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Part 2: Jirinaar

Part 002: Jirinaar

Note: Some of the dialogue in this post is original writing, but I don't think it should be too hard to tell what's my interjections and what's the game's writing. You may notice a certain difference in tone.

Maybe this is a good time to take stock of our situation, you've been bedridden for two weeks and I haven't had a chance to look around much.
Alright, let's see...

These are the three stat screens that all characters have. The reason Tom is slightly injured isn't because of the crash, but because we levelled him up by finding the gun on board the Toronto, which increased his max HP, but not his current HP. On the first screen, age and gender are entirely fluff-related, but "Pilot," Tom's "class" defines which equipment he can use. Levelling up increases hit points and, eventually, attacks per round, but doesn't directly improve any stats, instead it just gives you training points that you can use to improve stats with.

From top to bottom, the stats are: Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Speed, Stamina, Luck, Magic-Resistance and Magic Talent. Stats are very rare to improve, and Strength and Speed are probably the two most important ones. Skills are Close Combat, Long Range Combat, Critical Hit and Lockpicking. Predictably, Tom has no magic talent but is moderately capable of hitting things.

I've also picked up an alien language in just a month's time!

The Combat Positions button determines where every party member starts out relative to each other in combat.

Rainer is older than Tom, for some reason naturally magic-resistant-

My working hypothesis is that my natural skepticism protects me.

-smarter than Tom, better at lockpicking than Tom and less useful in a fight. The blue bars indicate current level in a stat or skill, and the darkened bars the maximum potential, so even with a lot of grinding and training, Rainer would still have a lower skill ceiling than Tom.

I end up putting Rainer behind Tom so Tom will get punched in the face first, since he's better able to take it.

Tallying everything up, we've got a hoard of candy bars, a stock of amphetamines so we won't notice if we get hurt and a gun.
I'm not going to ask how you managed to get a gun off the Toronto.

Hold up, why are we stealing weapons and money from the indigenous aliens who saved us?
Don't worry, if it was a morally dubious action, a voice would pipe up and tell me I wasn't allowed. mean a conscience?
No, I mean a text box.

True to most RPG's, there are no consequences for stealing anything, ever, and no one will ever care about what you take. If there's something you're not allowed to interact with, an NPC or narrating text will yell at you to stop it and Tom will obligingly stop. If no one tells him not to, however, everything is fair game. The game is also built around you doing this, however, you'll need to steal everything not nailed down and convert it to easily-transported cash as soon as possible.

After arming everyone with knives, we find some more meth that Rainer managed to salvage from the crash site. Note that Tom is already at 15kg. of encumbrance, out of a max of 42kg. at his current strength, and keep in mind that both money and rations also have weight. The greatest enemy in this game will soon turn out to be inventory management.

Also a side-by-side comparison of an indigenous melee weapon and a Terran gun, the gun also has a hidden stat boost to long-range combat which means you can bust it out in the early game as a "problem solver" for any fights you're having trouble with, but if you use it too eagerly you'll soon find yourself out of cartridges for it.

Are you done stealing from the natives, Tom?
I've picked up everything in the room that isn't nailed down or decorative so... yes.
Let's get out of here before someone wonders where all the kitchen knives and rope went.

Before we have a chance to have a conversation with her, Giria legs it.

Phew, she didn't notice what I had in my pockets. Hasn't she told us about this sebai-whatever before?
As far as I understand, he's the head of the family, very old.
Not exactly a high bar, you told me the natives only live to be about 40 years old.
Probably explains why they do everything so frantically, you saw how she ran off before we even had a chance to thank her. I suggest we check this fascinating house out.
Good idea, there might be more things to pick up.
...I meant to learn more about the indigenous population and their culture.
You make sure to make a lot of observations, I'll be collecting samples.

I wouldn't have a nudity taboo in this heat either.
For God's sake Tom, keep your pants on, there's a kid just around the corner.

Hi, Sarrin, what do you do here?
Well, I study and sometimes I help cut up the game the hunters bring back. If I can't sneak away, that is.
How old are you?
I'm already four years old. Soon I will learn how to suppress pain. But it will be a long time before I'm mature! I don't know if humans can do that, but we have a way. I guess you can learn to think pain away. I'm going to learn how to do that next. My older brothers and sisters can do that already. I will be ten soon, then no one can forbid me anything.
Ah, to be four years old and revelling in pain-suppression and soon-to-come limitless freedom again.
I'm sorry, Sarrin, my friend has had a traumatic brain injury recently and we should be on our way.

Buddy, you had better get your hands off that Manipulate option, or make Rainer the party leader first.
I'm not the one who keeps putting my hands in every container I can open, and who the hell are you talking to?
Look, there's Giria again!
I probably didn't want to know anyway.

Tom, unlike you, I suspect the locals may have just saved us out of altruistic motives. Also speaking Terran in front of the Iskai will probably come off as rude, so let's try to stick to their language in there.

Dsarii-ma, Tom and Rainiir! I'm glad to see, Tom, that you have recovered from your severe wounds.
Dsarii-ma, Sebai-li Wrinn. You and your clan have saved our lives, and we'd like to thank you for it.
The South Wind Clan is famous for its hospitality. We're glad to have helped you.

At this point you can either say thank you for being saved and ask if there's something you can do to repay the South Wind Clan, or ask why they bothered to save you. As far as I know, there are no repercussions for being a suspicious asshole here, but also no benefits to it. So let's say Tom manages to contain his antisocial personality disorder for a few minutes.

Is there any way we can show our appreciation for your generosity?
I am pleased about that, Tom and Rainiir. In fact, I would like to make a request of you. I don't know with what magic your metal boat moves through the air, but it seems to be completely destroyed now. The rest of the metal was recovered because it is of inestimable value for us. Now there is a disagreement about whom the remains belong to. Since I have the impression that your vehicle is no longer of use to you, it would be very helpful to the clan if you could sign the metal over to us. I am sure such a declaration would be accepted by the other interested parties. Tom, you seem to be the leader. What do you think?

The Iskai response to humanity's advanced technology reminds me a lot of the aboriginal aliens from Alan Dean Foster's "The Howling Stones," impressed with what it can do, but still regarding humans as mortals and generally don't pant and beg for humans to please share their advanced technology and uplift them. In general it's kind of a refreshingly mature take on a less technologically advanced alien species, since it feels like a lot of writers tend to fall back on them as being unintelligent just because they're less advanced and generally make them sound like comicbook cavemen.

Again, we can refuse Wrinn, saying we need those funds ourselves to pay for getting back to the Toronto, but as far as I'm aware it doesn't actually result in any extra funds, just in being a dick to the nice aliens who saved you. It may be that it comes later, or you need to find a certain NPC who'll actually buy your trash metal that I never found, or it may just be a cut piece of content. So again, no reason to be an asshole to Wrinn. If we choose to be, he kicks us out of the clan house immediately.

Of course, we agree, Sebai-li Wrinn. It's the least we can do for your assistance.
I'm the one who has to thank you. You are helping the South Wind Clan during a time of scarce funds. Please place your name and your mark on this document, Tom.
What do you mean by mark?
Oh, excuse me, how dumb of me. Giria already told me that humans have no scent glands. That is how we normally sign contracts. But, in this case, just your signature will probably suffice. Here, please, Tom. [Tom places his name on a document made of thick, paper-like material.] Thank you very much for your signature. It relieves me of some problems. I can talk more now this matter has been taken care of. Is there anything further you would like to know?

As a kid I never thought much of this little exchange, just again, the Iskai being pretty mature about humanity's biological differences. Except being older, and remembering that the Iskai are described as partially feline in appearance, and knowing that cats have scent glands on their paws and faces, but the most powerful ones are on their butts, I have to wonder if the implications are that Iskai use their paw glands or that they literally wipe their ass with contracts.

