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Part 122: Pecularities of 1836

crimea posted:

Looking at the previous state of the worlds again and I know religion doesn't factor into V2 but I was wondering, are there any Hurufi pops left in the world, or any other interesting religious minorities scattered somewhere?

Oh yeah, I added a bunch of Hurufi minorities in Azerbaijan, since the region was (relatively) stable throughout eu4. There's also a few Bogomilists scattered around Russia, along with one or two Buddhists. Other interesting stuff include:

- There's a Zikri minority in Qattalun (the Zikris popped up in Al Andalus somewhere around the Madrid area, but I figured they'd have fled east to Catalonia after the Mahdi came to power). Qattalun's pops:

- I also touched on this before, but Corsica and Sardinia are an absolute mess of cultures and religions, to simulate how they changed hands over the course of EU4. We've got Occitains, Andalusi, Frenchmen, Qattaluni, Italians and Berbers all thrown in there:

- Since it was the only province that was Jewish in eu4, Thrace currently has the largest concentration of Jews in the world (which could bring up some interesting scenarios regarding a Jewish homeland in the future, if that becomes a thing):

Thrace is actually its own little mess, with Jews, Sunnis and Orthodox making up the majority of the population, whilst ruled by a Cathari Bulgaria. Bulgaria's pops:

- The Emirate of Rhodes is a Shiite nation, the only one apart from Hejaz:

- Pretty much all the Arabs in the Vali Emirate are Shiite, whilst most of the ruling Kurds are Sunni, so there's gonna be a lot of friction there:

- Little Socotra here is Ibadi, the only one in the world:

- Huge parts of northeastern China are Manichean, so they're currently chafing under the Sunni rule of the Mongol Empire. Mongol empire pops:

- We've got those Manchu minorities in northern Japan, as suggested by BasqueGuy:

- Since a lot of OTL Mexico is still native in this timeline, there's a ton of cores for the Tlapanec Empire in Mexico, so that could potentially cause problems if Ibriz ever runs into a rough patch:

There's a few other things, but that was all I could remember off the top of my head.