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Part 100: Day 185-186: Chicken Cooking

Things are going too well, which I personally believe means the karmic balance of the universe will be ruining us in the near future. Our ancestor needs entertainment after all.

It would be a shame if a bed-size dog were to have a sudden hungry dream from the ancestor.

As such, we shall over-confidently promote Lynneth into the next realm of…

Thanks to the color coding, we know she is going to become Golden Core. Golden Muscle Core. :zoro:

Jump in the snake pit as soon as you are done. Your muscular nuclear heart might turn our snake into demon, and that would be cool.

See? Flower Bun is eating normal food.

Speaking of its diet, cooked food is a good source of body fats while raw meat gives protein for muscle. Our tank only needs the prior.

Now it wants to eat Bear Gallbladder, which is…

+5 Fats! :burger::burger::burger::burger::burger:

Bear Gallbladder is now banned for all cult personnel except Flower Bun.

We unlocked a lot of places for Coffee to explores later.

Dead Meat also returned from his friendship meeting with various sects.

Oops. :carol:

7.7 days left. Let’s… think about this carefully.

Hats was strike by a cloud with 6k Qi, and he have one scourge. Assuming each scourge adds a thousand… Dead Meat will be facing over 9000 Qi.

Hmm… we should be able to keep our chicken alive with proper preparation. We also have high quality treasure too.

His bag of wheat can take 1/10 of the Qi in theory…

The tribulation is Wood element, so it would be bad to do it in winter. The more time we waste, the better for the cloud. Such an unfortunate timing.

Mercifully, our Metal TP is as tough as the cloud.

Dead Meat will build up some EXP until he fully recharge his Qi, then we will do multiple trial run to have a scientific step-by-step survival improvement study! :science:

We know, Ancestor. Thanks for the early warning though.

Phew, Lynneth doesn’t need to deal with tribulation yet.

I will skip what she unlocked. Let’s just say her pelvis makes her consume and digest things better.

Coffee arrived at the Sword Tomb.

A tomb filled with some monster.

Regrettably, they are just Qi Refinement. Our Coffee have no problem going against Golden Core if he spots another one.

Fascinating, this is what a grave look like. We would never get to see this in the Cult of Bèn.

Let’s activate the pagoda at the dangerous looking sword array formation.

Stay outside, Flower Bun. This badass golden core smasher will grab whatever treasure here and deal with those demons later.

Coffee tries to connect with the pagoda with his spiritual Sense, but failed. Someone else with sharper Sense will try it again later.

Can’t loot these swords. They are trash to us anyway.

Wow, all those level in Treasure Control skill really shines on Coffee. This turtle died in less than an hour. We definitely need to unlock more treasure slots for Coffee.

Jossar will visit the tomb after getting some secret art to bump his Sense to the max.

Shei-kun arrived at the whirl pool place to get whatever treasure that requires higher realm to access.

Seem like Jossar will be learning this?

Shei-kun lucked out and learned this incompatible art for free! :prepop:

Now she is… hmm… ‘better’.

Back to Dead Meat on his first trial run with 4500 Max Qi. As expected. The tribulation cloud is over 9000.

Surprisingly, he tanked more than expected.

Ohhhh! The ancestor is helping! Dead Meat is getting some Qi recharge in between the cloud damage! :worship:

Then the cloud got angry and now we got a well-cooked chicken. :discourse:

Trial Two: This time we will feed him Max Qi increase item and this pill. He now have 300 more Max Qi.

It seems our ancestor fully intend to save Dead Meat, and this is not staged on my end! This is why we must please our ancestor! :worship:

Dead Meat survived after tanking almost half of the cloud. A medium-rare success. :discourse:

Trial Three: A bit more Max Qi and minor stat boost from secret art. He now have 600 more Max Qi compare to trial one.

Coffee will lend Dead Meat the Taiyi Scroll that might have saved Hats from his tribulation.

Along with this shell for more protection. It’s like a wok that keeps the heat well spread on all surface. :discourse:

Dead Meat is out-healing the damage! He did it!

Oops. He was on the Earth TP the whole time?

The exact opposite element that he shouldn’t sits on.

Earth TP furniture actually getting destroyed unlike the Metal TP. Our Outer have been constantly repairing and firefighting to keep the platform in tact for our Inner to survive.

Dead Meat gets to live another day! :woop:


The highest quality ingredient, no doubt for the best elixir in the world.

Oh, and Kaja died during her attempt to put out the fire in the TP. All these years of putting out kitchen fire didn’t help her survive this chicken cooking experiment.