I'm sorry, I have to ask, Sebai-li Wrinn, Giria told me about your old age and yet you seem to be quite young...
Yeah his sprite is the same size as that kid dreaming of power and conquest we met on the way here.
Can it be that no one has explained to you about our holiest ritual? Well. I am actually over fifty years old, an age that no Iskai can reach. I transferred my spirit into the body of a newborn, in this case my own son. The Sebai ritual is the most powerful magical act which we are capable of. It can be performed by anyone, however slight his magical talent. You must know that the Trii of a newborn has very special abilities during the first week. If an adult touches the newborn's Trii against his, he can transfer his entire self into the spirit of the child. He or she can begin life anew; the body of the adult dies at the time of the ceremony. Naturally, it is forbidden to perform the ritual without the council circle's approval. Besides the abduction of a newborn, this is the worst crime there is! According to our laws, the criminal and his entire family are punished by death. Only a few special people, the Chosen, can undergo the ritual. Further, the ritual cannot be carried out without the newborn's mother's consent. Usually it is the partner or sister of the Chosen one. If the ritual is performed, the Chosen one receives the title of Sebai, followed by a number which indicates how often he or she has been through the ritual. Therefore my title Sebai-li means that I have gone through the ritual for the first time.
My god, Driscoll! That is absolutely unbelievable! Fantastic! Think of...
You complain when I steal a knife, but he gets to steal babies and you're impressed? Also we should probably switch back to Iskai before he gets offended.
Ahem, right. NAME? JOB?
As you should know, I am the chief of the Hunters' Clan of the South Wind. The Hunters Clan of the South Wind is one of the oldest in Jirinaar. The best hunters in the city have come from our ranks for hundreds of years. You must know, in our city wild game is preferred to the cattle breeders' meat.
Tell us more of your strange, alien society, Rainer wouldn't let me have a moment's peace if we didn't pump you for information.
...well, we have multi-partner polycules centered around a core couple who are the only ones allowed to reproduce-
-and the secondary partners are usually the siblings of the bride and groom.
Oh God that took a swerve I wasn't expecting. Rainer was weirded out by some guy with glowing seeds when I almost died. Do you guys have... wizards?
The art that cannot be performed with the hand, and only few can perform with their head. Only a few have the talent to change things or create things out of nothing with the force of their spirit and the blessing of the Goddess. There are two guilds that deal with magic, the Formers or Dji-Fadh and the Dji-Kas.
I'm sure this is just some quaint local superstition that will have no bearing on our story at all. Tell us more.
The Dji-Fadh, or Formers, are one of the oldest guilds in Jirinaar. They consider themselves to be builders primarily and, with their magic, they can alter plants and convert them into permanent structures. The Dji-Fadh guild house is located in the northwestern corner of Jirinaar. It has continued to grow since the incident with Argim a long time ago. You must know that Dji-Kas is the name of the magician's guild of Jirinaar. You will find them in the southwestern part of the city. Numerous experiments are performed with the magical talents of our people there. The Dji-Kas magic is a art with many facets: it heals, creates, and destroys.
Things usually don't get called an "incident" unless they're an interesting story, tell us more.
Argim was the chief of the Dji-Fadh almost 150 years ago and his life has become one of our legends. At that time, the guild house of the Dji-Fadh was outside the city. It was a magnificent building. Argim had a great talent in his field, but he had a fickle nature. This was the reason his greatest goal was rejected: to become one of the Chosen. When he learned about the rejection, he went completely out of control. He swore he would achieve immortality in spite of everything. In an irresponsible display of his power, he destroyed the entire building and converted it into a strange place, which everyone now avoids. They say that he stamped his spirit on that place.
...that puts a slightly darker spin on the Sebai ceremony, I suppose. can it get any darker than a necromantic post-birth abortion? It's like a pro-Life poster became real. Anyway, if I leave you with Wrinn you're going to spend days bugging him for information, let's get on with our quest.
Before I forget, my friends, here is a key. It opens the doors of the Hunter Clan and, among other things, leads to our supply cellar. Whatever you need belongs to you. Also the remnants of your airship are stored there. Of course you are welcome at any time. Feel free to look around and come again whenever you want. And don't be afraid to get to know the city, almost everyone has heard about your spectacular arrival. <br> And now, the most important thing: the Sebainah would like to speak with you. Please visit her in the council building. It is located in the middle of the city, the entrance is on the south side.

Huh, it's like a plant machine. Gross. Let's go say thanks to Giria before we get out of here.

"Giria! Great to see you. We would like to thank you for everything that you did for us."
"It was an honor for me. After all the scratched and bitten hunters, treating you was an interesting change."

You can, again, be a huge dick and tell her you're just glad to get away from her tyranny. Again, there are no advantages to doing this except pissing off a mildly helpful NPC.

Giria, as a healer, do you know anything about "magic"?
Mainly, I just take care of our hunters' minor wounds. For healing serious injuries, we bring the healers of the Dji-Kas here, or go to their house. The Dji-Kas also sell medicine. The Dji-Kas produce a beverage which strengthens injured bodies and accelerates healing. I think I will give you a little: the bottles are not cheap, but we can certainly spare one. [Giria gives Tom a small bottle with a turquoise-colored liquid in it.]

Healing items in Albion are colour-coded, with green being the weakest, turquoise being mid-powered and dark blue being the most powerful.

