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Part 6: Buried Alive

With no real clue as to what to do right now, beyond "talk to people, also Sierra's blocking Jess' door for some reason" let's do the prior and talk to a few choice NPCs and maybe learn things. First up is...

Nadia spying on Bonaire for some reason. Sure, why not? There's a reason for actually doing this one, though.

: How I wish you could fill your mind with dreams of me, instead of dreams of riding waves in the ocean...

Well, that's a little depressing. Kinda. How about some happy backstory for some characters?

Meade: Nothing is more tragic than when innocent love is betrayed...

Did I say happy backstory? It's slowly becoming apparent that such a thing doesn't exist in this place. Since Alundra, himself, doesn't have a backstory to speak of about half a dozen NPCs, if not more, get tragic backstories instead.

Kline, however, remains awesome. For whatever reason, the town map describes Kline as being an expert fisherman who's decent with a bow. Yeah, don't know how that got screwed up but it's something.

With that minor padding out of the way, it's time to advance the plot since no one else says anything worthwhile. I was hoping Giles or Kisha would say something about their backstory but it's just boring chatter for the time being.

You could probably skip talking to Sierra here and go straight to Sybill if you knew that's what you need to do. Better to just get the clarification first.

: Not normal dreams, but terrifying visions of futures not yet beheld in this reality. You must help me. Wait! I'll show you what I mean! Here! Take my hand.

: That fact frightens me more than anything else. You have to help... please!

Nothing we can do about it right now but two parts of that were kind of weird. Kline being a werewolf and Murgg appearing to possess one of the twins? The other thing we knew from the end of the mine.

With that, she stops obstructing the door and you can enter. Since we have no idea as to what else to do right now, since no one's dialogue has changed at this point, the best thing to do would be to enter.

: You didn't know Olen and the rest well Alundra, but trust me. They were good people. Take these Olen, my friend. Olen always did like a nice bouquet. Never afraid to stop and smell the roses. Be careful, though. Rumours of a creature seen near he cemetary are running wild in the village... I don't want you taking any chances.

That "creature" sounds like it's going to play a pivotal role in proceedings here. It's probably just the undertaker who lives in a shack next to the Sanctuary though. I can't think of anything else it could be, aside from maybe one thing.

Oh, and it was Bergus in Sybill's dream apparently. How Alundra could tell is beyond me, but that's what it looks like.

Before heading to the Cemetary though, now is a good time to go do something else. Namely, the acquisition of the eigth Gilded Falcon but that's just a minor detour for a very well hidden secret.

Insofar as I'm aware, only using bombs works, and it's only in that one location. It's not particularly worth using, since it only gives trivial items (i.e. some gilder and life drops) but it's there at least.

Nothing much else to do for now but head to the cemetary.

Wow, that clipping is all kinds of screwed up. Didn't expect that to happen.

Huh? Looks like something is happening. Seems kinda ominous.

This line proceeds to be displayed every few seconds until you enter the next dungeon. You're unable to leave the cemetary without entering it, and it's probably one of the better known ones at that.

It's behind this boulder, which lowers itself when you get close enough. Since you're potentially walking around for a while looking for where that voice could be coming from, this part can be a little annoying. Still, it leads to...

Hosted (Part 2)|Youtube (Part 2)

I always find that puzzle right at the very beginning to be the hardest part of the entire dungeon. I dug out a set of my old notes for that part alone. It's not even a particularly tricky puzzle if you take your time to think about it for a minute or two.

...Saying that though, this is the place where I brickwalled for ages when I first played. I probably hadn't quite grasped the whole "write puzzle clues down dammit" aspect, yet. Then again, this is the first dungeon where that helps.

Oh, and yeah, Lars is my alternative idea for the "creature" Jess mentioned even though it doesn't make all that much sense. Beyond him and Cephas, I really can't think of anything it could be.

Next time: two for the price of one?