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Part 29: There's no Glory

I am back!
I can’t believe you actually went home to change into that stupid outfit.
It’s for your sake, man! Come here, take a look at what I brought you!

What the hell!? An anime hug pillow!?
Yes! You are a sad and lonely man that was raised by a terrible family, so y-

Go die with your pillow! I don’t need not stinking nerd shit!
Ow! Come on, anime will fill your life with happiness!

That’s what everyone said! Here, I will show you… With my 2D waifu!

Accept the embrace of my waifu... With my permission! Feel her warm and softness that your family denied you!
… Love?

Oh, that’s a good name for a light novel!

But you like anime!





The opponent is just a human! Hahaha, so embarrassing!
Hahahaha! Laugh at me; laugh until your belly hurts! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

All hail anime, Uguu~
… Heh, uguu.

It is a victory for the Japanese animation.

He died a happy man. R.I.P.

Now to catch up with my 3D waifu.

What was I thinking!? My mother-in-law is in there! I can’t go in like this!

This should do. Dress up with similar fashion as the queen should be well received.

I hope she likes golf.

O-oh god. We are wearing the exact same outfit!

However, NIRO is an opponent that must be defeated. Our main objective now should be to focus on them.
Maybe so… But! If this keeps on, the street will become less than what it is!

This will be too awkward! I need to change into something else!

Be assured, we have no plan to alter the beauty of this street.
… Mother!

Much better. A classy gentleman fashion shall win her favor in no time!

… A street isn’t just a bunch of roads and buildings or location on a map. It becomes a ‘street’ when people who gathers and live in it… This is what I learned from the time I spent here. It won’t be the same Akiba without the same people inhabiting it. Even if there is another place with similar building structure, but the atmosphere will be different with different people. To be able to say the things I like… As if a feeling that will never fade away, to live with excitement… And, to love this place with all my heart. Everyone risking their lives to gathers here to protects it from danger… Because of them, this place is-!

O-oh no…I just realized…

The sun is barely up and there aren’t a lot of people. You and the people you gathered are the only one that’s involved in this affair.

I am wearing Sejima’s attire! The clothing her mortal enemy!

It’s not like that. It’s not like that, mother!

I am an adorable and tough bear! PLEASE LIKE ME!

If this battle goes on, this place will be changed. This Akibahara is a street formed by miracle. The balance could be destroyed by it… Even so, this street still managed to keep itself together till now-
It is the result of all the efforts from people who love and respect it!

I am running out of time! What am I suppose to wear for this occasion!? I am having a WARDROBE MALFUNCTION! !

However, they won’t be able to hold on to it anymore if something bigger were to occur.
Please, mother. Don’t let this place become a battlefield… Don’t let harm come to this place for our own benefits…

… I understand. You are saying that since you like the people here, it’s fine for us to die?
… Eh?
NIRO is focusing their fire power on us. Aside from their vampirization, they also obtained stripping techniques that could effectively wipe us out. It’s just a matter of time before they become more proficient at these techniques and completely eliminate all of us… Which is why there’s no time to hesitate. As they are increasing their battle strength, so will we. In other world, this is our last best chance to fight back. Don’t you think that we would be doomed if we retreat now?
… That, that isn’t…


… No. I can’t do that.
It’s fine. We can maintain this street that you love so much… I have a good idea.
… Eh?
To do it, we must eliminate NIRO. It’s a plan that can only be realized with their complete annihilation.
… what is it?
All we need to do is to vampirize everyone local citizen and its tourist.
… !?
… what is it?
It’s understandable that you don’t know since there’s barely anyone who had taken our blood. It can vampirize the body physically… But it can also gradually change the person’s thinking person and instinct to become similar to ours.
… Wh-what are you saying?
Him, Kanta.

I gave up. This is my final form.

What do you mean, queen?
The vampirization of the brain… What is the behavioral different between us and human?
… The answer is simple. Our way of forming a group is different. In other word, you have special feeling for Rui, right?

