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Alien Shooter: Vengence

by Jade Star

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Original Thread: Guns, Secrets, and OH GOD IT'S GOT MY HAND! Alien Shooter: Vengence


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Welcome to Alien Shooter Vengeance, the game where you kill aliens by the thousands. It's a pretty straight forward third person shooter. You kill tons of poo poo, gain experience, loot poo poo, buy bigger better guns, and maybe save the world or something.

But I'm here to play this game, not tell you about it! Mostly because I was beaten to it by the games forum with this thread. But needless to say this is an awesome game packed with violence, guns, explosions, and secrets. Lots of secrets. Well okay, I'll tell you what you need to know to watch and enjoy this thread, but if you want to find out more about it and maybe get it yourself then check out that thread.

Originally I wanted to do this thread with lots of viewer input. Telling me what characters to use, guns to buy, skills to select, that sort of thing. Problem is my account was disabled for a good long time and I was so bored just waiting around sitting on the first two videos I went and recorded more. So you guys don't get to pick all the neat little things I had planned for you. The good news is that there is still time for viewer participation! You just don't get to make the starting choices. So I'll just go ahead and tell you about all the little customizable bits that you missed out on and stuff.

The Cast:

Drake will be wielding shotguns primarily. I like shotguns. And I like Drake, so it's a good mix here.

Erik is our machine gun character. Lots of bullets being shot really really fast. What's not to love?

Vincent blows things up. And this game makes it very enjoyable to make things explode.

Sammy is loving smart. That lets her play with the really high tech stuff like lasers. Lasers are awesome.

So what is all that stuff on the right side? Well it's our stats! This game is RPG light. We gain levels when we kill stuff and then get to improve our characters to develop them however we (I) feel.

From top to bottom:
Heart: Health. Every point in here gives us 2 points of HP.
Arm: Strength. Every point here gives us 1 HP and every 4 or so gives us 1 more slot of inventory.
Foot: Speed. More points means more speed. Though you need a LOT of points to make a noticeable difference.
Crosshair: Accuracy. More points means less spread when firing. Largely ignorable really. You'll see why.
Head: Intelligence. Let's you use more powerful implants.
Cross: This is your special skill slot. It's not always a cross and can be 1 of 8 of the following skills.

From top left to bottom right:

Regeneration, sounds nice, but largely not needed due to health kits and stuff laying around. This game is about killing, not sitting around healing!

Learning: If you want your character to advance more quickly, increase this, because it determaines how fast you learn things and how fast you spot hidden items.
A fairly useful one here and pretty simple. More points means more exp earned. Though I've never spotted anything hidden due to this skill.

Economist: Some see it as "thievery." You see it as "proactive frugalness." A good Economist will be able to scrounge cash from the strangest of places.
Each point adds 2% extra to any cash you pick up off the ground. My personal favorite.

Night vision: Affects your ability to see in the dark with out the aid of artificial light sources.
Haven't tried this personally, but a friend says its useful. Personally I use a flashlight or night vision goggles. Save those skill points for the killing.

Vampire: A skill that really sucks. With this ability, your character can drain health from enemies to add to yours.
It's like regeneration, only that it makes you keep killing for your health!

Hypnotist: Become a master of staring with psychotic eyes and dangling of gold pocket watches to make people do your bidding - and its legal!
Interestingly enough, if you shoot an alien just right it will become your friend for a short amount of time. It's really not worth it though. Confusing an alien or two when you're dealing with a few hundred doesn't help that much.

Observer: Lets you spot hidden things, like secret places, hidden items, Jimmy Hoffa, and legroom on airplanes.
This skill points out secret areas on screen with a helpful red arrow if you have enough skill in it. Not worth it except on your first play through.

Boxer: You are a professional boxer - not like Mickey Rourke! In close combat you kick serious rear end!
This is a joke skill. I did do a test though, and with 40 boxing skill your fists do as much damage as a jackhammer shotgun. Of course the downside is that it means melee range so you're constantly getting hit.

Skills, from top to bottom:
Armor: More points means you can use heavier armor and your armor lasts longer.
Pistols: All weapon skills allow you to use better guns of that type and deal more damage with them the more skill you have.
Shotguns: See above.
Submachine and Machineguns: See above.
Rocket and Grenade Launchers: See above.
Energy Weapons: See above.

Alright then, our soldiers are ready, guns are loaded, let's kick some alien rear end.


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