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Alone in the Dark (2008)

by Hbomberguy

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Original Thread: Let's Play Alone in the Dark! [VLP]

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Let's Play Alone in the Dark!

Alone in the Dark was once touted as the original survival horror. Drawing inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft - the uncontested master of bleak horror - the game is responsible for screams of both terror and frustration from many gamers. The second game sadly was the beginning of the series' downfall. Where the original game had you desperately escaping from at the most two terrifying monsters at once, the sequel let players relentlessly mow down hordes of zombie pirates whilst wearing a Santa Claus costume. Things continued to go downhill, culminating in the Uwe Boll disasterpiece roughly based on the fourth game, "The New Nightmare."

But Atari - and a division of their studio, Eden Games - knew they could do better, and scrapped ideas of a tie-in with the film. Years later, the subject of this LP, Alone in the Dark, (no subtitle or number, sadly) was released.
The game plays like a DVD mini-series, and reeks of style, flair, and utter genius at points. Sadly, everyone else seemed to hate it, because the game was panned nigh-universally. And they have something right - Lovecraft's had his nose pushed out for some generic crap about Lucifer and the "Path of Light" that shifts between a metaphorical trail of goodness and a real physical trial whenever someone mentions it.

As for the story, you're still Edward Carnby from the previous games, only now you don't remember anything. It's also the present day. What follows is an incomprehensible romp through Central Park whilst trying to understand a story that has no fucking idea where it's going. It's fun, it's freaky, it's sort of crappy in places. LPing this game is like describing the time you were raped if it also happened to be the best sex you ever had.  I'm not bitter, Anne. 

Updates will probably be weekly, with one chapter per update - of which there are eight - although two are pretty long and will be separated accordingly. Videos will be on Youtube in segments, and soon when I upgrade my internet entire parts will be up on Viddler - for now I might upload them there in a manageable filesize or something.


Part One: Wake Up Youtube Viddler

Part Two: Sarah Youtube Viddler

Part Three: Bandages and Truth Youtube

Part Four: A Thousand Fucking Bats Youtube

Part Five: The Museum Youtube

Part Six: Room 943 Youtube

Part Seven: The Old Castle Youtube

Part Eight: The Great Root Burning Extravaganza (with SPECIAL GUEST Psycho Serum!) YouTube

Part Nine: The End of the World (WITH MORE PSYCHO SERUM!) YouTube

Please take note that there is some desync in the Youtube versions of the videos. This is due to Youtube being a stupid bitch.


This LP is recorded semi-live. Abusing this for content, I'll be providing extracts from live recordings of the more bullshit sections to accentuate how fucking stupid/hard they are.

Part Two's Infamous Carchase Sequence - Youtube

Part Three's Crashes and Car-Crashes - Youtube

Part Four's "Scripted" Sequences (And Pie) - Youtube

Camcorders + Carnby = FUN
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