That'll come in handy if we're in another spaceship crash.
God forbid... which reminds me: Giria, what kind of religion do the Iskai have?
Most of us believe that after death we will return back to where we came from: the Great Consciousness which is formed by all of our ancestors and is often called the Goddess. They say that the more exemplary one's life is, the more one will remain oneself when one is incorporated into the Goddess.

Most bits of dialogue from any given Iskai that aren't specific to them or their station can be had from any given Iskai, they rarely change much from character to character. In a few cases they even forgot to change it when you ask a character about their own name, or someone who has a specific relation to them that they don't have to the generic characters on the street.

Maybe before we leave, we should stock up on food, let's drop by the kitchens.

This must be where that hellishly hot stuff they fed us came from.
I love spicy food, you can't claim it hurt us.
You didn't spend weeks with a bucket... let's change the subject.

This particular exchange always puzzled me a bit. I never quite got if the implication was that Tom spent weeks in bed with a bucket of fiendishly hot mush, or whether it's something about what it did to Tom's digestion. Either way, Rainer remains the cool guy of the two because he likes spicy food and Tom, a wimp, apparently does not.

A storeroom gets looted of some gear that neither Tom or Rainer can use(being restricted to "Warrior" and "Dji-Kas Mage"), as well as some gold, spare change and Iskai rations.

This is the storeroom under the home of the South Wind Clan which we aren't going to poke at just yet. You're encouraged to go down there by Wrinn pretty much, and it's the closest thing the game gets to a starter dungeon, in my opinion, but even so it'll absolutely kick your ass if you go down there at this point.

What are we waiting for, Tom? Wrinn said they put the remains from the crash down here, there might still be something useful left. I can't believe you'd pass up a chance to root through some containers.
I was considering it, but then I realized: we've been invited to their seat of government. The stuff there will probably be worth far more. It's not like some minor clan's cellars are going to have anything exciting in them, right?

Before we go, I also loot the other Iskai basement in here, which is mostly just a series of beds full of generic Iskai napping. When I pop back up, however...

Are you yawning? We've only been up and about for a few hours!
Give me a break, I've been bedridden for two months! I just need a chance to recover.

Persisting past multiple warnings about exhaustion will eventually result in stat penalties, so let's just have a Rest, which you can't do anywhere, but which you can do in most locations.

Thankfully this game has no ambushes while resting or similar awful mechanics, your party just chows down on one unit of rations per character and promptly recover hit points. It does not, however, cure conditions, so if someone's poisoned or the like you might still have to hoof it back to a healer.

Now let's get out into the fresh air.

An armed escort? We're getting treated with the proper respect here.
Either that or he just wants to make sure you don't palm any of the potted plants on the way there.

An office with a moat? I like the Sebainah's style.

Dsarii-ma, strange visitors. I am happy you have recovered from your wounds. <br> My name is Janiis, I'm the Sebainah of Nakiridaani and president of the council. During my time in office, I am responsible for the well- being of our people. Although your vehicle almost killed you, the hunters' descriptions of appearance were very impressive. I didn't know that there was such powerful magic. Please understand that I need to talk with you so I can learn more about your people and their intentions.
I see no reason to not tell you the reason for our presence openly, Sebainah Janiis. First, you must know that my people have reached a stage of technical development which allows them to travel between the planets... [Tom relates all of the events, often interrupted by Janiis' questions. Finally, Tom finishes with the crash landing of the shuttle on Nakiridaani.]
An astounding story, Tom Driscoll. The power of the machines of your people is awe-inspiring, although apparently they are not free of errors. At least this explains the presence of your people here. I wouldn't have believed that you came from a different world.
You surely understand that we must return to our ship as soon as possible so we can relay our experiences here. We don't know where the Toronto has landed, but I assume word will get around when such a giant machine lands.
I am quite ready to help you get transportation to the next island. Maybe someone there has heard of your world ship. Naturally, I also hope that you reach your goal so that you can explain that this is in no way a lifeless world.
Don't worry. The people on board our ship are not blind.
I don't know about that, they somehow let you have a gun.
Nah, I stole this one.
You what?
To be frank, it is incumbent of me to have good relations with such an apparently powerful culture like yours. Therefore, let me propose something to you, Tom and Rainer. In two days, there will be a small ceremony here. The occasion is my great-great-grandson's coming of age. At that time, he will be introduced into society as an adult. On the day after the festival, everything will be ready for your journey. What do you think about that?
We are surprised by your generosity, Sebainah Janiis. Of course, we will be pleased to accept your offer.
Very well. Use these two days to get to know the city and our people better. Of course, I wouldn't recommend your leaving the city without an escort, the forests can be very dangerous. Do you have anything else that you'd like to talk to me about?
Do you have anyone really nerdy I could leave Rainer with while I go have fun?
Sebai-Giz Frill is a famous history teacher. Of course, he is often away on trips. When he is in Jirinaar, he can be found in his work room in the east wing of the council building.
Alright, thanks for the help, Janiis, we'll roll out and find this Frill fellow.

