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by Nyaa

Part 105: Day 202-205: Speed is Key

There’s two sleeping state in the game. One is sleeping normally, and the other is an excruciatingly slow and painful death to the lper.

For now, we will put a dining table with three open slots right outside his room. Two accessible water pot in equal Walking distance.

Actually, let’s move it closer.

Cursed. I need to move it one block back for best Feng Shui. Is it worth it? No, less Feng Shui is better than A Crab taking an extra step to get water.

We will mass produce so much pear soul that it overflows the kitchen ground, which makes it easy for A Crab to snatch one on his way to drinking water.

Alright. Don’t die, ok? You only have 10% health left, and I am really busy with babysitting those Body Cultivators. I will have to get some mods if I have to deal with more individual muscle-mutation shopping.

Right on time, Epochol. Cast your healing spell on A Crab. Yes, it’s for his bloated stomach. He is at such a low health that laxative might kill him.

Your spell can’t cure bloated stomach? Because Daoist never need to eat so it’s not their problem?

Of course! A talisman that let him drink Qi as food supplement will solves the problem! :eng101:

Say thanks to Senior Jossar and Epochol for giving you a Qi Inhaling and Cold Resist Charm!

Do you ever have a dreadful feeling of something irreversibly bad might happen while you save? :thunkgun:

This is what I get for sending noobs to cook. At least A Crab won’t need to eat anymore.

We will rebuild our kitchen wall with non-flammable wood. If only I had learnt of this 100 save files ago. :eng99:

Flower Bun is speeding up A Crab’s healing by being with him. :kiddo:

This 500 C event is back, and we have the right bodybuilder for it. :ssj:

As soon as they are back from their hunt. Most of our targets don’t even have the chance to get off their bed.

Unfortunately, we also need someone with high Comp to study it. Our smart cat can only handle 400 C, but he should be able to do it next time.

He is close to reaching the same hurdle as Coffee.

Too bad it’s still winter.

A great time for Water Cultivator to breakthrough though.

Whenever he be back for it.

A Crab did it! He ate outside the fridge as planned! :woop:

Wish we could find the other Body Cultivation Law. There supposed to be a starter one that can only be gotten through starting trait. Maybe I should hack that into our library. :clint:

A Crab only gets one extra body technique for his shell, but this has to be one of the toughest body technique out there.

It’s relatively cheap beside needing the top tier Earth essence. Top tier element can only be obtained in their respective extreme weather, so we would need Arcanuse to cast his sandstorm spell or something similar.

Tragically, body cultivator can't wear charms anymore, so he is back to eating normally. These six meal should save you 2 days of walking.

Make that 5 days since you walk all the way into the diner instead. :argh:

At least someone know about efficiency. :colbert:

Welcome back to your bed. What you see here took 5 more seconds to finish.

He saved your life!

I was going to hold back on building our pocket dimension until I figure out the most efficient place for our triangle shaped sect. But I might have to put it in front of his room whenever I get the last two Skystone to build them.

Speaking of mega construction, our two final shrines at the continent is almost ready. I think we all know where the second one is located.

I think this could be a great HQ for Volticsurge. It got a great view of the sea and foggy weather. :cthulhu:

As for the final replacement of our shrine admin, we have someone who believes hugging is better than prostrating in front of the sect stone.

He’s actually a prince of the previous empire who got tired of waiting for the revolution army to restores him to his seat of power. After passing the imperial exam, he decided it’s more fun to farm than dealing with politics. So he will be doing that for a while before becoming a Body Cultivator.

On his back is a cool shiny thing that is actually two odd-looking mace known as Will Bender.

He is a social butterfly. :greenangel:

It’s time. Our very first Water law tribulation! :krakken:

The cloud will be earth element (dust storm?) which mean Epochol will sit in the Wood TP.

He should have twice the Qi of the Earth Cloud, so let’s get started as soon as he swallows up a dozen stones.

To the Outer Beast zone!

He can beat it without batting an eye. :madmax:

It’s OVER less than 9000.

He is allowed to cast this during the tribulation. The amount of Qi restored would be way higher if he invests points into Arcanuse Arcane Knowledge.

But he doesn’t need to do that here. The house fire might be more threatening than this cloud.

No one will risk their life on firefighting this time. The cheap wood that made up the TP worth (a bit) less than the life of our Other.

However, if our Pear-based economy is being threatened, someone will have to risk the angry earth storm.

Oops… I forgot to turn off auto repair building. Everyone is fine.

He has enough left over Qi to cast the rain spell to quench the fire.

We will use spirit wood to fireproof the edge of this TP.

Now I am quite concerned for the Fire TP at the Human Slum Zone…

Epochol will go test out his power against nature!

He used the wrong power against nature.

Go redeem yourself with your wind/cloud power!

Good start on your trip.

Oh, it’s one of those mid-grade treasure that isn’t worth the relationship lost. :hmmno:

We have plenty of these cheat-level treasures in store. :catholic:

But we will be back for you someday, our one-of-a-kind heritage from ancestor Radio Free Kobold. :worship: