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Part 10: Day 10 - 11: Feng Shui Strikes back and Food Troubles

As the first generation cultivator of a newly formed sect, Hats will have to trove through a challenging path of cultivation without the guidance of a master or storage of helpful vitamins elixirs.

However, every little comforts help paves for the mind and body towards success. Even the environment of rich Qi in his room can help boost his Qi regeneration. It won’t be long before he can attempt at creating the first holy treasure of the Cult of Bèn.

Our current priority is to rebuild the dining/entertainment house. Both to build interrelationship of the sect, and to prevent Hats from being ‘possessed by inner demon’.

It took way too long to squeeze this efficient building design without blocking the Snake Shrine and our sect stone that Slaan painstakingly built. Now everyone can enjoy a good meal togeth-


Where did all the food beside beef goes!?

*Sigh* Maybe it’s time for Slaan to work on a new sect stone instead.

It’s so moist that you could call it a pear soup.

Oh no! Two more mouth to feed! :stonk:

Quick! Harvest all the Ginkgo fruit and pear in our surrounding!

A-and, NO! Rabbit is for CUTE, not Food! In fact, killing local wild life should be the last resort.

Everyone is going vegan for now until we come up with a new consumption agreement plan.

Our wheat should take about two more weeks to be fully matured.

In the meantime, Hats can survives by breathing.

Now then, let’s welcome our new brothers! (No sisters)

First up, Covski’s father is the empire ambassador in charge of the western region. Traveling around the world with his father have filled Covski with interest and curiosity for the world. Tragically, he can’t talk to people.

Next, we have Blaze Dragon who is an orphan whom rough life has honed his physique and reflexes beyond those of the same age (which isn’t a lot for teens.)

Covski will be our backup doctor while Blaze Dragon is a competent craftman rivaling Cyflan. Our sect should have two competent people per role now.

One to covers the other in case of messed up failure.

Any new seekers of immortality will have to come by themselves by fortune and destiny upon our great sect rock with two welcoming podiums.

They will have to address us ten seniors of 4 Female, 5 Male, and 1 Female-in-progress.





Cyflan have an eye twitch two days ago and randomly become dull for a moment. A clear omen of bad feng shui.

The most concerning thing was Cyflan chatting with Arcanuse about Radio Free Kobold this morning. The topic was probably about beating Radio Free Kobold with a stick.

Then Arcanuse snitched informed Radio Free Kobold about it.

And that broke her heart.

Rest in peace, Cyflan. Do you want to go in a grave, tomb, or become farm fertilizer? You can pick the material too if you like.

You also have the honor of picking the location for our sect graveyard!

In the meantime, I will fix this DOOM HOUSE.

Even Hats’ room’s Feng Shui was lowered by one grade! What’s going on!? :kingsley: