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Alone in the Dark

by Malorie

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Original Thread: Alone in the Dark (1992) - its about an uncle or something


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Let's Play Alone in the Dark!


Part 1 - The Attic Viddler FileFront
Part 1.5 - Edward Carnby's introduction - Optional bonus video. Viddler FileFront
Part 2 - Stealing and Littering Viddler FileFront
Part 2.5 - Eight Minutes of Bad Voice Acting - Optional bonus video. Viddler FileFront
Part 3 - Resident Emily Viddler FileFront
Part 3.5 - Floppy Edward Meets the Ghosts - Optional bonus video. Viddler FileFront
Part 4 - Suffer Like G Did Viddler FileFront
Part 5 - Deep Ones Viddler FileFront
Part 6 - Cthulhu Fhtagn Viddler FileFront
Part 6.5 - The Other Four Books - Optional bonus video. Viddler FileFront
Part 7 - Tunnels (Filefront backup) Viddler FileFront
Bonus Game - Let's Play Jack in the Dark! Viddler FileFront

What is Alone in the Dark?
Alone in the Dark is an adventure game released in 1992 that spawned the 'survival horror' genre. It plays almost identically to Resident Evil (which was released in 1996, four years later), but with a few notable differences:

- You can save anywhere.
- You can drop items anywhere, and be able to pick them up later.
- AITD's voice acting is even worse than Resident Evil.
- No door-loading scenes.
- You can actually kill enemies without a weapon.

As far as gameplay goes, I consider Resident Evil to actually be a step down from Alone in the Dark. Nobody likes having 1/3rd of your inventory space taken up by a game saving feature and a useless herb that you can't put down.

How is this LP presented?
Video, with subtitled commentary. The game is fairly short (although hard), so I don't expect there to be more than 7 videos or so. I'll be updating around once or twice per week, due to being fairly busy outside of the interlands lately.

Video lengths will be around 10 minutes each, with the exception of Part 1, which is twice as long due to the intro. If you don't like waiting around as the story is narrated, I suggest you use the freaking fastforward slider, I mean jesus it's a video that's what it's there for

Wonderful artwork!

Dizzybone posted:

behold the face of fear, 1992 style

SassyRobot posted:

They'll miss Emily .

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