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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

by Nyaa

Part 2: LP Intro

Greetings and welcome to Daoist Cultivation roguelike game that takes inspiration from <<Rimworld>>, <<Dwarf Fortress>>, <<Story of Swordsman from Shushan>>, and <<Martial Kingdoms>>!

I teamed up with Sennek - the modder, to partially-translated this wonderful game into English (of varying quality depending on whether I did it on my phone or pc and how tired I am). We split up translating individually on our own time, so there might be some discrepancy in diction.

The dev is working with professional English Xianxia novelists to make an English Translation and should be available Later this year.

Edit: Full English Version released!

Please have a wonderful time of life and death in this mystical world of cultivation! Sign up your Forum Name with gender, suggest our Cult Name, and suggest a Map Seed!

As for how you will be selected for participation, the game let you start from 1-5 Outer Student that can generated with your FORUM NAME, but only the leader of the group gets to have special traits and starting bonus. I plan to pick the earliest poster with leadership traits that enable starting with 5 Outer Students.

Further recruitment will begin whenever one of our Inner Goon decides to visit this mod building on the world map to recruit a random goon that I added into the list. I can't figure out how to do this.

As for other goons on the waiting list, since I can’t add custom name-gen character to the game and failed to make it happen with the modding (I tried), your name will replace whichever npc who will join the sect later. I will add you in the hard way.

Disclaimer: I am terrible at this game, so I will reload the game if I accidentally caused death to a goon. Moreover, there are midgame and newer content that I failed to reach and experience, so we will be learning them as we go on the path paved by the bodies of many dead goons. Treat my knowledge gained from translating the script as unreliable rumors.

We might need to start a new game if the current version is unstable or the English patch broke something, sorry in advance!

You can also purchase the game at Steam here and run our English Mod if you want to try it yourself!

And pay a visit to the official Discord channel for respect!

Note for Future Reader: This LP was two major content-updates behind the final full English version release, so everything including the User Interface will be less English format friendly (vertical text) and missing some contents until we hit mid game.