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Part 16: Journey to the Black King

Last time, we went gambling, managed to break the roulette table down in mere minutes and finally bought things off of Merrick... kind of. We also nagged Meia a little which was actually needed to do the next bit.

Until you speak to Meia about Ronan being possibly evil etc. Septimus isn't here so you can't proceed.

Doesn't look like you can anyway, since the door is very definitely locked.

: Hmm...this is quite an unexpected obstacle, and definitely unwelcome. We appear to be without recourse. Wait! Perhaps there IS another way in!

: However, I would consider breaking and entering a somewhat drastic choice. Eternal damnation is to be expected in retribution at some point, eh, Alundra? Unless you have a superior idea, climb the moat wall in back, then dispense with the window.

...I know it's been said already that no one would ever talk like this, but goddamn that is one of the best examples of that. With ease.

Can't jump up here by normal means, so you have to use one of the tombstones as a platform to get the little bit of extra height. The only possible two are either Kline or one of the unimportant coal miners.

Since the Sanctuary is sort of a mini-dungeon in the same sense that the Desert of Despair was...


This place would go by so much quicker if Septimus would just talk less. Honestly. Aside from that, it's a pretty straightforward place just with the occasional puzzle to solve. After the last few dungeons, it's more of a respite than anything else.

If Ronan is chilling out down here in front of an oddly familiar statue, how did the altar get moved back to where it normally is? It doesn't get moved back at all after here so it seems kinda odd.

Oh, and this is the first time in quite a while where we get a chunk of plot all at once.

: The King made it a crime to worship these idols. And here you are, breaking the law! WHy Ronan? Why?
: Now that the gods are not seen, they have been all but forgotten by sinful mankind... Called upon by us only in times of dire need, the gods are angry for treating them this way. I am a faithful servant of the gods, and I continue to resect and honour them.

: Most of the good people here know of my "crime."
: Are you saying that the gods are angry with us, Ronan? That...they are the root cause of our nightmares?

Yes, Septimus really does ask if the gods are angry after being told they are angry. Also, "root cause" is pretty redundant.

: The only one who said the nightmares were the work of evil was Meia. Or......was it you, Alundra?
: I don't understand. Why are the gods, who created us, now torturing and murdering us?

: When the King's foolish edict was issued, we lost out ability to create. So, instead, we learned how to control and manipulate our own dreams. We sought out happiness in the worlds within our own minds. The domain of our personal id. Don't you understand? It's not the gods who are at fault!'s us. [sic]

: Ronan... We shall carry on in our fight against this evil that has come upon us. Even if we find ourselves battling merciless gods themselves! For a god without mercy is a demon!

I constantly expect a borderline mandatory evil laugh to occur here, but it doesn't. Probably too predictable anyway.

Following this, the day comes to a close.

Is Ronan the only one who had worshipped his image? Or, had other villagers knelt before the ghoul as well?

Next time: King Snow