So again, I love the treatment of the Iskai here. Not MIND BLOWN by human technological prowess, aren't worshipping them or baffled by every concept, they're reasoning creatures that go: "Hm, being friends with the new big boys in town could be real beneficial, they seem like they aren't assholes."

Browsing the Janiis dialogue segment in the files from Alya, I also found that apparently if you get kicked out of the South Wind Clan's place by pissing off Wrinn, Janiis will give you some gold to make up for what you could have looted from their cupboards and basement.

Anyway, now that we've got peaceful first contact with an alien government, let's go loot their cupboards and sit on their strangely comfy-looking plant couches. I'd legitimately want a couch like that in my house if I had the space for it.

Son of a bitch, they're smart enough to lock up their valuables.
What a shame, Tom, I guess we'll just have to not rob them.
Not so fast, I've got lockpicks from the Toronto and you've got a higher Lockpicking score than me.
Tom, I'm not going to rat you out to the Iskai because I'd like to get home, but I'm not helping you steal stuff from them.
We can go see that Frill guy right away if you bust open these locks for me.
...hand me those lockpicks.

When you try to open a locked door or container, you're greeted with this, but unfortunately the game uses the exact same graphic whether it's a door only keys can open or one for breaking open with lockpicks, and no matter what, your lockpicks are consumed in the attempt, and the game has a hard number of lockpicks available in the entire game, just barely enough, as I recall it, for each pickable locked door and container, so savescumming or reading a FAQ is kind of mandatory. All these give us is some spare change, though, honestly not worth it, but it's a principle thing.

Was that guard standing five meters away watching us rob the supply closet?
Clearly the Iskai have enlightened ideas about material possessions.
Or he doesn't get paid enough to care.

Sadly it turns out Frill isn't in his office at the moment, but in the meantime we can harass some public workers, like this lady.

Exactly what does a scribe do? [verbatim from the game's dialogue options, characterizing Tom as suffering from a head injury isn't that far off the mark]
Many decisions are made in the council circles every day. All of them must be written down, which is exactly what I do. It is not a particularly exciting job, but it is highly regarded.
Those are beautiful clothes you're wearing.
I am surprised that you, a human, have an eye for that. Oh, forgive me, I didn't mean to just blurt that out. I'm pleased by your remark. You know, I used to go around naked, but recently I've wanted to be a bit provocative. So now I wear clothing. Clothing has a decorative meaning for us. It is considered very provocative to wear a lot of clothing, for what can excite someone's curiosity more than covering body parts?

Alright, let's blow this joint and check out the city. I've seen enough clerks for one lifetime.

The game has a day/night cycle, but it doesn't do much beyond be annoying when you have to rest till dawn before you can get someone healed, sell junk or continue a quest. I can recall literally one point in the game where the passage of time matters. What follows is a few minutes of me bumping into a bunch of locked doors until I find...

A bar!

That sounds like a challenge.
I'm regretting letting you come in here already.

Someone by the door said to try the Zoomi.
Please don't give my friend a Zoomi, whatever it is.
Yes, we have many different kinds, brewed from different types of fruit, strong and others less strong. Our zoomi is particularly famous. Here, try one on the house! [Zirr gives Tom a small glass with a green, iridescent liquid.]
You've made me curious, Zirr. To your health! [Tom gulps the zoomi down. A taste explosion immediately takes his breath away! he blurts out: "WHOA!" Suddenly, everything swims around in front of Tom's eyes...]

Let's see what the manual has to say about the "Intoxicated" condition...

"An intoxicated character hallucinates and is incapable of any mental actions." Sounds like business as usual, then. Let's get going.

Wandering the streets I find one place that apparently never closes for the night.

I could get used to being treated with this kind of respect.
It's definitely different from being back on Earth doing government work. Please, give us your tour.

Please don't give him permission to look around.
No takebacks!

I always liked the Iskai organic architecture in Albion, it's creative and cool without being too... magical. It just feels like a different way to accomplish what we can already do technologically, with some of its own drawbacks(for instance, you never have to prune your ceramic toilet, and imagine cleaning those moss floors.), so it feels believable.

