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by FredMSloniker

Part 15: In which Alice takes the advice of someone on the Internet.

Glazius posted:

Back up and out the rabbit hole, now that you have the Hat of Levitation?

That sounds like a good idea. I haven't really gotten much use out of this thing.

Go for it. I'll put on the Yakkity Sax; you have a heck of a hike.

...can't... *huff* *puff* ...breathe... *huff* *puff*

Go ahead and take a breather while I point out a few things for the crowd at home. Note that Alice can't run without jumping first. This means that, if the ceiling's too low, she can't run. You see that when she's exiting from the area beneath the Duchess's house. Note also the little maneuver she did to actually get out of the fireplace; since pushing down at the top of the ladder would just cause her to climb down again, she has to step to the side, crouch, then crawl back to exit.


As I mentioned earlier, the purple and yellow mushrooms that you've eaten grow back at the start of a new day. So does the one you trade to Lacie, as it turns out. (Yes, I checked the prior posts to see what our mushroom usage was.)

...Parasol down... hill...

Going down hills is a lot slower than going up them because of the way the engine works; essentially, you're running forward a step, falling a step, running forward a step, et cetera. So I went ahead and had Alice ride her parasol down. I don't know if it's actually faster, but if I had that parasol and a steep enough hill, I'd certainly do it.

I got out of... the Pool of Tears...

While Alice could have gotten out of the Pool of Tears by eating a yellow mushroom to make that jump, then two purple ones to get small enough to use the door, I realized that using the whisker would make the jump small enough to make at normal size. While mushrooms do grow back, we have about half a day before they do, and I'm not sure we're going to be back this way after this game day. Incidentally, I'd like to thank the combination of VirtualDub and GIMP, which made this footage easy to collect, speed up, and edit into a GIF that wouldn't destroy your browsers.

I think I have my breath back. I'm ready to move on.

Go for it.


Sorry about that.

Why did you let me try that? I won't fit through that hole!

To demonstrate that very fact. I did the same thing when I played, and it took me a bit to realize what I was supposed to do instead.

I thought you were going to be nicer to me!

I never promised there wouldn't be any more pain. I've got something I hope will make it up to you, though.

...a tea tray?

You look hungry.


Eh, good enough.

So, do any of you folks at home know where we're supposed to go next?

I think I do, actually. But I'm curious. Next time on 'Alice in Wonderland', maybe I actually accomplish something!