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Part 24: God Slayer

TheNork posted:

Are... are you implying that Giles' spirit came back as a table? Because that is strangely hilarious.

His death surely has to result in some upgrade! It just wouldn't be proper without it.

Last time, we raided the Murgg stronghold, killed Zazan and regained the two crests they stole. We now have the 5 we would've had at this point anyway. Goddamn monkeys.

Speaking of Zazan, the Legend Sword predictably wrecks him;

The "Stone Golem" dies in two hits, so not much point including that. At least Zazan can arbitrarily extend his lifespan a little with invincibility.

Anyway, upon returning to Inoa the screen shakes to signify an explosion... again. Nothing else, just a screen shake. If you know what it means this time, you can head straight to the relevant dungeon right now (provided you have a certain item already; I'm sure you know what it is).

Various villagers (i.e. all of them bar Septimus) will say something along these lines. I just picked Naomi here because I was grabbing a Magic Elixir... since I love ignoring my own advice apparently. That, and there's no free ones nearby.

If you enter the shop, Yuri accosts you when you leave. If you go anywhere else, he doesn't. Weirdly, he claims that Mount Torla is "awash in molten lava" and yet it isn't changed graphically at all. It's just enterable now.

Of course, you need the Ice Wand to beat the fire dungeon. That just makes sense. For all intents and purposes, you can't even enter the place without it. Oh and you will want Nava's Charm for this. The place is pretty much designed with having it in mind; you can manage without it it's just more difficult than it need be. Saying that, having it makes the place almost too easy.

I mentioned above that Septimus says something different and he basically does.

He sort of mentions the volcano just before that, but to say that he doesn't think that Melzas is there.

Bergus, one of the identical twins, is pretty awesome here too.

You can't actually take him with you, but that's understandable. His parents are right there after all.

Everyone else just says things about the volcano exploding, even Meia. She vaguely hints as to getting the Ice Wand too, but since Yuri outright tells you what to do it's pointless.

Hosted (Part 2)|Hosted (Part 2)

In my opinion, this dungeon is the worst. What's good about it? It's pretty short, it has some decent puzzles and... um... it's really, really easy. What's bad about it? Quite literally everything else about it. The music is an awful abomination, the dungeon idea itself is cliché and was predictable from the start, if you don't have Nava's Charm you'll be taking a fuckload of damage, if you do have and use Nava's Charm you are almost invincible and once you get the Charm Boots (needed) you ARE invincible, getting the Gilded Falcon is more of a chore than anything else, the timing puzzles are more irritating than normal due to the perspective, and the boss fight itself. It just drags on for a good 5-6 minutes because it can only be damaged by the Ice Wand, its pattern never changes once. Wilda is, by far, the easiest boss in the game. Even without Nava's Charm it's a trivial fight, since then only one of his "attacks" can even damage you in the first place. I wish this place was optional just so I could willingly skip it, but no it just has to have the sixth crest.

Speaking of, I'm sure it's obvious what the seventh crest is at this point. It probably was way back at the end of Lars' Crypt when we get the first one for that matter.

Fortunately, the next dungeon is totally awesome and more than makes up for this place. Quite nice of them to put the best dungeon immediately after the worst. Once Wilda teleports you out, you're back at Inoa and night falls which means but one thing...

Only one more and Alundra would possess them all. But he was too preoccupied with other matters to realise it. He worried about Ronan. When would he break his silence? And how? And what of the Murgg? When would Melzas command them to attack? The night was quiet. A deafening silence closed in on Alunda...

Next time: Kidnap.