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Part 102: Day 191-197: Speedrun Cultivation

Why aren’t people liking Earth Shit? :confused:

His ‘skill’ tab also looks like a terrifying insect. Are we raising a dark god?

Maybe VolticSurge needs to proves himself to the people, and that requires getting 50000 EXP to breakthrough first.

I assume he need to visit his worshipper to collect the EXP, and Most Fragrance just happens to have the right amount.

This slot is now unlocked for building a status of VolticSurge - the Dark God.

This should make it possible for him to get EXP without visiting the location.

Faith collected. :cthulhu:

But it was added to the faith bar below?

I get it now. He need to digest it.

He is digesting it rapidly like 100/sec.

The multiple trips to the fire cave really speeds up Jossar’s cultivation progress. He’s still flying home, so the time counter will keep increasing.

Since he is a skill dumper for alchemy, we don’t need to invest in his Golden Core. It’s also the worst season for his fire law anyway.

But we now have better standard as a mid-size sect. All of our Inner shall at least be 8 grade.

The Dao gathering is happening in our town with Visitor to the Throne!

Arcanuse will win this year’s competition!

Jossar now have 6k Qi, he needs 6k more for higher end elixir.

His Nascent Soul progress needs very little EXP to breathrough, but I am sure this is a repeat thing. Hopefully he gets a stat boost for each break.

7 trips to the fire cave should be enough for Jossar. Coffee on the other hand…

He’s half way there at an astounding pace. Other cultivator takes years to go from Golden Core to Nascent Soul. We are doing it in Weeks. :duckie:

Everyone else are visiting many interesting areas that used to be empty. Hoping to unlock the next cultivation spot for their element.

We are the cult of speedrunner.

Divinity Cultivator seems to have terrible Qi? Either way, I was told it’s bad for these kind of cultivator to hold back on their breakthrough, so they will also speed run.

To our official Snake Pit!

Let our Feng Shui snakes bath in your godly shitty Qi!

We found something interesting from today’s trader.

An unknown scroll. I heard it’s something to do with Divinity Cultivation, so I haven’t bothered to purchase it till now.

This thing better be worth the 2k we spent.

Something good(?) for a feature VolticSurge haven’t unlocked yet.

Ah, yes. Reading a scroll to get a piece of paper for someone else to read. Truly the most enigmatic ways of the gods.

What happened to the competition?

Oh well, we do need a new cook asap.

Our food supplies are fine. The farm is warm again after placing these radiating hot Demon Blood to warm up the whole room. No visible side effect on our Outer yet.


Look! I have evidence! :iiam:

Alright. :ms:

He need to indulge for three days to become ‘Calm’ at 100 State of Mind. Drugs will be involved.

Epochol have terrible luck, so he will fight for the scroll.

Success! I think the Daoist name is a homophone for Cold Chicken Soup. The secret art is a crappy boost to treasure power.

We are also successful in the battle of the mind!

This is amazing! All weather spells for 5 Dao Point! Arcanuse can learn this and cast it for everyone when he have over 20k Qi!

The 'Jealous' Dao had send their secret raid team to us. We are still on neutral relation, so this can’t be helped. I do want to note that no ‘Evil’ sect has raided us yet.

Trapped in ANOTHER WALL like everyone else. Both are weakling that aren’t even Qi Refinement.

Flower Bun is now the size of a small truck.

They can’t fly in door, so Flower Bun can straight up BITE THEIR HEAD OFF! :black101:

Good boy, very good boy. :kiddo:

A sentient jade appeared! It also walk roll into ANOTHER WALL!

But it wants to live in our large storage room and moved in without paying rent! How rude!

At least these mortal have enough manners to begs for admittance.

Sorry, folks. We are just hiring a temporary cook.

Your Dao name have a profound meaning that is related to your destiny.

Please ignores all these dead people in the gym. Our body cultivators are trying to breath in some dead air without making a grave.

Interesting, Lynneth got a free mutation from her injury.

Nice! She needed the green one for some technique.

I must have clicked this prompt for at least 30 times. I could turn off the notification, but I don’t want to miss his breakthrough.

Thankfully, that is the last prompt…

… for part one.

Only a body cultivator can survive such a deadly implosion.

This is not good. Back to demon hunting until spring or summer. Yellow Court Pill and strong weather should get you up to 60%.

Finally, we unlocked the Mother Juice place that he wanted to visit so much.

Arcanuse is halfway towards his arthritis. It would be faster if we can find a place for wood cultivation, but at least he can become Nascent Soul at 100% chance. :agesilaus:

Flower Bun is getting this divine wing thing on its upper arm! Maybe it can fly someday if it eat more high quality meat! :gerty: