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by Nyaa

Part 103: Day 198-199: We are Amazing!?

Flower Bun can’t wait for Arcanuse to return! :yum:

VolticSurge is now in Calm state after indulging for three days.

His State of Mind is now cap at 200, and the next breakthrough requires hitting that and maintain it for 4 days with 50 moods or below. Interestingly, it’s harder for the cultivator to complete these task if the character has high comprehension stat. :viggo:

I assume he can breakthrough now?

Speaking of breakthrough and now, Jefepato is going to get blasted in 232 Seconds. Our three-season contract cow will be leaving us soon. He is the greatest worker in our sect's history. At least 70% of the great wall is built by him. :sadwave:

Damnation is in another two days, but let’s double the firework. Now. :science:

For the fun of it, let’s have them breakthrough next to the Nascent Soul trader.

He deserves it.

Nevermind, the breakthrough button is greyed out for Outer.

While we wait for the countdown, Coffee have been visiting various unlocked place to pick up free loots. I have forgotten these rare herbs can grow into a magic tree, but they are too expensive for us to figure out how to grow it.

They are worth 5000 Spirit Stone, so we will place this as Qi Gatherer for our Fire Qi Station until we know how to plant them.

You can also get one or more through event on the location, but only cultivator with high luck can usually succeed.

The time has come.

Run here. As fast as you can. :intv:

No! Wait! Don’t train now!

Hurry and be done with your last training! :supaburn:

Not in the sweatshop!

Run outside! No! Don’t run to your brothers!

NOOO! Don’t feed the snake!

He turned to dust and died like a vampire. :spain:

It scared our snake shitless.

This is purely coincidental and not due to Jefeto being a Soul Parasitism target. The spell was already removed. :zoid:

We have two of these left.

Thankfully, our herb garden is doing well.

Perhaps spending days doing nothing is bad for cultivation?

Arcanuse dragged her collapsed body into her bed and Slaan is feeding her the medicine.

Hmmmm, maybe our ancestor daddy and mommy wants her to do something instead of sitting home playing games all days until her Qi explode.

Go check out the Sword Tomb. Maybe your cultivation realm would impress the sword spirit.

It won’t take long for Nascent Soul to recovers from deadly injury.

Back to you. We will turn you into an Inner and see what happen.

Don’t worry about the expiration date. You will fight the devil soon with your damning name.

That took about 12 snake/bear gallbladder. Still much cheaper than making Foundation Elixir.

Go for body cultivation. You should be able to survive a bit longer under the cloud.

He gets extra body techniques from his special demon chicken body part! Of course! Body Cultivation was designed for Demons! :getin:

Technique for five large feathers.

Ouch! These needs high tier breath!

This one is for his chicken crown. It significantly increases cultivation speed! :sparkles:

Damn! The trader was gone… I got an idea.

Let’s hunt a traitor with a chicken tribulation bomb. :bisonyes:

This might be enough to beat a cheating Golden Core?

Voltic have to stay for his breakthrough… is this the second or third days since he started it?

Bèn Squad, roll out! :bandwagon:

Someone will go down today. It’s Damanation

Sneaking to the target while she is practicing her two treasure with 200k Qi total…

Uh oh, she’s a Nascent Soul…

Let’s warm up with this demon boar for now…

WE CAN DO THIS! LET’S GO! :black101:

By which I mean letting Damanation go fir-damn it, he can’t activate tribulation here! :argh:

Plan B: Flower Bun. :shibe:

It has just as much Qi as the target.


All body cultivator ignores the treasure and go for the body!

We will slaughter a Nascent Soul today! :byodame:

I forgot to recharge Arcanuse. :cripes:

Mission Accomplished. :arnie: