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Part 28: This Means War

1) What should I do?
2) How’s the situation?
3) Where is everyone?

Where is everyone?
Everyone hurried to various location of Akiba to engages with NIRO and Vampire for the fate of this city, however, we don’t have a lot of battle capable units, and the enemies are all professional… So, we will depend on you to be their support.

How’s the situation?
The situation is bad… Our members are stuck in a difficult battle, please go help them.

What should I do?
For now, go alleviate the tough battle at The Park.

The fate of the city now rest in my hands!

It’s time. A time for the rise of heroes!

And there’s one sheriff in town to save the day!


Your days of fear are over, my dear citizens!









Peace has returned to this park. What do you think, Baba?

Coo Coo.

Yes. Very coo.

What should I do?
Go alleviate the tough battle at the Backstreet.

The Backstreet. An alleyway between crime and law. A place of lawlessness.

This call for a hero who takes on a tougher stance of justice.

A dark hero who is known for its brutality and bestiality.

The lone bear who gave up its life in the forest, Bear Boxer.

It joined the city in search for martial justice against those who creates forest fire.

It sealed his powerful claw in exchange for the martial art that surpassed all expectation.

Along with his sidekick, Catgirl, they are an unstoppable duo of bestial justice.

Bear Boxer leave no casualty. They all turn to dust from his powerful blows.

Repent for your forest destructing behavior.

Suffer the same fate as those trees that turned to ash.


Unfortunately, I ran out of hero costume in my wardrobe, so I beat up everyone in the five other areas as The Bear with a frying pan instead.

I got a message right after the last foe is down. It’s hard to use my paw to slide the screen…

”Note posted:

Topic: To the last battle
Priority: A

To protect Akiba, go with Rui to the Queen. She resides in some skyscapper near UD+ that can be accessed from the skywalk at UD+.

Rui, it’s me.

… Let’s go, Kanta.

… Miss Rui. So you managed to slip past NIRO to get here.

Actually, I wiped out every single one of them to get here. You two might be the last goon in town.

… I want to have a talk with my mother. Let me pass.
Who’s he?
He’s… How should I say it?

1) Companion
2) Lover
3) First kisser

… Hm, indeed. A companion who shares the same ideal and goal. Let him pass too.

… Eh?
B-but if I explain told my mother and sisters…

1) … You can’t accept it?
2) Then call me stranger.
3) Come on, we kissed.

… You can’t accept it?
It’s not unacceptable…
I just… Don’t have the courage… Are you fine with everyone else knowing it too?

… I-in that case… I… Won’t mind it either… Is that fine?

I will really say it out. This is going straight to my mother.

… Okay. Then…

Then call me stranger.
It’s not like that…
Oh, fine, I get it.
You really like to mess with people in a weird direction. *Turn to guards*
He is my lover… Self-proclaimed.
! *Sad bear*

Come on, we kissed.
That was for saving you! I told you that…
Enough. . *Turn to guards*
He is my… Whatever is fine. Let us pass.

First Kisser.
… Yes, he’s right…
This feel like it would turn into a misunderstanding... Oh well, not time to worry about it. *Turn to guards*
He is my first kiss, so, uhh… You should understand.

… He’s the human who gotten blood from Miss Rui.
Since you understand-
Sorry, I can’t you pass.
Eh? Why?
This is Miss Sena and Miss Mana’s order… We cannot let you meet with the Queen no matter what.
… My sister.
They call you a traitor and say some mean things in front of the Queen.
… Huh?
Additionally, human who took our blood to become a fake are dangerous. So we won’t let you two get near the Queen.

Even though you are a traitor, miss Rui is still the successor. So we don’t want to fight you. If you two would leave. We will pretend to never have this conversation… How about it?

1) Force through.
2) Retreat.

Everyone is doing their best fighting everywhere, we don’t have time to hesitate… We must do something now. Sorry, Kanta, but we have to force our way in.
… Move aside.
… How unfortunate. Miss Rui will have to die here today.
… Don’t look down on us. I am a member of the Vampire and I have received combat training.
… Then, here I come.
Let’s go, Kanta!

… Brother.
… Hmph, what an eyesore. Go ahead if you want to talk with ma’, I have something to talk with this guy.
But, sir, miss Sena and miss Mana’s order shouldn’t be ignored…
Ah, what a pain! Don’t be willful like those mothercons! I always hated your naivety like those human. This is my order: Let Rui go in.
How persistent are you? Rui learn her tricks from mother and uncle themselves. She is way stronger than you. You think you have a chance going against her and that guy? He’s the one who beaten my sisters… And me.

… Go, Rui. Don’t get in my way.
… Will you be fine, Kanta?
We don’t have much time, but, if I leave you here with my brother…

1) (Nod)
2) I will catch up to you.

… hm, this might be the only way. Please be safe, Kanta.

1) … Is your sister that important to you?
2) Why do you keep pestering me?
3) I don’t have time for this. I will defeat you and go after Rui.

… Is your sister that important to you?
What? You never heard from Rui before? We aren’t like human. There’s no feeling of family. My sisters are all weirdo, and they gross me out. I only let her go because she is in the way. She might end up killing mother.
She should have thought about it by now. Either way, only she is qualified to be the next queen. Me and my sisters might not obey, but non-related members will listen to her absolute order.
N-no way… We must hurry to the queen!
Don’t worry, it’s still too early for Rui to become ma’s opponent. Ironically, these two panicking fools would really follow the new queen’s order if she managed to kill mother. Isn’t it interesting? Vampire is this kind of creature. Alright, enough said… Let’s begin.

Why do you keep pestering me?
It just happens to be ma’s order, heh, maybe this is destiny? Thinking about it, we first meet because of your friend, and then you got Rui’s blood. If I never assaulted your friend, or just killed him… Or if you never showed up… The Reclusivelization Plan would still be ongoing. Those NIRO who have learned stripping techniques from somewhere would still be running around chasing shadows. I might not understand ma’s plan, but I sure am oddly motivated. Truly, only by drinking human’s blood can we feel so alive and superior.
Ambusing these food-stocks feel so amazing, and their fresh blood is simply divine!
… But all have ended because of you. Enough talk, pay for your deed like a man!

I don’t have time for this! I will defeat you and go after Rui.
Hahaha, wonderful! You seem to be settling well with the vampire blood. That’s how it should be. My sisters are way too close to human. I am starting to like you a little.
Hmph, too bad I have to kill you now. If there’s nothing else to say… Let’s begin.

Hey, you two have nothing to do, right? Come and help out. *Draw weapon* This is it, our final battle. This time I won’t be careless or arrogant, but giving my all! It’s life or death! COME!

Wow, you really aren’t holding back.
Get’em boys, air combo him for another minute!

I think the real reason you let Rui go is to fight me at 3v1.
Oh no, you have me figured out!

This time I will have your head for sure!

Our combine attacks from all side will leave you with no defense!

Sorry dude, your goon are like, LV 1 or something.
HOW!? How did you get so strong!?
… Love?
What th-
Now we can fight man-to-man, mono-e-mono.

Ha, so this is what you wan-

Wait here, I have a special getup just for you.