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Part 31: Other Ends

The summary is bigger than expected, so I will break them up and post each ending in the next few days.


Despite the satirical narrative and lampooning nature of the story, Asaura seizon, the writer of this game did an amazing job of characterization for every character to be more than a joke and make the viewers feel invested by the end. The story takes on a sympathetic tone for the vampire and actually distant them from vampire by referring them as Synthister (Kageyashi), but I keep calling them vampire anyway.

Each endings of the game have its own emotional ups and downs while expanding certain character’s background and hidden emotion. It’s a quite a ride to go through all of it, but I already exhausted my wardrobe and there’s not much left to show off for the game, so I will summarize the rest in this update. Please skip NIRO route ending if you don’t want to feel depressed.


NIRO Route

Like any other route, you real decision to side with which faction begins with your choice to capture or free Suzu. To get into NIRO route, you just need to capture her here. You will also be locked into NIRO route if you treat all the vampires negatively.

After knocking her down, Sejima will come to congratulate your good work. Suzu will run her mouth to call you a traitor and all human just want to kill them like the queen said. Sejima knocks her out with a really rough kick and have Midoh send her back as ‘blood supply’ for NIRO.

Sejima has a short chat with you afterward about the great job and you can feel he's really beginning to see you in a new light.

Next, you even get to stand beside him at the standoff with the Queen. She comment that a shameless man like him actually make a new friend (you), which he replies, “I think this young man isn’t bad. He's a trustworthy human.”

The queen is shocked as this is the first time she heard him praise someone. Sejima continues, “I am getting old. It’s about time to pass on my expectation to the youngster.”

Naturally, Yuu spilled the bean on Rui’s identity again. However, this time, Rui decides to negotiate with Sejima and tell him about her vision to coexist with human. Sejima seem receptive to the idea and ask Midoh to escort her alone to NIRO base for further discussion. He asks her to come alone because it would endanger his life if one more where to come and decide to attack him. Rui agrees to that since she needs to earn NIRO’s trust. The queen is also acceptance to the idea and leaves without much fanfare. Midoh secretly told you that is a lie and we are to capture the successor. You can say “What?” or comment on the foulness of this plan. Midoh believe it’s a necessary plan since it avoided a large battle that could drag the civilian into harm’s way.

Rui is shocked there’s no negotiation. Midoh keep calling her a monster and say her ideal is unrealistic. Rui asks you is that what you think and your choice are:

1) …
2) I don’t have control of the peace of Akiba.
3) I must protect you.

It’s worth noting that every choices from here on have a ‘I care for you’ choice, in this case Rui will complaint that she wants to protect everyone instead of just herself and she thought you have the same ideal as her.

Yuu made a sneak attack on you and Midoh to rescue Rui. The queen knew Sejima is lying and this would be a good chance for Rui to learn that humans can’t be trusted. When Midoh stand back up, she wonders if there is a traitor in NIRO for this to occur.

You give chase to the escapee and discover that some of the vampirized NIRO agents has turned traitor in order to get more blood to retain their vampire power. Rui refuses to talk if you ask her to come back.

After dispatching those ex-agents, Yuu stands in your way to let Rui escape. When you beat him, he asks you to tell his mom one thing before fading away, “I wasn't good, sorry.”

Rui got away, so you and Midoh meet up with Sejima outside Vampire HQ. You can ask why he refuses to negotiate and he will explain that he won’t listen to the insane babbling daydream of an insignificant. He does apologize for lying to you and orders you to continue your search for Rui.

Lacking any lead to go on, you return to the Akihabara Vigilante Corp for help and they agree to spread out to find Rui. Just before you leave the base, Yatabe mail you about the angry Shopkeeper is looking for you and you should hide.

There’s nowhere to hide in the base so you have no choice but to kill the shopkeeper outside. Sara reported someone spotted Rui in the Park.

Rui laments that her uncle is dead and realized her dream is all just a childish fantasy. She asks you to end it all. "Let us return to ash and awake from this dream." If you ask her to live, she will asks you what should she live for in her next hundreds of years of vampire lifespan? She is tired. Tired of living. “If you still care for me, fight me with all your might… At least… It will be you who will kill me…!”

“Maybe I can reincarnate sooner like this… But I won’t be able to see you anymore… How troubling… Hey, Kanta… If there’s a next life… Then, let’s…”

According to some online posts, it’s possible to run away and leave town with Rui instead of killing her if you make certain conversational choices in the past, but there’s no guide for it and I tried being nice to every vampire I met. Sorry, Rui.

Midoh reports the Vampire faction who loses their queens will dissolute over time and they will find a cure for the reclusive condition eventually.

Time passed, you and your friends are called out by Sara to meet a new maid.

We meet a very reluctant looking Midoh who quit her job at NIRO since there’s no more enemy and Sejima has disappeared. She feels her heart is missing something when the vampires are gone, and Sara seized the chance to pressure her into becoming a maid. Nobu and Gon wonders if Sara got some dirt on her.

As you were about to go into the maid café, you turn to look at an alleyway that might be where it all started.

You see this black cat and briefly wondered:

(...? This cat… Where have I… )
(Maybe it’s...)
Hey, Kanta! Hurry uuup!
(... It can't be)


Vampire Route

It’s pretty easy to join the vampire faction since the Queen asked you directly during the confrontation. Yuu and the twin are dispatched to open an escape path while we fight off NIRO.

The twins escorted us to the HQ and the Queen praise Rui for turning an enemy to their side. Rui retort you are her friend and the queen make the blood-mind-control argument again. She ask you about your thought and why you choose to side with them.

A second choice will be available if you agree with Rui on coexistence in previous choices, which will lead to a different ending that will be covered next. For now, we go full vampire and starting an all out war against NIRO on various locations on the map.

We also get a repeatable quest by Yuu to fight 30 agents in the park.

A really nice place to recreate famous scenes from The Matrix.

By the way, this is the Summon Bats skill that I forgot to show off. You lasso the bats like a rope at someone…

… And the bats harass-stun one person.

After clearing all NIRO agents, you meet Midoh outside the vampire HQ. She gives you a warning, but your choices are “Can’t do” And “Get out of my way”.

After defeating her, she question why you are fighting against humanity, but you just knock her out cold

It’s also possible that you have killed her in this route.

The Queen has already been taken down by the time you and the twins arrives. He easily repelled the twins and Sejima explains he has been taking vampire’s blood since the time he begin hunting for vampires more than twenty years ago. In addition, he was able to bring out much more potential strength thanks to the power of science.

You get a choice here to surrender, but he will sucker punch you. Either way, he’s weaker than his final form in Moderate Route.

Afterward, the Queen would ponder on your terrifying strength that might be due to your compatibility with Rui or the technique you used. If you accredit it to Master, Mana would ask if they should take her out, in which you will advise strongly against it.

Yuu reports back that there are a lot of agents left in town and the Queen decided it’s best to leave town and re-educate Rui to become a proper Queen. Mana and Sena plead to stay and you offered to stay with them as their bodyguard, which the Queen approves.

We then get a cut to the scene where the Queen found one of her bedridden ex-husband after 60 years. He is not that one who betrayed her love as mentioned in the Moderate Route, but was mentioned by Sejima as the dying old man who funds NIRO. He’s Kitada, the father of the twins and the original founder of NIRO. He admits that the organization’s original goal was to find her but Sejima twisted it all into his own personal agenda. He done everything in his power to make her become his wife and did the same in order to meet her again. He asks why she leaves him and the Queen reply she hates the willful way he does thing, but she does love their daughters. She keeps teasing him about how he is dying and won’t get to see her daughters anymore, but the old man simply laugh it off and comment that she is still so kind as always without sarcasm. When his heart finally stopped beating, the Queen smiles and state that she never loved him, but his stubbornness isn’t unlikable.

The scene cuts back to you and the twins chatting happily about another success of their concert and the continuation of the Reclusivelization Plan. The majority of the conversation is just them being enamored with you.

They asks you on a date and you live evilly ever after.


Vampire Route: Coexistence

If Kanta agree with Rui’s ideal, this second choice will become available. The Queen argues human are warmonger who even fight their own kind. Their fear, jealousy, and abhorrent to vampire will make it an impossible dream. The few individual that accepted her in this city is not an indication for acceptance by the populace of the world. Rui remain stubborn, so the Queen proposes a test. Kanta will fight the Queen and she will go all out to show you true horror of a vampire. If you win, she will do what you say.

Although Kanta can defeat the Queen, he choose to take the beating without fighting back. Rui explains he doesn’t hate the Queen nor is he being controlled by the blood. All he wanted is to prevent the war in the city and coexist with human. It will be difficult, but they will surely understand each other! The Queen accepts her conviction, and will consider it.

Yuu reports NIRO have about 20-30 vampirized agents ready for a full scale battle tomorrow morning where there’s less people. The Queen explains her battle plan for tomorrow. She will bait the enemy to spread out the enemy forces, Rui leave town for her safety, and Kanta will stay here to seal off Sejima’s escape.

Businessman Kanta do not wish to fight. He only wish to serve and promote coexistence between humanity and his corporate overlord.

Agent Midoh disagree, so Kanta send her to timeout.

Boss Sejima wonders why there are so little guards.

Which he realizes the Queen’s real plan is to let Rui escape while trapping him here.

