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Part 106: Day 206-207: Big Club

Blaze Dragon had enough with making spear. The sect doesn’t need another treasure refiner and alchemist, so it’s time for him to make use of all the accumulated wealth he earned for the sect to empowers his path towards greatness! :shepspends:

Making friends and earning favor with the powerful does come with great benefits like harvesting in their back garden. One of these juice would be enough for grade 6 or 7.

Or purchase straight from their stock for cheaper price than merchant. Some rarer item does cost favor, so it’s better to buy from merchant in those cases.

Favor should be saved for the most powerful item like this elixir that unlocks a treasure slot. God they are expensive. Merchant sell this for 10k.

On the other hand, there is a crap ton of raw material that need to be processed...

No. he waited long enough. His exceptional reduced-stat from overeating deserves proper cultivation!

Money maker like him deserve the pay2win law! Use money to buy lifespan and burn lifespan into immortality! No promise on how well that goes, but money haven’t failed the Cult of Bèn yet! :shepspends:

We are quite wealt-



I can’t say these are liquid assets, but we are loaded in Illiquidity. :bitcoin:

Let’s make you First Senior for your hard work! :neckbeard:

Pretty inexpensive start, but each breakthrough probably cost a lot of lifespan.

First two spell alone is more than enough indication of what this law is about. Body Corrosion increase Phy, but lowers charm.

It’s… fine. We can buy you a new heart?

For once, longevity matters and worth investing.

It will become amazing later.

A demon heard of our great reputation and wishes to join us.

A capable fighter who probably lost his parents to Coffee's exploit.

Unfortunately, we just decided to invest all of our resource on Blaze Dragon and you won’t live long enough to get your turn.

If we have a slot, we could let you cultivate as far as possible and then you can mono a mono with Coffee. :regd07:

Don’t worry. You will have a slot. Just keep praying at the gate for a few days.

We did it! We are now among the big shot! The Cult of Bèn… Man-sion!

We can build a… hall?

The Senior Privilege Hall. :wotwot:

Let’t designate it in the herb garden for now.

Maybe it needs something in there to work?

Ah, right here. Unfortunately, this seem to be broken, and I can’t make it work. Let’s just tell the Outer there is a cool elusive club for Inner that only the best gets invited. It’s very cool. :ssh:

All 12 new Lower-Junior will want to get in the new big cool kidz club.

We will hire and tell this to the rival of Coffee- welp. He’s gone.

More room for other goons. Tell them about this awesome club we have.

No one believes him. :eng99:

We will pay people to believe it. :10bux:

We decided to have an interview for 57 people, at night.

Not all goons have talent for cultivation, but here in the Cult of Bèn, we will make it work. And somehow it actually work

But we can’t help those with suicidal behavior like taking a stroll for too long…

Because you like someone else’s table more than yours. :argh:

New students also mean new pet. Let’s welcome the fox while Flower Bun have well deserved vacation.

Have to wait three days for the fox to come out of its extremely expensive statue.

We don’t need to wait that long for new recruits to show up.

First up, we have the self-proclaimed, The Great Evil King.

He is a talented tiger who have the strength and skill to back his title. Behaves well for a few days and we will mark you for a promotion with free gym membership.

Complication believes in the frugality of intellect that this cult demanded. However, he is a spectacularly rich dude who works as an accountant for a big wealthy organization. Now he is OUR accountant with 77 charisma.

PS: Not sure how I skipped Chin Up and Shinarato, but they will be added next update.

Next up is Guy Low, another young master of a rich family working as an accountant. He must be Complication’s coworker. Welcome to the $$Rich Club$$.

Lastly, we have Lisan. She is a half-blooded devil who…

Had her wish granted for the opportunity to learn some dark art. :witch:

We will have the rest of the interview later at another date. I must attend to my lord’s needs.

We will showcase our massive wealth by making our hoe with precious jade.

No one would argue with this quality.

Once again, welcome to your new home. Did I forgot to introduce you, Huo Zhen?

You are an introvert who was traumatized by an insect swarm disaster, so we will leave you alone to yourself. You are the logger btw.

All of you new recruits will live in the Lower Junior Room at the slum. Make sure to pay your respect to your senior at the Upper Junior Room. Bow lower if you meet an Inner, and prostrate if you see one of those ancient mythical ancestor in the upper echelon.

You will recognize them in their purple demon beast fur coat. I heard they rip the fur from a giant demon themselves!

Fortunately for you, our great Inner have enacted an initiative to save time for your cultivation by removing your needs for food through Qi Inhaling charm.

One meal time a day will be enough for us.