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Part 6: Day 4 - 5: New Disciples and Farming

One of the most important thing for a sect is a big stone with our sect name on it. It makes a good impression for guests and visitors to pray upon while they read out the glorious name: Cult of Bèn

Thankfully, brown stone is more abundant than trees, and their Earth element goes well with Metal element furniture.

Day 5, 3:35 AM
They have arrived faster than expected. Much faster than Hats flying on a tree stick.

The sect stone and accompanying lamps are not build. How embarrassing.

Two seeker of immortality (blue dots) come from the east and west.

First is a tactful female who pray at the Orrery stone.

She is a fallen noble of a construction industry tycoon. After the passing of her father, she lives on as an unsuccessful thief who regularly get caught and beaten pitifully.

It’s alright, your harsh life of illegal activity shall end today, and you shall begin your legal harsh life with a new Dao name: kidz bop nightcore (Jon Joe)

As for the less tactful one who barge into Radio Free Kobold’s room and pray at an empty bed…

She was a farmgirl who later become a bailiff in charge of the prison jail. She feels fortunate to have this wonderful job that let her enjoys the feeling of striking the prisoner’s body with a stick. (Actual description)

Welcome! You will get plenty of chance to beat up people in the future! Your Dao name shall be, Cyflan

Did Hats told her something inaccurate about us to trick her into quitting her job? She brought a spear here with great enthusiasm.

Fascinating - A thief with background of nobility, and a bailiff of peasant household. Destiny surely have great plan for gathering these duo of intertwining life.

Thank the heaven that Cyflan is a skilled artisan. Kidz could save someone life with her medicine someday.

The Cult of Bèn now have equal distribution of gender with Hats being half and half!

Now that we have more people to shoulders the responsibilities, Slaan have more time to work on construction and build the sect stone plus two lamp in three hours! Things are going well!

Oh… we will fix that someday. It would be rude to tore it down right after Slaan build it.

She was so happy to build something not of wood.

Sorry, Slaan. We need you to build a kitchen with wooden wall since the oven come with some fire element, and that go well with the wood element. I know it sounds like a terrible design plan, but…

Yes, I can hear Happerry screaming at this very moment about his burned arm while working on the mason workshop, but they will heal! Think about the Feng Shui!

What do you mean I shouldn’t hazardously place the workshop and furnace so close to the tailor table and a few piles of wood? That’s why I build the well there! Why don’t you come up with a better design!?

Now, now. I understand it have been very stressful for the past 5 Days and 11 hours, so let’s make a group dining room with some entertainment!

Music, chess, bird viewing, and XO game! Your husband Arcanuse would love this place as the King of Games!

Now that we have a kitchen and a dining area, it would be logical to start a farm on those light green fertile soil! You can walk out and grab a wild snack if you need something fresh!

Imagine this for a moment: In a nice and breezy summer night, you finished your meal, but it’s not filling enough for you.

So you walk out of the dining room, and gaze upon the columns of edible… uhm, mushroom, lotus, pear, or gingko fruit!

As you stroll along the pathway, your sight fell upon the evergreen nature and elemental flowers glowing in the dark.

Now imagine being so captivated by the scenery and fall sleep within the highly qi concentrated herbal garden cultivated by the best Bèn master in the sect.

The best stuff that mortal would pay fortunes to get their hands on one of these!

Of course I know these herbs can only grow well in these Spirit Soil that make a tree glow blue!

We only have that one useless patch of soil like that there! But we can(?) jack up the qi on our garden with artificial means, so don’t worry about it!

What you need to worry is what and how we are going to grow our food. We need a big farm to sustains more future juniors or we can make master Hats go get more beef if you want to be disrespectful.