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Part 119: Pecularities of 1444

Also, I've run into a bunch of interesting things whilst working on the conversion. I meant to share this stuff earlier, but I couldn't figure out a good way to work them into the narrative, so I'll just show off one or two of them here

Firstly, at the edge of the world, the descendants of the Icelandic Kings of Jerusalem endure in the North Sea Kingdom.

That one republic in France survived the last few years of the game. I'm considering making them independent in EU4, since there's a sore lack of republics, but still unsure.

Also, he's Waldensian, which is kinda ironic.

Speaking of heresies, chunks of Austria and Carinthia went Cathar in the dying years of the game.

Meanwhile, after the fall of the Byzantine Empire to the vile Catholics, the Russians retaliated by converting to Bogomilism. There are also a bunch of Bogomilists running about in Finland, for whatever reason.

Thanks to the Mongol Empire constantly jumping between Islam and Buddhism, we also have a Buddhist state chilling at the edge of Russia.

Further south, in Afghanistan, a Sunni holy order managed to conquer themselves a fair bit of land.

In Azerbaijan, on the other hand, the Hurufi sect has quickly spread and displaced Sunni Islam to become the dominant faith in the region.

The one (I think) Jewish province at the end of the game was in Edirne, surprisingly enough. Also, note the absolute clusterfuck of religions in Anatolia.

The Levant is no better.

In East Africa, the dominance of Abyssinia has led to the Copts prospering, led by a landed Coptic Pope.

Finally, and most importantly, the Karlings have somehow survived the Middle Ages.

Also, if anyone has decent suggestions for national ideas, decisions, missions and the like, throw them my way and I'll see what I can do.