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Alice in Wonderland

by FredMSloniker

Part 19: In which Alice corrects a mistake and wreaks her vengeance.

I need to start off this chapter with a correction; it turns out there's a path I missed in the room with the ferret. Fortunately, through the magic of save states, Alice can check it out without missing her train.

All right. I'll be right back, train!

First we need to return to that room...

...guarded by a ferret we don't want to touch...

...and it turns out we can walk through the staircase at the bottom.

Another ferret is blocking my way to this door. I could try a top hat slash parasol combination...

...but carefully timing a jump works. Now what's worth all this trouble?

This guy'd better be giving away gold bars.

At last, what news from Gloucester?


Egad. I've been in exile too long. People have forgotten their bonnie Prince Charlie.

Uhhh, where do you think you are, anyway?

In the palace of the true ruler, Charles Stuart. If you're selling house insurance, I don't want any.

I think he's a bit lost.

I'll take back my crown some day--though I might settle for a nice kitchen set.

Or a bit crazy.

Is my cause so desperate that they must use children as messengers? What next? Moles?

He can be both.

Bring word to Scotland that I shall return--as soon as I can find my map.

Well, this seems like it was a big waste of time.

You don't have someone sitting on your throne--drinking all your prize wines.

I think we have to come back here later, though. Keep his location in mind.

If you say so. Can we call on the Prince now?

No sooner said than done.

Hooray, we're on the train! And it looks like I'm not the only passenger.

And you're not?

Well, I'll believe in you if you believe in me.

Thank you. Excuse me, is this the right train?

Aren't you a dull figment. We're on the train going to the Crystal Palace.

Good, I'm going the right way. Hm. I wonder if I have to do anything to make the train start?

I must ask the Bellman about figments. I do wish the train would hurry. He's only in the palace between 4 and 6.

Another timed event? I hope I don't wind up there at seven.

Shush. I thought I heard the gnat. He always has something extra to say if you use the seashell.

The seashell? I thought all it was good for was advertising.

Actually, if you use it in different rooms, it has a small variety of songs it'll play. The gnat's room is the only one it's a clue vendor in, though.

By the way, I wouldn't go to Shrewsbury. I hear they don't like imaginary figments.

Thanks for the advice! I'm going to check the next car.

And that must be the gnat he mentioned.

Coach class is back there, giant.

Let me just try that shell out here...

Don't be fooled by train cars that look the same but aren't.

Well, so far I've only seen two train cars, they've looked quite different, and I don't see a way to progress further. That advice doesn't seem very useful.

How could anyone that big lose herself?

I'm not lost. And I'm not big! Well, not too big, anyway.

Yes, you are too big! And too clumsy too!

It's all right, I won't swat you. I'll just sit in this chair here and wait for the train to start.

I suppose that isn't a bad idea. I have a riddle to pass the time. How do you get down off a train? You don't. You get down off a ----.

When I played this game as a child, I had no idea what the answer was. None. I don't remember if I asked my parents or not, though I suspect I didn't, as they should have known the answer. And, of course, in 1984 the Internet hadn't been invented, so there was no GameFAQs to turn to. In the end, I wound up trawling the binary with a hex editor, and if the answers to all the riddles hadn't been in plain text in one region of the disk, I still wouldn't have found the answer. Even then, I didn't 'get it' until some years later.

Which all goes to show you aren't the best at lateral thinking...

...or I just hadn't heard of Groucho Marx at the time.

Fortunately, I'm better at riddles than you are. It's a  duck , isn't it?

 Use the Mad Hatter's hat to rise through the ceiling. 

What good will that do?

Well, it does look like there's a gap...

I suppose it won't hurt to try.

I've landed in a different car! I hope I'm not in the wrong train.

Check the back.

This car looks the same, but the Unicorn isn't here. I'd better check outside.

I'm here! Wherever here is. I guess I'd better look around and see if I can find the Crystal Palace.

Well, this isn't it. But I've never seen a wax works before. I wonder who that jittery fellow is?

If you've come to see the wax works, you ought to pay. Contrariwise, if you've come to be a statue, you ought to stop moving.

Oh, I remember you. You're Tweedle... um...

The last time I read my collar it said Tweedledee; but contrariwise I may have changed shirts last May.

Right, Tweedledee.

No relation.

Where am I, anyway?

Maybe you need glasses. Can't you read the sign?

That's not what I meant. I'm looking for the Crystal Palace, but I'm not sure if I'm going the right way.

My brother would know the way to the palace because he's already there.

That's... not terribly helpful.

You'd help best by making way for the huge crowds.

What huge crowds?

Well, you look like a dummy to me. What about a job here? The hours are long but the work is easy.


I don't think he has anything interesting to tell us. Why don't you check out the wax works, though?

All right, why not?

That's why.

Don't dawdle, Alice. Let's go.

Stop it! Stop it stop it stop it! Just go away!

No, help me figure out how to get home.

You are home, you hideous figment! I'm the one who's trying to get out of here and away from you!

The Red King could be waking up right now.

Why are you following me everywhere I go?

Because I don't want the Jabberwock to get us.

I'm leaving. I'd rather deal with the Jabberwock than a fantasy like you.

Did you say the Jabberwock is a fantasy or fan-to-sea creature? Oh, aren't you clever. Maybe the fan will scare him.

Another piece of oddly specific puzzle advice.

I don't care!

Oh good, she didn't follow me.

The bad news is, the only other exit from here takes you back to the railroad station.

Oh dear. Well... I suppose she can't actually hurt me. Deep breath, Alice. You can do this. I'll just run past her and out the door.

And right into the Jabberwock.

Callooh! Callay!

I hope she was right about this fan working...

Oh, beamish girl! O frabjous day! The Jabberwock is blown away!

Thank goodness!

Remember me saying waaaaaaay back when you got the fan that I somehow missed it in my first playthrough?

I'm glad we didn't this time.

I don't remember this part of the game as well as I do the first half, though. Hopefully we haven't missed anything vital.

I'm sure if we do, we'll figure it out. We've got plenty of time. Anyway, after escaping my doppelganger--

And dealing with the two puzzles that gave me the most trouble in a single update--

--I'm feeling surprisingly chipper.



You admirers are really so relentless. Well, I don't give autographs and I don't do windows.




Holy shit!

You killed him! You were just supposed to--to tease him to get him to--


It is a wide cravat of silk--or is it a belt? Still, it seems very elastic as you pull at it.

...oh, I feel so strange... I need to lie down... why is this empty nest so sticky? And what's this I'm holding?

Don't worry about it, Alice, you just... you just make yourself comfortable. I'll tell you about it... later. When you're feeling better. Next time on 'Alice in Wonderland'... we get Alice some mood stabilizers. I hope.

How did I get up in this tree, anyway? I just remember... yellow...