I also kind of appreciate the generally positive and helpful tone of the Iskai. Too many games, movies and books rely on everyone being an unhelpful ass for their plot to function at all, or just to add "grit," so it's kind of a refreshing change of pace.

In any case, the Dji-Fadh guildhouse has little of interest as most of the residents only have generic responses to questions. I do however take the chance to loot a bow for Rainer and to steal some of their medicine. I'm sure they won't need it.

But we do meet the guildmaster and tell him we like his architecture, which makes him happy. If we tell him we don't like it he calls us philistines. By the time we get back out, it's dawn, so I take the chance to harass a merchant or two.

Like this weaponsmith.

Let's distract him with dialogue while I figure out how to get behind the counter.

Nice swords you got here.
I am a passionate weapon smith. I love to make things with my hands, especially when I am working with something as valuable as metal.
It is strange that metal is so valuable on a planet so rich in raw materials.
Yes, insignificant pieces from the Goddess' body, that are converted into shining treasures by an expert's hand! Unfortunately, metal very rarely appears on the surface, and burrowing the earth would mean subjecting oneself to the wrath of the Goddess. That, for instance, is why metal from the sky has special powers.
Ah, metallic meteorites.
"When pieces of metal fall out of the heavens and are not burned up in the air before they hit ground, they often contain very powerful metals. The Dji-Kas can forge special powers out of these objects.

So, behind the counter are things I want to steal. The doors on either side are unbreachably locked. My "interaction" cursor only just reaches past the counter so I can talk to Snird.

The magic five-finger-discount trick is that if you hold down RMB to interact just as you stop moving(and let me tell you, getting the timing right for that isn't easy), you can reach two to three squares farther away than usual. Sadly the items on the right appear to not actually exist and I can't steal them, but I can get some free swords!

Let's get out of here before he notices anything.
We've still got some time before the ceremony we're invited to, maybe we could go investigate the Dji-Kas guild?

On the way I do a bit more shopping, unloading some of the generic useless weapons I have, buying more lockpicks for Rainer and finding the only shop in Jirinaar that has some wieldable-by-Tom-and-Rainer armor and weapons in a box in the back.

Tom is now properly armed and armoured for getting into some mild scraps. Rainer remains unarmoured because he's a wimp.

I seem to recall this odd graphics glitch happens in the original game, too, don't ask me why.

Inside we're immediately greeted by Sira, an apprentice Dji-Kas mage.

Your cheerfulness is infectious, Sira. Is there a special reason for it?
Oh, they tell me I have a happy nature. Also, I have recently learned from Sebai Fasiir that I may take the examination for the lowest rank of a Stri-Dji-Kas. I'm so happy about that because I haven't been with the Dji- Kas all that long. I have always looked for something I'm good at. Now it has turned out to be magic, and I'm very happy about that.

She, among others, will comment on it if we manage to get Wrinn to boot our asses out. Instead, she's nice to us. It also turns out that she's the daughter of Akiir, the leader of the Dji-Fadh guild, whose dad isn't in any way happy that she's joined the competing wizard's guild. We bid her farewell in short order because we'll be seeing more of her later anyway, and instead we go visit the guild's nice healer, who shares certain traits with the blind herbalists of Britannia.

No, thank you very much, we just wanted to look around.
How nice! People don't drop by often enough.
Trust me, you don't want him hanging around if you have anything brightly coloured or valuable here.
Let's have a chat, Rejira. [Tom tells a little about what has happened during the journey. Rejira is very happy]
Thank you very much. I love exciting conversations!
We really should be going.
Oh, wait. I believe I have a little present here for you.

So it turns out that when you talk to Rejira she will randomly, when you exit conversations, give you a blue healing potion, the strongest single healing item in the game. I think it rolls out to about a 1 in 4 chance, and is completely unrelated to what you say to her, how long you talk to her, whether you buy anything from her, etc. I've tried to find ways to replicate it reliably, but nothing's come up. The reason I've done this is that she's basically THE way to make sure you're not missing any money during/after Jirinaar, because blue healing potions also sell for a decent amount of gold, as long as you have patience, she has valuable drugs for you.

And it isn't even stealing! Better find a chair, Rainer, we're gonna be here a while.
I suppose there are worse places to be stuck for several hours until he gets bored than a magicians' guild.

Next update: Cat Crime! A cop who isn't a bastard! Action! Not necessarily in that order!