That’s because she have the capacity to become the queen.
W-what do you mean!
Are you saying Kanta became my partner because of vampirization!?
…Something like that… !
You can’t deny it as nonsense. Think about it. We are monster in the eyes of human. It’s logical that they are afraid of dying from having their blood drained.
… Rui. You really think human will treat you like their own kind?
… B-but, they…
They don’t know of your true self. That’s why they don’t have animosity and fear toward you. On the other hand, if they are all vampirized, they would surely like you as their own kind.

… Kanta.. It’s not like that, right? We can coexist even if I am different, right… ? Kanta?

Are you alright, Rui!?
Hm. I am fine, Kanta.
… That means my brother is…
Yuu is dead. What a shame. That kid is just the vampire portrayed in the literature. He wasn’t very bright, but he is so adorable. You sure have done something terrible, Kanta.
But, I won’t mind. No one would be sadden for Yuu… Because we are different from human. So, don’t feel bad about it. You are our own after all… Temporarily. I can tell from the way you interacted with Rui.
… What are you trying to say?
His vampirization is extremely strong, surely his brain have been greatly altered…
So that… He can protect you, Rui. Kanta have special feeling for you. Good will, respect, and the urges to protect you.
He only follows you out of instinct because he can sense your quality as a queen.
Wrong! Kanta didn’t become my friend for such reason!
Rui… Do you really think that human will falls in love with monster and treat us well?

… Kanta.. It’s not like that, right?

Please let me have your daughter.
H-hey.. EH!? What are you saying all of a sudden, Kanta!?
… Fufu. Silly child. Rui won’t become yours, but you will become hers.

1) What do you mean.
2) Works for me.

Works for me.
Why would you say something like that? Because you have feelings for her? Because you love her?

1) …
2) Yes.

… Kanta.
That’s what Rui’s blood inside you are make you think.
… Eh!?
Your brain become similiar to ours through the vampirization process. You instinctively recognized Rui as the queen, which makes you obey her… Along with some good will of your own.
Rui, could it be… You really think human will have feelings for monster?

… Kanta.. It’s not like that, right?


1) This has nothing to do with race. I love you.
2) It’s love at first sight. Ever since I was a human.
3) Whatever, let’s unite our body.

Note: 1 & 2 have the same reply.

This has nothing to do with race. I love you.

In other word, it’s because you like me… A lot.
Language is such a convenient thing. It can express it as pretty as you want.
Don’t you see, Rui? We can do whatever we want by forcing our blood into others.
That would be pointless!
I love this street. But that doesn’t mean I want to turn it into my plaything! I just want to live together with everyone… Happily. In fact, we don’t have the power to dominate minds… Right, Kanta?
I want to believe that as well, but human aren’t decent creatures that you thought. They are despicable monkey with low level of social structure. You will understand it someday. That’s why, before you become hurt-
… You always say this. You never cease bad-mouthing human for as long as I lived with you, mother. Uncle said you weren’t like this until I was born.

Whatever, let’s unite our body.
… Eh?
… What… Do you mean?

1) To make babies
3) … You understand, right?

To make babies
… Eh, ah, ehh… ?
In another word… That… You like me a lot?

1) Yes.
2) *Nod*

Very, special kind of like?

1) You can say that I love you
2) *Nod*

You can say that I love you
…Kanta…. Yes. Hm. It’s a bit… Sudden, but I am surprisingly… Happy?
It’s the working of the blood.


… Kanta.
Thanks, Kanta.
… I want to, live with Kanta together too. This is what you mean by unite, right?
If you mean the forming of a collective group, then isn’t it the same as the instinct of the vampire?

… You understand, right?
…It’s too deep for me. Please elaborate.

1) I want to *Beep*
2) I want to *Beeeep*
3) I want to *Beeeeeeeeeep*

I want to *Beeeeeeeeeep*

… I appreciate your thoughts and it makes me happy to hear that… But I would be happier if you use a better terminology… Probably.
It’s a byproduct feeling from the urges to revere the queen.



Is this how you greet in your family, Rui? I think I saw it in an OVA once.

