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Part 5: Day 2 - 4: Village Visit and Feng Shui Megahut

Building a sect from scratch with all sorts of proper facilities would requires a long time for sister Slaan.

To alleviate the suffering of his elder sister, sect master Hats know he must kidnap indoctrinate enslave educated the mortal and point them towards the path of building construction immortality.

Thankfully, there is a village not far away filled with meatier folks than other cities. They will make great builders and farmers indeed.

Our sect is so poor; the sect master has to fly with a tree stick. Let’s hope he will find some artist or crafter.

Thanks to Radio Free Kobold’s lucky scouting effort, he found a lot of Lost Box (random resource) and Rotting Corpse (random weapon) all over the place. Maybe a big caravan crashed here in the past? It will take some times to salvage them, but they are on high priority.

To prove how lucky Radio Free Kobold have been with his exploration, Happerry got attacked by a Not-Hungry wolf on the second box search.

The mysterious elder has no choice but to leave his favorite bedroom to rescue him.

The wolf went down in seconds after the elder one-shot invisible snipe it on the roof and goes stright back to his room. To give you context on how fast that kill happened – The uninjured Happerry is only half way done opening that box.

Day 2 10:00PM
Sleep hour comes. Hats will make contact with the village soon.


Day 2 Lootbox:
Marble Mace
Iron Blade x 2
Indigo Cloth X 120
Yellow cloth X 60
Iron Ore x 45
Brown Rock X 20
Boar Hide X 60
Iron Sword
Marble X20

We could use some woods, but we get a lot of clothing materials instead.

Slaan will build a Tailor Workshop tomorrow, but no one is good at tailoring.

At the same time, Happerry will be making blocks for various advance buildings.

Hats brought home some beef instead.

Thanks, Hats.

*Sigh* Hats will visit the town and spent a few days there to chance more encounters.

On the bright side, Happerry makes enough brick to build sect furniture-things!

The most important of all is the Orrery (did Happerry name this thing?) It reveals the Feng Shui auspiciousness of every objects at their placement. A helpful guide to build a Feng Shui positive sect.


Day 3 Lootbox
Rabbit Pelt X 60
Iron Ore X 30
Iron Bow
Goldsilk Wood Bow

The caravan certainly deserves its misfortune for killing so many rabbits.

We are blessed for doing the opposite.

The dark history of rabbit slaughtering put Happerry in a bad mood.

We need to build entertainment room to keep people motivated.


Everyone is assign to logging and crafting!

Work that aging young bone of yours!

The universe is in harmony and balance; For every bad news, we have good news - The completion of the Orrery.

As you can see, planning an earth element bed next to this earth element Orrery provide a little audacious to the overall Sect feng Shui, and the room it’s in.

Through the audacious lens, we get a quick view of the audacious level of various buildings and furniture. Red is bad, green is good.

The well is auspicious (deep green color) due to its inherent water element as a well and the wood element construction material. Water ‘feed’ to Wood. Clockwise rotation is good harmony.

The Cult of Bèn isn’t the only one progressing in time. News event of other sect can alters the dynamics of the world powers: Becoming stronger, have a feud with someone, someone got a power up, etc.

Note: Pretty sure I already translated these news events, but they are not implemented to the mod yet.

Now that we have a Feng Shui scanner, it’s time to improve our huts. Slaan and Arcanuse gets their double bed! A ‘bigger’ room for Hats when he come back.

Day 4, 2:58pm
He’s not coming back for a long time.

All these constructions finally caused an injury on Slaan. Thankfully, it’s minor enough to heal by itself without needing medical attention or healing elixir.

After days of flying on a tree stick, Hats finally arrived at Fengcheng town. Although kidnapping will get us a lot of new students, it would give us a bad reputation if we get caught. Thankfully, Hats’ gender-‘neutraling’ features should attracts similar amount of admirers.

He made them run here themselves. :derp: :derp: :derp:

Day 4, 9:40 PM
Things are finally looking up. It’s amazing how a little remodeling makes everything looks better