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Part 77: Bonus Congress of Cádiz - Part 3

The Congress of Cádiz

Part 3: The Balkan Crisis

The Majlis al-Shura have decided their stance in the Partition of the Tirruni Empire, and in this matter, they are largely united: Al Andalus will support the claims of Bavaria, Provence and France-England.

Several other congress powers reach the same conclusion, with France-England and Bavaria demanding the return of their territories, backed by both Armenia and Crusader Egypt. Surprisingly, the Russian Empire also pledges its support to this plan, hoping to create a strong ally that can counteract any notions of German unification.

Significant opposition has also arisen to this option, however, led primarily by Hannover. Morocco also throws its weight behind Hannover, perhaps hoping for a more divided and balanced Europe. Hungary follows suit, fearing that a strengthened Bavaria would challenge them over dominance in the Adriatic.

So in the end, the final tally amounts to seven votes for option A (Russia, Al Andalus, France, Bavaria, Armenia, Egypt) and five votes for option B (Hannover, Morocco, Hungary). And so it is decided that western Occitania will be granted to France, the Kingdom of Provence will be restored, parts of northern Italy will be returned to Bavaria, and the Papal States will be restored.

In doing this, however, lines have been arbitrarily redrawn down cultural boundaries, all but guaranteeing future tensions and crises in the region. A sizeable population of Occitains find themselves under French control, the seeds of conflict have been sown between France and Provence, and the Italians have no independent kingdom of their own - for now, there is peace, but only time will tell whether a disastrous mistake has just been made.

There is little time to speculate on the future, however, before the Congress moves on to next major topic: the Balkan Crisis.

The Republic of Serbia has descended into anarchy and lawlessness, with the pariah state suffering four separate invasions over the past five years. The republic has effectively collapsed, and so the Congress must agree on the fate of the Balkan peninsula.

The first option, presented and favoured by the Russian Empire, proposes that the Serbian Republic be partitioned into a myriad of smaller kingdoms, with several territories also awarded to Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece. Russia hopes to extend its influence in the Balkans, a task that becomes much easier when it’s divided into petty kingdoms.

The second option is presented by Morocco, who seeks to impede the rapid expansion of Russia. They believe that the survival of an enlarged Serbia is critical to maintaining peace in the Balkan peninsula, once the monarchy is restored of course. So they propose that Serbia retain most of its conquests, with a few paltry concessions made to Hungary and Greece.

Again, the Majlis al-Shura meets to decide what stance Al Andalus will take in the matter:

Option A - Carve the Balkans into new nations!

Effects: Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, and Albania are all created. A small Serbia survives, stripped of its conquests and with monarchy restored.
Significant territories are awarded to Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece.
We receive a relations boost with Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, and all the new nations.
We receive a relations hit with Morocco and Serbia.

Option B - An enlarged Serbia survives, with monarchy restored!

Effects: Serbia survives with most of its conquests intact, and its monarchy restored.
Minor territories are awarded to Hungary and Greece.
We receive a relations boost with Morocco and Serbia.
We receive a relations hit with Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece.

Option C - Abstain from the vote.

Effect: We remain neutral in this matter, so it will be decided by the other powers. Our relations with other nations are unchanged.


Reminder that we (Al Andalus) will have 1 vote in this matter, alongside France, Bavaria, Hungary, Armenia, and Egypt. The great powers of Morocco, Russia and Hannover will have 2 votes apiece. So keep in mind that even if our chosen option doesn’t win overall, the relations boost/hits will still take effect, and the other powers will remember how we voted.

Also, in the event of a stalemate, the tie is decided in favour of the side with more great powers.