The twins are still useless as ever.

Businessman Kanta have no choice. He collapsed Sejima’s clothing industry and exposes him to the sunlight crisis.

The collapse of Sejima Stock means his fellow NIRO shareholders are also falling apart. The Queen thought about having her dying ex regain his ownership of NIRO. Kanta ask about Rui and the Queen tells him that Rui is now the new queen CEO of Vampire Inc. She will do her best to convince other vampire shareholders that human is not that bad and they should invests in Coexistence™. It won’t be an easy sell since many vampire hates human. All Kanta can do is to wait for her.

Businessman Kanta reports back to his investor about everything including Midoh wellness. They cheers at your success at persuading the head of Vampire Inc. to invest in Coexistence™. They do lament that it would take a long time for CEO Rui to finish her corporate venture.

Three months later, the street has returned to normal. Nobu inquires other investor to share information about Kanta. They reveal that Businessman Kanta have been studying hard to get into university. Nobu totally planned to drop out of high school. Changing back on topic, Assistant Sara commented the difficulty of CEO Rui’s venture and Businessman Kanta can only distract himself by studying. Business Owner Yatabe questions if Asst Sara is hiding something, but Sara only smile and tease at premium information.

We are the maid café [Witches’ Night]. *Hand out flyer* Please visit us when you have the time.

Kanta can troll her and ignores her or pretend not to recognize her.

Hey, hey! It’s me, Kanta!
Mommy, are you my mommy!?
… I waited a long time for you, Rui.

I am back, Kanta.
Welcome back, Rui.

Niro Route (Ran Away)

I still can’t figure out how to get the escape together choice in NIRO route, but this seem to be the ending image.

Other Tidbits

New Game+ and Unlockable

Each endings and certain achievement unlocks new character model for the new game+. Every character model in game seems to be unlockable including weird one like this Man of Iron model.

You can unlock Chibi mode by beating the Otaku Difficulty. This is the sequel version since I can’t find an image for the prequel.

There’s also a noppo (?) mode that change the size of everyone.

You can also change your character’s undergarment after completing one of each faction’s routes once.

There’s rumor of a ‘see-through’ mode after you stripped 1000 normal people, not including vampire.

Donating 1 mil to charity will unlock a school girl in the park who recovered from surgery. She wears a different school uniform and is just there for me to strip her for collection sake.

Donating 1 mil will also max out affection for all three factions, which unlocks the best 2-handed weapon in game, Akiba's Forbidden Book. Yatabe said it’s just a shady record book of everyone’s in the street and looks like an encyclopedia.

Strongest one-handed weapon is the Excalibur sword I used before. I have to win the X-rank fight in the coliseum and one of the NPC will drop the weapon.

You can fight Sara after earning 200 maid points.

You can fight Master after stripping 300 human. She drops the best glove in game.

You can purchase the Emperor’s New Clothe after you sold 200 unique clothing to a special shop in game. It’s as the name suggest, you wearing an invisible clothing.

The plus version remade every model and updated a lot of buildings. The most noticeable change is the MC and his sister’s model.

Side Quest:

It took me a while to realize, but there’s special side quest that’s available after you get into each route. This one in particular, is that one that will let us save the Queen in the Moderate Route.

There’s also special quest for getting certain outfit like this Cardboard Gundam.

This is Rui’s dad and the person the Queen loves. He felt regardful for what he had done and wish to verify if Rui is his daughter by asking us to take a photo of her.

It bothers me that he looks exactly like this guy… Maybe they are the same person…

Completing his question will unlock this third option. Rui will make a heartfelt speech about this street and believe he still love mother.

She is convinced and saved. She didn’t show up in the ending, but at least Rui doesn’t mourn for her mother anymore.

It’s also possible to save Yuu. It seems to require you respond nicely to everyone vampires throughout the game, but I can never do it, so screw him. I literally replayed a whole route to try to save him and failed! Maybe it’s a plus version thing?

Another notable sidequest is a girl who has a crush on Nobu and asks you to get her one out three outfits for him to wear: Business Suit, School Uniform, and Maid Uniform. I picked Maid Uniform and Nobu wears it, but he has no interest for the (3D) girl. The girl felt dejected, but didn’t give up on him. I didn’t find a sequel quest for it, so that’s that.

Imouto End

The sister’s end is a joke ending that interjects into your normal ending when you gave her 1 mil in pocket money. She confesses you are a nicer brother than she initially thought, and you get a few choices to respond to her. If you rush this and say “Yeah, let’s hurry and cross the line!” She will beat you up. However, if you say it nicely, she will give you a hug and… Took your wallet. “Thanks, brother!”

Plus version model and portrait.

That's all folks!