Please get behind us, mom!
We will take care of this.
… Stand down.
That’s right, Rui and that human better stand down now!
No, Mana. You two stand down.
Why? We are here to protect mom…
Rui must be here to kill mom, right!?
… It’s not like that! I just want to persuade mother! I won’t do something like that!
… Really? Not enough a single thought of it?

Even so, it is fine. That is the proper way to think like a vampire.

I didn’t expect your family to be this messed up, Rui. But I have seen worst in manga.

It’s difficult for human to go that far. To kill her own mother who raised her.
No, I am really here to persuade mother…!

*Building Shakes*

What is that shaking!?

*Building Shakes- BOOOOOOOOOM*

Is this what it’s like to become a member of this family, Rui? Do we have insurance?

NIRO really done it this time. They would blow up the windows.
We don’t have much time since they are here. Go on ahead, Sena, Mana, they are invading.
Yuu is dead. We will all be defeated if you don’t return to your post. You can’t protect me if we are surrounded. Understand?
… Yuu was… How could…

Please don’t look over here, please don’t look over here…

… Understood. Let’s go, Mana.
… B-but!
Are you disobeying mother’s order?
B-but…! Yuu’s death must be caused by them!

Yes, how dare those NIRO kill my future-brother-in-law!

Don’t say emotional things like a human would.
… Hm.
… Mother, please call for us if you are in danger. We will be here in no time.
Understood. Sena. *Retreat*
… You two are next, after we defeated NIRO! *Retreat*

… My father is human, right?
Yes. Only Yuu was born from a vampire underling while you both are born from a human parent.
… Is this the reason you have a low opinion with human? Normally, the queen will find a new partner after mating… But why do I still have some vague memories of my father?


… That’s just a dream of yours.
Liar. That memory can’t be a dream. The kind and tall person who raised me with care. He holds me gently in his embrace… It can’t be a dream…
Enough, Rui. Speak of your father no more.
Enough… I don’t want to remember the past.


It seem we won’t be able to continue our conversation. Moreover, we don’t have the time to chitchat… I had enough. I really wanted you to come back, but it doesn’t seem that I can sway you.
To think we have to partway in such fashion…
… Mother?
Kanta, although you are following your instinct, but it’s impossible to save you with that level of fanaticism. It’s time you bear the responsibility.
Rui… Defeat me, and you can do whatever you want as the new leader. Come at me if you think you can do it. After that, you can call back everyone to end the fight, but do understand that it is impossible to achievement your dream of coexistence if we don’t destroy NIRO now. They will chase you to the abyss of hell and you will live a life of escapee. It would be better to sacrifice this place now, but that’s your choice later… Do you understand, Rui?
… Mother.
Make up you mind soon... I am coming.

I know this is a final battle, but it’s a bit silly to watch them two fights with umbrellas. I mean, look at me, I brought my hero sword replica.

Am I supposed to help? This is a leadership succession battle, right? Will I become the next leader if I defeat the queen?

Only one way to find out. ROYALTY BACKSTAB!

She’s tough, and good at dodging blows.

But I trapped her in a cubicle and unleashed all my sword techniques on her.

It’s awkward to strip your mother-in-law.

… Guh, phew... It would be bad if this is outdoor.
We won. Can we call back all the vampires now?
More importantly, listen to me. This world doesn’t have a place for us. You will understand this someday, Rui. Even though we are accepted by a bunch of weirdo, we are hated and reviled by the world as a whole. The fact that we are monster will never ever change. Indeed… It’s a plan to teach you that.
You mean the Reclusivelization plan?
Did I chosen the wrong place… ? Or maybe it’s because you are born from a human that I loved… ?
I see, it sounds interesting… But pardon my intrusion.

How fortunate to be able to catch both queen at the same time.
… Queen. Sometime I wonder, could Rui’s father be Kitada?

There are also some who wanted me to change to their family name too.
Too bad. I could take away his wealth with her daughter as hostage. I suppose it’s too childish to think it would be that easy.
Saving that old man with your blood would be wasteful too…. So let me confiscate it, dear queen!

Hm!? So you have become…
*Cough, cough* Now what is flowing in my whole body is…