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Part 8: Day 7 - 9: Cult of Bèn and Orrery Snake

The Cult of Bèn was born from a tragic origin. Though our forefather Taiyi Sect may have befallen under the cowardly ambush of evil intentions, destiny brought us founders to this land to rebuild with hope. It is through this humble resolve that we established the full embracement of egalitarian and care for all downtrodden. This sect belongs to everyone. (With hierarchy)

No matter how poor and ugly…

Disable or tragic…

Anomalous or regretful…

This place is our home.

Including this snake. Hopefully.

After the left rib cracked incident, Radio Free Kobold realized that he is weak. So weak that a snake somehow cracked his calcium-deficient left rib.

From here on, he will stop working and use all his free time to cultivate into an inner. To become strong enough to protect his brother and sister. To protect everyone from snakes that can crack a rib.

Then, he will get those Longevity Stream Water that can prolong lifespan by 99 years near our sect.

As soon as he can woo the nice old lady to let him harvest it.

Oh no, the snake is waking up and ready to leave.

Wait, it’s trying to crack our Feng Shui!



Build a smithy now! We need the bow that tranquilize beast! This snake MUST stay with us!

Our Orrery could only last for a few dozen days at this rate!

The smithy is ready.

But who should have the honor of capturing the luck cracking snake? Wait… does that mean Radio Free Kobold’s luck got cracked?

This mystical event might goes deeper than we thought! We might need the sect master to deal with this shenanigans calamity of fate!

But he would not be pleased if we haven’t finish building his Extremely Aupicious Earth Wall Metal Bed room.

Then who should shoot the snake? Should we wait for Hats to decides when he returns? Can Radio Free Kobold run the risk of being cracked again?

Perhaps he feels a strange affinity of destiny with the snake, Radio Free Kobold decided to cultivate his foundation in front of the snake.

The bow is done. It is time to choose who t-

The snake starved into coma, time to feed.

Kidz to the rescue!

The snake is happy for now, but it hasn’t completely trust scary human and unlucky rock.

We could try feeding it better food, but the kitchen construction has been stalled for some reason.

Was it due to the resource intensive food freezer storage connected to the kitchen…

The Treasure Refining Platform and Pill Furnace near Hats’ room?

Or this highly important Auspicious training dummy for foundation building in front of the snake?

Everyone have been demanding it after Radio Free Kobold claimed it gave him a huge boost in his cultivation.

And his dementia.

Only one way to find out, Bèn style!

The snake woke up and continue to attack our bad luck.

Hats’ room is done, and it’s extremely aupicious! Most certainly due to the snake’s effort. Now we will wait for him to send back one more wave of student(s) before coming back to cultivate.