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by Nyaa

Part 104: Day 200-201: Hunt not for Food

These Nascent Soul are loaded with useful secret art, elixir…

And pre-charged cheat treasure. Yes, someone can wield this and use it to tank tribulation or bring a long fight to someone.

Our Coffee can also charge it to almost 20k, so he will do that for everyone if needed.

His charge rate is getting bigger by the day. Literally 10x more than Arcanuse. Too bad he isn't a spellcaster, but rapidly recharging a treasure is great too!

He will go to pick up more EXP to max out his Treasure Control skill that will increase the treasure Qi charge amount. At least Daoist cultivator are great tank if they aren’t getting group stomped.

Is there a reason to make treasure now that we can loot superior one from Nascent Soul? Even our demon cultivator would have a shot at their breakthrough at this amount of Qi.

Dead Meat might actually survive if he wield a few of those cheat treasures... the fire cave nearby is best for Earth Cultivator too. He might have a shot at becoming demi-god?

I used to dread at this long annoying list that we can’t touch, but now I wish it's longer. :mmmhmm:

Team Flower Glass Cannon will handle it all. We won’t want the enemy to use up their treasure’s Qi with their silly Daoist fighting method.

As for our exploding chicken... I suppose it can try to cultivated its body to the next realm within two days and see how well it goes. As for everyone else…

The sword tower wants a Demi-God?

Her treasure attack is attacking the frog rapidly like a bee. Even the weakest Nascent Soul is no joke.

They are a joke to Body Cultivator. :stare:

Except this Nascent Soul who decided to use one of her three treasure to hurt Slaan.

She has to switch to Treasure Tanking mode to protect herself.

Her eye got destroyed. Now she can match eye with the mysterious stranger at home. :kiddo:

But why would she? :v:

Wow, this sly villain redirecting all his treasures to attack Evil Kit!

Both can play at this game.

Damn, Slaan went down, but she’s fine. Give her an hour or two and she will get back on her regrown feet.

Phew. We will need to bring a Daoist to tank all these treasures next time. Facing multiple treasure is like getting group stomped.

Everyone in the village died from the stray shot of her treasures. Such cruelty.

Too bad this treasure was drained, but how can it not when it get punched for 5k damage per seconds.

Slaan’s hungry and thirsty bar are rapidly consumed while she regenerates. Thankfully, Evil Kit is there to attend to her needs. This village won’t need their food anyway.

Slaan’s left eye gained a mutation as soon as it regrown.

Hmm, nothing special. We will get the blue one that increase Red Bull Energy recharge rate.

Back at home, our god gained charisma on the last part.

The yellow part at the right is Divinity. Once that hit 100, he will ascend.

Let’s hope all these investment is worth the cost.

Oh no! He is faith digestion rate is now normal speed! See you in twenty chapters!

Our Outer was too slow at collecting these harvested wheats. Our field is simply too big and we are short on farmhands after the loss of Kaja, that cow, and… one more?

Either way, it’s time to make room for new recruits.

Our best town with 60k followers should be able to attracts more bottom feeder Juniors.

52 candidates! We can cheery-pick the best and send the extra to help other shrine! Too bad we can only hire 9 at a time.

Time for the Senior to make room for the next generation! Do it at the uninhabited part of our sect.

Only 60k? Pfff. Three cheat treasures would be enough to tank all five clouds! :sax:

Too bad Damanation is a body cultivator, so he has to jump in and punch the cloud to piece!

One lightning bolt later, burnt chicken is served.

Since he is a cultivator, he become a demon.

If only we can tame demon… they look so cool. :saddowns:

Oh no! Flamster was trying to stop Pear Forest Fire! But his ex-bro is hungry!

Run, rabbit! Run from the dinosaur!

Good Doggosaur to the rescue!

Flamester believes it’s best to hide behind the wall.

But who would pick up those bags of wheat? :whip:

Damanation would be a better opponent if he was a Nascent Soul demon. Imagine the loot we can get from such epic demon.

Yup, generic drops. A great contribution none-the-less from Damanation. Thank you for your service. It’s a shame that we can’t bury you in the farm. :golfclap:

But in his ashes, rise another demon bro to inherit his duty!

Moleboy is actually a girl who sign up for “maximum confusion”, so that’s her name and gender combo. Mole is a rat, so she is a cat. :sanix:

Next we have, A Crab.

He is a turtle crab and that’s final. He wishes to learn body law that goes all-in on defense, so we will be feeding him metal element.

We will place him at the bed nearest to a water source and kitchen because he takes forever to reach one places until Red Bull gives him wings.

He will need every minute of his time to get tougher.

Actually, please become Inner now.

Oh great ancestors. Please waives the mandatory ritual of him paying respect to you at the altar.

I insist.

Fine, straight line is much faster.

I am losing my mind waiting for him to eat those herbs.

It’s training hour after the long meal. He won’t reach the training area in time.

At least I can force him to not sleep.

Since Moleboy is our new chef, Cook Logger can become an admin instead.

That freed up a spot for Foul ole Ron as our newest member!

He just wants to be a sweeper, so he shall be send to sweep up all those bags of wheat! Food waste problem solved!

The next problem is a food consumption issue.

DAMN IT! You were so close! But now you have to sleep it off! :sassargh:

Why are you walking into a dead end area!?

He was in the fridge for too long. Everyone else is sleeping. :zaurg:

Except for Blaze Dragon. He was working overtime at the sweatshop. :intv:

His carrying speed is 5 times faster than A Crab. :cripes: