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Part 9: Day 9 - 10: Sneak Appeasement and Inner Disciple's needs

Nothing good will last forever, but Happerry will make sure it lasts a damn long time.

Goodness, if only Radio Free Kobold could train as hard as this special snake.

To honor its great contribution, we will plant some Wood Element Grass under it to empowers the snake to hit the Earth Element Orrery stone with more Feng Shui Negative Force!

However, instead of getting positive energy like Spring Air, we are getting showered by a negative wave of melancholy. This means we did it wrong, and should go all out to fix this snake-on-orrery feng shui enigma.

First, we will get these higher grade Wood Element Spirit Wood. They have the special properties of gathering 20 units of QI in the range of 4. An essential item for future cultivation room and spirit stone farm.

They shall become the fence of the Holy Snake Shrine!

The ground shall be filled with Red Crimson Incense that matches the snake's color!

Once it’s finished, the Spirit Wood Fence (Wood) will promote Red Crimson Incense (Fire) to Empowers the Orrery (Earth). A triple Feng Shui positive formation!

Construction on the Snake Shrine can begin immediately since the kitchen (-4.2 Celcius) and the fridge-room (-14 Celcius) are finally built. These cold crystal walls should keep everything chill even in summer!

Our sect has six food recipes. First three are bland tasting preserved food while the other three are general meals with increasing delicacy.

None of us can reliably cook Delicious Food, and almost certain to fail to create Delicacy. So we will stick to the basic home cooking unless everyone are willing to burn up our food reserve to make better food and raise cooking skill.

Regrettably, our dining/entertainment room is going down to make way for the Snake Shrine.

It is done… not aesthetically appealing as I thought, but it will do until we have time to upgrade this shrine.

We finally got words from Hats about the final wave of recruitment. No matter how many he recruited this time, he needs to come back start cultivating.

Of course, these mortals would have to run here to find the Cult of Bèn. A proud tradition of reenacting our founders fleeing from the enemy and come upon this land.

For once, Hats fly back faster than those mortals. Maybe the axe is more aerodynamic than a tree stick.

His lingering dissatisfaction before he left for his week-long trip should soon be pacified when he sees his new home. The most important thing for all high prestige Inner are their treasure and weapon. It’s their bread and butter for surviving in this bloodcurdling world filled with giant lizards and angry birds.

For regular weapon... this random shitty sword on the ground will suffice.

A treasure, however, need to be taken seriously.

It is a magical artifact that empowers its wielder with essential and important benefits for cultivation and combat. Any selectable item in the world can become a treasure.

Like this brown rock block can be make into a low quality earth element treasure. Certain item requires more QI to refine.

Regrettably, the QI for refinement can only come from the cultivator themselves, so Hats can only refine simple items for now.

After searching around the sect, the following are suitable items that is either fire, earth, or metal element after refining:
Raw Meat, Brown Rock, low quality clothing, poop, messed up meal, umbrella.

Which will Hats choose?