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Part 7: Day 5 - 7: Special Materials and Subdue Snake

Good. We will plan this with aesthetic in mind until we get more students. I feel comfortable getting four more students.

But that’s with a proper cold storage room to keep the food from spoiling. To build that, we need cold crystal.

Many things in the world are perishable. Some decay faster than other.

Fortunately, we have some leeway during Spring where the temperature hovers around freezing point. However, we are doom when summer comes.

Radio Free Kobald also seem to be doomed.

There are a few very rare things that quickly perish as soon as it harvested. This rare fruit is one of them, so everyone nearby should consume it as soon as it’s harvested or turn it into preservable form.

It may be cold during spring, but it’s a nice breeze.

Arcanuse and Slaan are content with their new life. Both of them become used to dull labor and find some joy in those tasks.

No more tears for wood. Just hunger and pun.

Soon, Slaan, we will be building everything out of those cheap and abundance brown rocks. They will combo well with metal furniture. Everyone will love their metal beds.

But bricks aren’t as easy to make than planks, so we make another mason workshop to double the output.

While halving Radio Free Kobold’s health.

These raw cold crystal are gradually unearthed. They are special ores that mixed with cold qi of water element.

Each crystal endlessly produces around -30 Celsius by its self, -20 Celsius on adjacent squares, and -50 Celsius next to another cold crystal. They are quite dangerous to mine in large quantity, but you can see how they are useful for refrigeration.

The same can be said for Fire Copper Ore. Arcanuse is standing on 80+ Celsius and need to get the hell out now!

The furnace is built just in time. It can refine these ore/crystal into easily processable ingot. Not everything need to be made in ingot form and same might be nicer in raw form.

Kidz Bop Nightcore keeps hearing someone calling her name throughout the day. Telling her to help with building the house, but it sounds like they gave up after a few pronunciations.

Oh gard, Arcanuse! Stop mining in dangerous places! Get the hell out!

I think we are good with stones for a while.

Day 7, 9:40 AM

Radio Free Kobold suddenly shout out incoherently about his art skill going up by grinding very hard. Everyone nods in pity at this emerging signs of dementia.

Hats finally feel like getting his lazy ass up to woo the mortal again.

Just don’t tell them we teach Sunflower Refinement here and we will get male student.

We need to prepare. The entertainment/dining room is almost done, but it definitely need another table to get everyone together.

Another table like this will get us 11 dining seats. That’s a good number of students to cap for a while.

Alert! Alert! Radio Free Kobold is using a pickaxe to defend against a snake!

Millisecond shots of the mysterious elder doing his job.

Incoming meteor strike!

Use your own imagination to guess what damage the snake have taken.

How did you let a snake break your rib!?!?

It’s good that Kidz is here to patch things up. She has gotten so good at healing thanks to her regular injuries when she was a thief.

Somehow Slaan broke her calf bone right after this while building the fridge room. Kidz is really earning her keep here.

In the meantime, this normal snake in coma is somehow recovering ALL of its wounds.

There must be something special about this snake. Let’s try to tame it.

By repeatedly feeds its favorite food - I am guessing beef.

Happerry does his best to seduce a snake with his beef.

You need to be Inner to fly there.

Maybe you are thinking about the Coiling Serpent Stronghold nearby?

Either way, it would take a week or two to fly there.

The snake ate it happily. Maybe this could actually work!

Radio Free Kobold decided to forgive the snake and moves it closer to the beef. He makes sure the snake is facing his right ribs.

The snake needs some alone time to rest between being fed. Human are scary, but free food is good.

More scary humans have come.

Only one… female. Dammit Hats, maybe you should try kidnapping instead?

She’s a 14 years old orphan who begs and steals to survive. Welcome to Hat’s Orphanage! Your Dao name shall henceforth be titled after your lazy savior, AnonymousIdiot!

She can apprentice under Cyflan to become a good crafter.

Please, Hats. So far you have found two thief/begger and scammed(?) one kinky(?) baliff. You can do better… or is there a deeper meaning to all this? Something principled and righteous that will shapes the worldview of the Cult of Bèn?