanta, the alley we first met… Everything is very important, and beloved… I love Kanta, the Vigilante Corp, and everyone on this street... To be able to accept monster like us…
But they are harmed because of me. If I never formed the Moderate faction… If I never fallen in love of this place… Everything would have been fine…
(… Nobu!)
(Yeah, I am here!) … Don’t say that.

Yea, a being who can’t love is the real monster.
You like it here, that’s good.
Yatabe said it before. Akibahara can accept any kind of willfulness… And realize it.
O-our hobby is just like that.
That feeling of joy you have… No, it’s because you like it.
…But… This isn’t a wish that can be forgiven!
Just the fact of me staying here has caused so many…
So what… There’s plenty of unforgivable wishes all over this place.
For example, The forbidden loli…
Nobuuuu, don’t say iiiiit! That would be disastrous from all stand point!
I-is it? I thought it would be a good example.
… Ah!

A raid!?
No, that’s not it.

Shintani Mitsuko, although she is just 23, but she have a great talent for acting and a natural healing voice. It’s a voice that attracted international fans. She graduated from the voice actress school and shall become the savior of the voice acting world!

… And, where’s her birth place?
Aomori Prefecture. To become a voice actress, she endured a tough journey to pursue her dream. Her life is parallel to Normal Maria’s situation, so she is the perfect VA for that character!
… PERFECT, my comrade!

… !?
… This is…
Eh, That’s… This…
This is Kanta’s suggestion… How could we exclude them when something big is happening in this street?
A-actually, this isn’t something we can do it by ourselves, but with this…
… Kanta…
Finally, everyone have arrived.
We have heard everything!
… Actually we just don’t have the courage to walk in.
Don’t say that out loud!
Welcome back, every master and mistress who loves Akiba.
… What is going on…?